(Win beta 1.0.021) Copy Paste Issues

  • Hello, Great work so far with VS! I'm one of the few Windows users, and I think your App will be a great companion to my other Design Tools. To make the collaboration with other software easier I would often need to Copy and Paste from and to VectorStyler. This functionality seems to be broken on Windows.

    Other issues I had, sometimes I'm unable to select an object. There are many nested Groups when I transform something to curves. And sometimes when I use the Shape Editor tool, and I click the lowest level element, the nodes do not show up for editing. The UI is not as reactive as other windows apps atm.

    Also one other thing that could be improved is the way zooming and panning works. I was able to adjust the speed of these, but because the speed is not an absolute value, but a %, when you zoom in too much becomes very fast, and when you zoom out, becomes very slow. If you could check out other design software how this works, maybe they have a different algorithm, with a different curve of speed.

    In addition, If we could select the Modifier key for zooming, that would be great. For Windows I'd prefer Ctrl+Scroll, just because my other design apps use that key.

    Great work so far!
    (Edit, typos and modifier key).

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    @WhiteX Welcome to VectorStyler, and thanks for the feedback 🙂
    I will open a bug around the scrolling speed issue, it should be easy to fix.
    Currently on Windows the zooming should be Alt+Scroll.

    When converting text (text shape) to curves, that will end up with groups for the characters, this is by design. But the node tool should be able to handle this. There are some selection issues (open bug) currently with the node tool, this should be fixed soon.

    What other app you try to copy/paste from? Currently VS does not support WMF or EMF, and in some cases I think this may be required for the clipboard, depending on the app.

    The EMF/WMF support will be added at some point.

  • Thanks for the fast feedback and warm welcome.

    Yes, I mistakenly wrote Alt+Scroll in my initial message, so I would like to use Ctrl+Scroll. 🙄
    I mainly use Affinity Designer and Publisher, and I hope to develop a smooth workflow with VectorStyler and the Affinity apps on Windows. Looks like copy / pasting between these apps work on the Mac. Saw that others suggested an even more elaborate compatibility and connectivity with the apps, but for start a simple copy and paste workflow would work.

    VS would be my main tool for what its name stands for, styling vectors and achieving visual looks that I can't otherwise do in Affinity or other design tools.

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    @WhiteX Maybe PDF or SVG import/export could help to work around the copy/paste issues. Not as convenient, until the copy/paste issues are fixed.

  • Yes, fortunately that works well. It'll do it in the meantime.

    Any chance to customize the shortcuts in a future release (including the modifier keys)?

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    @WhiteX Shortcuts can be customized, in the View menu bottom.
    About the modifiers: this would be easy to implement (only the UI is missing).
    I add this to the backlog, but it will not make it into the next build.

  • @vectoradmin Awesome, thanks!

  • @vectoradmin Great work on the new release! I tried to copy / paste into VS from Affinity Designer and vice versa, and still no luck. I'm looking forward to this fix. It'll make my workflow a lot easier 🙂

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    @WhiteX That copy/paste requires EMF/WMF import (and export). That will take some time, but will be in version 1 for Windows.

  • @vectoradmin Okay, that's cool. 🙂

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    @WhiteX Copy paste has been solved on Windows. Currently only PDF and SVG formats are copied into the clipboard, but WMF or EMF can be pasted.
    WMF and EMF are available as import and export formats on both Windows and Mac.

    If needed, EMF (or WMF) can be enabled as clipboard formats in the future. But I think PDF (and SVG) are much better formats for transferring vectors (both Affinity and Inkscape support these).

  • @vectoradmin This is great. The default settings are working fine! Thanks a lot!