Transform Bugs ?

  • I'm having some strange bugs tonight, a couple of rectangles, select the top centre node in the transform panel, set the size to be 100x100 from 100x200 - the rectangle resizes, but around it's centre. Chose the LH rectangle and do the same - OK ??????
    "Transformed Frame" is selected in the transform pop menu.
    Earlier, I had a similar problem, select the top centre node in the transform panel, resize the rectangle and the node position changed on the panel ??? (enter a size in the required editfield and hit return).
    I did have similar issues some months ago with X & Y sizing being swapped after rotation, but "Transformed Frame" was the answer (thanks @b77 🙂 )
    I can't get to the bottom of this - repeatability seems to vary 🙂

    Video here ...

    Update: Just did some more digging and it seems to happen after you have rotated the rectangle 90deg. Even more digging, rotate 90deg again and it goes haywire 🙂


  • @Igull The reference point of the transform widget is linked to the bounding box of the object.

    If you rotate it -90°, the app "moves" the reference point of the transform widget from top-center to center-right and applies any resizing from that point.

    (Actually it's not moved, it rotates with the bounding box).

    If you rotate it back to 0°, the reference point will be back to top-center and scale from that point.

    If you rotate it 180°, it will "move" to the bottom center and scale/transform accordingly.

    If you did find a situation where this rule breaks, record a short video with the glitch.

  • @b77

    You have to be joking, surely ???

    That just seems absolute nuts to me LOL - the object reference is wherever you select on the "mimic" display on the transform panel surely (with reference to it's bounding box - that is the bounding box as currently viewed - ie, top is top etc - NOT top is left if it had been rotated 90deg !!!!!) - otherwise, what is the point of the mimic display?

    You don't need a video to see any of these effects, just rotate a rectangle 90deg, change the reference node and resize - it should resize against the reference node and it should NOT move the reference point on the mimic panel afterwards either, surely ???

    This is as bad as putting pushbutton switches on the steering wheel of the car LOL - they move when you move the wheel - wonderful idea - not (just like my VW 🙂 ) /rant

    Please tell me this is NOT the way it was intended to be or I'll go back to AI (well maybe that might be one step too far LOL 🙂 )


  • @Igull After rotating the object, you can use 'Reset Transform' from the Object menu > Transform if you need that.

  • @b77

    No, that's not a solution (for me at least) - why would you ever want that anyway ?? Surely the default needs to be the inverse of that - NOT to have to 'reset transform' on every single object that you might want to transform (like EVERY object in my book 🙂 )???? That's assuming that 'reset transform' isn't a global switch ' ?? In which case, if it WAS, then a preference needs to be set for that IMHO 🙂

  • @Igull I don't know if there is a Prefs setting that disables the default behavior — the developer knows that.

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    @Igull Replicated!. I will try to figure out what what would be a good solution here.
    The problem is that all these transforms, and the pivot selection are non-destructive.

  • @VectorStyler said in Transform Bugs ?:

    @Igull Replicated!. I will try to figure out what what would be a good solution here.
    The problem is that all these transforms, and the pivot selection are non-destructive.

    Glad that it wasn't just me 🙂

    I can understand that this will certainly be an issue if all the transformations are non-destructive - I imagine a large database of transforms for each and every object contained in every file 😞

    However, regarding the mimic panel (I'm calling it the mimic panel - the one with all the nodes on it - you might have called it the pivot selection ? 🙂 ) - if you select the target object then select the required bounding box pivot point to operate on, it should operate on that node as seen visually and currently - not on whatever transforms have happened prior to this - the user will probably have no idea what the original orientation is/was. That's my thinking and expected operation at least (and what happens in AI too LOL).

    Edit: There is one thing that I have assumed to be true, and that is that the bounding box of any object will remain vertical/horizontal after it has been "transformed" and will only show as anything other than that during the actual transformation - I don't expect to see a bounding box at some odd angle afterward ? This might be an issue 🙂


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    @Igull I think the main problem is than when the Transformed Frame is enabled, the pivot selection knob should not rotated anymore.

    But of course, the transform box selection on the canvas will not indicate correctly this case.

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    @Igull This issue should be fixed in build 1.1.072

  • @VectorStyler

    Yes, definitely fixed and works as expected now (for me at least 🙂 )

    Something else that is fixed it seems is the object refresh after changing it's size via the transform panel - prior to 080, the new object size indicated in the panel correctly, but was changed on screen. I'll keep my eye on that just in case I might be wrong 🙂