VectorStyler builds

Build 1.1.122

Download VectorStyler 1.1.122 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.122 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.122 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.122 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Fixed a regression in grid displaying.
  • Fit text frame by double clicking in any of the corners.
  • Repeater to colorize objects correctly with palette colorizer.
  • Fixed using Object Role and similar actions in customization.
  • Concentric gradient editing in transformed objects.
  • Importing graphics with spot and global colors into a document with no palette.
  • Restrict the bonding box around a clipped repeater to the clipping shape.
  • Gradient mask drawing should always default to 0 to 100 percent.
  • Scaling proportionally to use maximum when scaling down.

Build 1.1.121

Download VectorStyler 1.1.121 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.121 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.121 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.121 for Windows

  • Multiple blend improvements and bug fixes.
  • Show references also when searching for styles.
  • Selecting a file in Open Recent should activate document if already opened.
  • Copy - pasting objects from inside moved layers.
  • Improved reference style handling.
  • Copy - pasting objects containing references should handle the reference links correctly.
  • Fixed possible crash when using Performance sections of the Settings view.
  • Fixed a bug in the color and style picker tools.
  • Confirm yes/no alerts with the return key.
  • Correct arrow direction on outlines with retracted handles.
  • Snapping in Pen tool when holding the Space key.
  • External palette to highlight the color of the selected object.
  • Creating new character and paragraph styles should keep the base style link intact.
  • Proportional mode button in shape options view.
  • Scale the character leading with the text.
  • Improved PDF exporting of certain fonts.
  • Changing font family should keep the weight.
  • Improved blending of open shapes.
  • Converting a frame text to shape text should position the text correctly.
  • Highlight the last action in the Recent Actions panel.

Build 1.1.119

Download VectorStyler 1.1.119 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.119 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.119 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.119 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Scatter brush to allow zero width profile nodes.
  • Improved paragraph style synchronization.
  • Improved elastic warp effect with larger density.
  • Exporting text frame with text overflow to PDF should not clip it.
  • Cloned objects should export correctly to PDF.
  • Better handling of repeated clone references.
  • Copy layer names also when copying between documents.
  • Allow preset removal in the image trace panel.
  • Fixed a bug in using corner shapes in repeated objects.
  • Store all artboard and layer options correctly.
  • Fixed a mouse hovering issue on small scroll knobs.
  • Allow zero decimal width.
  • Show current DPI of the selected image.
  • Allow insertion of glyphs that have no character codes.
  • Do not scroll the angle field in the canvas and artboards panel.
  • Improved zigzag effect tool.
  • Layers panel should update correctly between canvases.
  • Do not show cursor image when cross-hair cursor is selected.
  • Store the font name instead of the file name for fonts added in the internal font manager.
  • Object style should update correctly if original style definition changes.
  • Joining nodes in union operation should have the correct node type.
  • Pasting objects into the same document should position them correctly.
  • Import JPEG file with WebP encoding.

Build 1.1.1180

Download VectorStyler 1.1.118 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.118 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.118 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.118 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Fixed a text cursor regression.
  • Refreshing blended and contour objects.
  • Highlighting hyphenated text.
  • Use positive gap in alignment spacing.
  • Show tool options when double clicking on width brush tool.
  • Cloning should copy transform attributes of the object.
  • Fixed a bug in printing gradients with MacOS printer drivers.
  • Fixed a bug causing settings and workspace file storage issues.
  • Highlighting text with formatting imported from SVG file.
  • Improved paragraph style synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug in the text editor when editing stretched text shape.
  • Fixed a bug in editing locked size in Shape panel.
  • Stroke width brush to handle composite shapes correctly.
  • Fixed a regression in the fill button accessed from the context panel.
  • Allow shape references from repeaters.
  • Fixed a bug in the Shape Corner effect when selecting the corner type.
  • Ungroup bent objects to keep the correct bending frame.
  • Fixed a transform pivot point snapping issue.
  • Undoing convert to curves on groups of clones.
  • Better character positioning in imported SVG files.
  • Improved OpenType form handling.
  • Fixed a bug in using the contour tool on multiple objects.
  • Place the text cursor to the end when editing the selected text shape.
  • Uniform icon spacing in panels.
  • Improved docked panel resizing.
  • Improved tint handling in the color panel.
  • Joining multiple objects with the path brush to create the correct shape.
  • Improved displacement shape effect precision.
  • Improved contour and offset path effects on text shapes.
  • Fixed the bucket fill tool cursor positioning problem.
  • Show associated panels when double clicking on some tools.
  • Updating fill and stroke options in popover views after undo.
  • Add DPI value for the selection info of images.
  • Switch to the previous document when closing a document.
  • Option to split mesh shape when applying distortion effects or using the mesh inside a vector brush.
  • Small drag in drawing tools should nit open the modal view.
  • Better snapping in the reflect tool.
  • Do not show path extension in the Pen tool when smooth mode is enabled.
  • Use maximum for proportional scaling.
  • Allow color palette editing with closed documents.
  • Fixed the missing icon for the color group heading.
  • Fixed a bug in arranging artboards into a grid.
  • Fixed a bug moving and transforming inside composite shapes.
  • Fixed a crash caused by copying blend objects.
  • Keep node types after union operation.
  • Expand Symbol action activation.
  • Replacing content from the Links panel should update objects correctly.
  • Panels should not resize after changing preferences.
  • Fixed a bug in customized toolboxes.
  • Stroke scaling option to work correctly inside blend objects also.
  • Maximizing a window by moving should set the correct maximum size (on Windows).
  • Fixed problem with using Nvidia CUDA on Windows.
  • Better handling of the right Alt key on Windows.

Build 1.1.116

Download VectorStyler 1.1.116 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.116 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.116 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.116 for Windows

  • Fixed a bug when reading PNG files with palette and mask.
  • Fixed a regression in object highlight while hovering.
  • Loading SVG files should load font attributes correctly.
  • Improved paragraph style handling.
  • Improved stroke width brush on composite shapes.

Build 1.1.115

Download VectorStyler 1.1.115 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.115 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.115 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.115 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Improved MacOS Sonoma compatibility.
  • Fixed a bug with the knife tool on complex shapes.
  • Fixed a bug in SVG and PDF text importing.
  • Fixed a regression in repeater.
  • Changing object size inside flipped group should use the correct pivot point.
  • Exclude in composite shape to be the same as the exclude operation.
  • Paste appearance to an object with existing object style.
  • Switching to gray-scale sliders should select a gray color.
  • Scaling text containing a local baseline path.
  • Improved paragraph style handling.
  • Show all available backup files when opening the app.
  • Allow scrolling of numbers in color fields.
  • Show the outline of a text frame when using the Node tool.
  • Added a preview option in shape view.
  • Path editing in outline mode to preview the moved path.
  • Expand symbols command to work inside groups also.
  • Improved symbol spray and adjustment tools.
  • Rasterize to use correct object size when distortion image effects are used.
  • Option to preview vector brush settings from modal view.
  • Better handling of images as masks inside vector brushes.
  • Improved brush tip preview in eraser and path brush tools.
  • Contour options to allow color mode selection.
  • Select tool tip delay option without restarting the app.
  • Better handing of snapping in shape drawing tools.
  • Allow monochrome icons when customizing icons.
  • Update color panel when color style of selected object changes.
  • Fixed a bug in text frame option selection.
  • Additional transform panel options for selecting stroke and effect transformation modes.
  • Use the guideline options selected in artboard format of document setup.
  • Better handling of blend objects inside tiling patterns.
  • Set the length of a side for a polygon shape.
  • Scatter brush to use the width profile for symbol scaling.
  • Transform angle selection from the horizontal transform panel.
  • Copy and paste objects between artboards should keep object position.

Build 1.1.114

Download VectorStyler 1.1.114 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.114 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.114 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.114 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Fixed bug in duplicating multiple text frames.
  • Expanding bristle brush on certain curves.
  • Fixed bug in bristle using width profiles.
  • Improved path offsetting and stroke profile handling.
  • Fixed bug in outline zigzag effect on complex shapes.
  • Blending and contour of stroke cap shapes.
  • Artboard label settings to be used on artboards.
  • Added a preview button to the create guidelines view.
  • Text baseline path should not extend beyond text.
  • Better tracking handling with text on path.
  • Creating text on path with selected shape to position the path correctly.
  • Show correct font when a new paragraph text is selected.
  • Updating selection presets to capture selection correctly.
  • Number fields in text formatting options to use the font size units.
  • Selecting text should work between multiple linked frames.
  • Do not add extra leading before the first line.
  • Fixed bug when exporting to PDF with certain fonts (SF Pro).
  • Fixed a bug in adding large corner to rectangles.
  • Fixed a bug when rearranging artboards in the canvas panel.
  • Allow corner shape preset and style creation from composite and closed shapes also.
  • Show outline while hovering with the node tool for parametric shapes also.
  • Show text cursor when creating an empty text frame.
  • Document save indicator to update when opening a document.
  • Fixed a bug with the select shape and link shape commands.
  • Fixed a regression in using host system hyphenation options.
  • Hyphenated words should highlight correctly.
  • Allow exit from isolated mode with the node tool also.
  • Deleting nodes around straight lines should keep lines straight.
  • Fixed a possible crash when using style and symbols links.
  • Keep the correct position when creating reference form an object.
  • Do not change symbols with color filters (requires expansion first).
  • Fixed a bug with the small caps (and petite caps feature.
  • Allow width profile node deletion in the modal view also.

Build 1.1.113

Download VectorStyler 1.1.113 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.113 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.113 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.113 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Fixed knife tool regression with composite shapes.
  • Better brush width indicator for eraser and path brush tools.
  • Reversing the path while in the Pen tool: create correct extension control points.
  • Delete nodes in the stroke profile view with backspace.
  • Allow layer selection when releasing groups to layers.
  • Fixed bug when creating selection presets from expanded repeater objects.
  • Improved Guidelines panel and under / redo handling of guideline changes.
  • Artboard label alignment to correctly position labels.
  • Nudging with larger or smaller amounts to use correct units.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Pen tool to get blocked.
  • Converting shape text aligned on a path, with a symbol inside should position the symbol correctly.
  • Alignment on shape tool to position objects with offset correctly.
  • Allow longer path for shape text baseline to avoid overlow.
  • Improved find / replace for objects.
  • Contour effect to work with no fill or hidden source object.
  • Do not show indicators for invisible objects.
  • Unpluging a second monitor on Windows should reposition panels.
  • Improved bend effect for crossing bend shape.
  • Changed the default font for shape text.
  • Node selection in transform mode to show the bounding box of nodes only.
  • Aligning blend objects should not change the relative position of the blend.
  • Allow inversion of smooth corners.
  • Fixed a regression breaking the text frame when changing a font or other character attributes over the whole frame.
  • Drag and drop preview option of the Layers panel to activate after changing.
  • Text tool to start the selection of text correctly in unselected text also.
  • Add extrema points to the shape when using it as an envelope shape.
  • Image scaling to correctly handle margin pixels.
  • Remove document name from window title when closing.
  • Undo / redo to work after changing the blend mode of the fill style.
  • Undoing the artboard rotation to keep the artboard selected.
  • Changed the meter shorthand to mt.
  • Paste Shape to be grayed out when no object is selected.
  • Better contrast for the Layers panel drag and drop indicator.
  • Expanding stroke of cloned objects to be handled correctly.
  • Allow zero sized repeater items (as invisible objects).
  • Correct preview of text frame settings when changing both column and inset values.
  • Select all in the node tool should work the same way as using the box selection.
  • Path closing change to work on objects inside groups also.
  • Deselecting nodes in the Node tool should deselect objects also if no nodes are selected.
  • Fixed color deletion bug in list mode of the color palette.
  • Select all Members in the Layers panel should not open the groups.
  • Ungroup to keep layers and ungroup layer content only.
  • Appending actions in the Action panel should also work if no actions are defined.
  • Reset tool tips when shortcuts are changed.
  • Improved sensitivity of docking panels at at the bottom of right-docked panels.
  • Convert Text menu to show correct name based on selection.
  • Refresh document when object styles are updated.
  • Clicking into an empty line inside a text frame should position the cursor correctly.
  • Improved shape paint tool, to handle global fill selection.

Build 1.1.111

Download VectorStyler 1.1.111 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.111 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.111 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.111 for Windows

  • General stability improvements.
  • Better dash support on large shapes.
  • Snapping to artboard guidelines.
  • Fixed bug in showing current font from paragraph style of highlighted text.
  • Fixed regression in the trim and join tool.
  • Selecting corner type should apply to selected node only.
  • Fixed regression in envelope corner tool.
  • Fetch envelope shape when creating envelope distortion.

Build 1.1.110

Download VectorStyler 1.1.110 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.110 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.110 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.110 for Windows

  • Scrolling in long menus on Windows.
  • Fixed crash when opening PDF files with some font encodings.
  • Flipped repeater to work in expanded mode also.
  • Spiral shape to allow more sections.
  • Adding shape effects to mesh objects should not subdivide the object shape.
  • Expanding transformed symbols.
  • Hide popovers when the app goes to the background.
  • Clear backup file names on startup.
  • Editing tiling pattern style from the Styles panel.
  • Updating docked Image Effects panel.
  • General stability improvements.

Build 1.1.108

Download VectorStyler 1.1.108 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.108 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.108 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.108 for Windows

  • Copying embedded image between documents of different color mode.
  • Undo color change of fill style in a group.
  • Default text color to be the previously selected text color.
  • Clipping path reading from SVG file.
  • Recent workspaces to be listed in menu.
  • Copy color for text using style picker.
  • Deleting whole paragraph in a text.
  • Undoing shape merging did not restore original colors.
  • Shape builder to handle non-intersecting negative space correctly.
  • Fixed various node deletion cases.
  • Automatic scrolling when typing text.