Creating and Changing Shapes

Drawing and Changing Shapes

In VectorStyler, objects are created by drawing a shape, with the current fill and outline style. The current fill and outline styles are picked from the previous selection, or can be set from the color and stroke panels.

The shape of an object is an attribute of the object that can be freely edited, changed, replaced or styled at any time in the process of creating the artwork. This includes replacing the object shape with another shape, creating and applying shape presets and styles, and referencing and reusing shapes from other objects. It is also possible to assign shapes to a group object or a layer, creating a clipping shape for that group or layer. Shapes of a group or a layer can also be asigned from a style or preset and can be freely edited.

The following sections describe how to draw and change shapes of various types, and new, VectorStyler specific workflows, to use shapes.