VectorStyler builds

Build 1.1.076

Download VectorStyler 1.1.076 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.076 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.076 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.076 for Windows

  • Fixed crash when editing bend or envelope shape effects placed on top of other shape effects.
  • Select averaging mode in path simplifier tool.
  • Paste in place inside isolated groups.
  • Expand stroke inside scaled groups.
  • Faster style updating in complex documents.
  • Fixed tiling pattern relative position mode.
  • Allow setting foreground color for mask images.
  • Allow opening SVG filter effect group items in effect panel.
  • Open recent button placed in user toolbox to open menu.
  • Do not close floating user toolbox after actions are selected.
  • Remove space allocated for context panel tools, when it is empty.

Build 1.1.075

Download VectorStyler 1.1.075 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.075 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.075 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.075 for Windows

  • Fixed crash caused by the Links panel.

Build 1.1.074

Download VectorStyler 1.1.074 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.074 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.074 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.074 for Windows

  • Improved font name detection when importing PDFs.
  • Use linked mode import when drag and dropping files on an open document.
  • Transparency mask to transform content by default.
  • Tab stops panel content to be updated from selection after opening.
  • Use wireframe dragging with complex objects.
  • Deselect text first when clicking away.
  • Do not open toolbox group on simple clicks.
  • Tracking increase and decrease actions to adjust current local tracking.
  • General stability improvements.
  • Possible crash when opening files with certain image types.
  • Adding maximum sized corners around cusp nodes to leave the nodes cusp.

Build 1.1.073

Download VectorStyler 1.1.073 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.073 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.073 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.073 for Windows

  • Fixed regression in context panel stroke width editing.
  • Fixed possible crash of text on path on certain shapes.
  • Update font style lists of external fonts after scanning ends in the background.
  • Improved text highlighting using stylus (and mouse).
  • Detect missing fonts when opening a file, when the font was an external font file.
  • Better missing font identification.
  • Spiral shape start should not distort on adjusted density.
  • Correct polygonal spiral shape ending.
  • 3 point rectangle drawing in rotated view.
  • Shift dragging node handles should not change handle direction.
  • Updating missing linked images at file opening.
  • Saving recovery file should not open to the recovery folder.
  • Zooming into small blur effect to handle scaling correctly.
  • Separate section for the preview mode and snapping in the context panel.
  • Editing node coordinates in the transform panel.
  • Allow column or row count editing for custom panels.
  • Open recent action to open menu when accessed from the context panel.
  • Correct transformation of gradients inside blend objects.
  • Fixed stroke width in exported VS icon resource for customization.
  • Flattening opacity with transparent objects composited with a white backdrop.
  • Keep scaling proportional when transforming using the modal view.

Build 1.1.072

Download VectorStyler 1.1.072 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.072 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.072 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.072 for Windows

  • Exporting gradients to EPS files.
  • Text decorations editing in character modal view.
  • Rendering stripes on open outlines with overlapping start and end nodes.
  • Opening stroke color popover should not change color.
  • Expanding symbols with blend objects to create correct copies of blends.
  • Fixed glyph alternate selection.
  • Do not reset document display on every host settings change.
  • Layer thumbnail refreshing when objects are deleted or created.
  • Allow switching to temporary panning tool while the text tool is active.
  • Do not apply alignment after the spacing is changed in the Alignment panel.
  • Dragging guidelines with an artboard selected should add it to the artboard.
  • Window button hovering indicator.
  • Removing nodes when control points are also selected.
  • Fixed panel title double click on Windows.
  • Added command to select all objects inside a group.
  • Fixed crash when importing PDF with JPEG 2000 images.
  • Show correct style names for larger font families.
  • Also search for glyphs by Unicode name.
  • Add blend mode handling to opacity flattener.
  • Improved AI file format reading.
  • Fixed bug in SVG image reading.
  • Fixed SVG gradient reading.
  • Leave correct selection after combine operations.
  • Allow tracking for space characters also.
  • Clicking on opened fill popover button should not again.
  • Improved Windows menu behavior.
  • Notify on missing content links when opening documents.

Build 1.1.071

Download VectorStyler 1.1.071 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.071 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.071 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.071 for Windows

  • Flatten opacities of overlapping shapes filled with solid colors.
  • Better sensitivity when selecting small shapes.
  • Fixed problems with PDF opening.
  • Importing text with background from AI files.
  • Live preview of values in Transform panel as the objects are moved, resized or rotated.
  • Handling double click with pen tablets.
  • Artboard tool should not create new artboard when clicking on objects over existing artboards.
  • Importing images with masks from AI files.
  • Navigator popover content was not showing.
  • Drop down lists with style content was not positioned correctly on second screen.
  • Colorize filter with gradient mode did not select gradient correctly.
  • Eraser tool did not cut overlapping open shapes correctly.
  • Improved undo for shape builder tool.
  • Accessing more CJK glyph alternates with OpenType fonts.
  • Preferences option for tool shortcut activation and deactivation modes.
  • Added shortcut and action for view centering to the location under the cursor.
  • Improved thumbnail refresh in the Layers panel.
  • Use more distinguishable terms in the palette menus.
  • Changing Performance - Hovering Selection option should not require app restart.
  • Gradient rendering with Display color space mode.
  • Move transform pivot also when scaling nodes.
  • Allow numeric keys for shortcuts in Windows.
  • Select same should ignore Inside Selection option.
  • Object renaming command did not use the Number First option.
  • Cloned group isolation editing.
  • Reseting shape options in modal shape editors.
  • Do not allow uneven flipping with constrained text scaling.
  • Allow zoom out modifier in temporary zoom tool also.
  • Option to disable calibrated screen display on Windows.
  • Moving away from boolean buttons should cancel preview.
  • Improved stylus pressure handling for brush and pencil tools.
  • Drag and drop fonts in font manager.
  • Use different icons for font folder and font groups in the Font Manager.
  • Changing values with Shift/Ctrl in numeric fields.
  • Splitting transformed text did not position glyphs correctly.
  • Allow select next / previous shortcuts while editing text.
  • Improved font detection when importing PDF files.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts on scaled Windows displays.
  • Improved AI file format compatibility.
  • Better handling of gaps and overlaps in the shape builder tool.
  • Added selection commands to select parent or member objects.
  • Added uniform stroke scaling option.

Build 1.1.068

Download VectorStyler 1.1.068 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.068 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.068 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.068 for Windows

  • Use correct PDF page size when importing multiple pages onto a single canvas.
  • Fixed tablet pressure handling on Windows.
  • Better closed path handling with Pen tool.
  • Creating artboard with click should consider current object selection.
  • Open multiple palettes with the open palette menu command.
  • Detecting contact point when hovering over edges of shapes inside groups.
  • Monochrome preview mode.
  • Refresh after union operation.
  • Expanding transformed text on path.
  • Changed user data location on Windows.
  • Reduce snap tolerance for rectangle side bending.

Build 1.1.067

Download VectorStyler 1.1.067 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.067 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.067 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.067 for Windows


  • Menu command to clear content transform from selected objects.
  • Merge nodes at center, button in Path panel and Context panel.
  • Add a color picker to the gradient panel, to select color stops.
  • Clicking with the artboard tool on a group to create an artboard of that size.
  • Use on / off mode for tools when activated with shortcuts.
  • Default multi page PDF importing to place all pages on a single canvas.
  • Better support for JIS alternates.
  • Artboard drag and drop between canvases to position artbaord and its content correctly.
  • Show stroke width options while the node tool is active.


  • Closing the path with the Pen tool should not create smooth node if the first segment is a line.
  • Palette saved as preset should be accessible in palette drop down of the modal color editor.
  • Fixed style handling in merge operation.
  • Corner handling at nodes with overlapping control points.
  • Color sliders in popover color selector to match the sliders in the color panel.
  • Image effects in appearance items should not display if disabled.
  • Refreshing issue while dragging objects.
  • Repeating new colors added to the main palette from external palette.
  • Break apart to be active with the Node tool.
  • Remove alerts when saving in the background.
  • Edited shape of blended object should position correctly.
  • Some changes did not observe object and layer locking.
  • Exporting gradient to PDF.
  • Changing gradient color mode in gradient panel may result in wrong resizing.
  • Color popover should contain a single menu button.
  • Possible glitch while redrawing gradients.
  • Undoing gradient style changes on blend objects.
  • Selecting gradient fills in clipped groups, should keep the fill style in the bottom.
  • Importing CSV palettes.
  • Preset Save As to change the preset file name also.
  • Corner handling in some pattern brush cases.
  • Removing single objects with no fill Shift+ click.
  • Brush color should not swap to white when using keyboard shortcuts to adjust the brush width.
  • Shift key to constrain angle in the Pen tool.
  • Remove single node selection with Shift+ clicking.
  • Should hide artboard frame correctly.
  • Default color in Inner Shadow options to show black.
  • Do not show rotated pivot knob widget when Transformed Frame mode is enabled in the transform panel.
  • Single letter shortcuts on Windows.
  • Do not show marker in hex color editor.

Build 1.1.066

Download VectorStyler 1.1.066 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.066 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.066 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.066 for Windows

VectorStyler 1.1.066 release notes

  • Allow other units than pixels in export size selection.
  • Allow closing path when smooth node option is enabled.
  • Fixed color picker when blurs or drop shadows are used.
  • Improved control point selection sensitivity in Node editor.
  • Do not show preview of boolean operations for complex selections.
  • Allow drawing gradient on hidden objects.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a color from the palette to the layers panel.
  • Fixed a crash in the simplify path tool options view.
  • Background saving should not trigger alerts.
  • Added snapping to flush position in rectangle side bending editor.
  • Offset path on transformed objects should not copy the transformations.
  • Add corner options to the context panel to other shapes also.
  • Shape blending transfer function should not adjust positions.
  • Improved highlight for selected corner in popover.
  • Selecting a corner shape before adding a corner size should not block the corner nodes.

Build 1.1.065

Download VectorStyler 1.1.065 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.065 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.065 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.065 for Windows

  • Add size option for image export formats.
  • Snap to object pivot points also when object snapping is enabled.
  • Smooth node mode in Pen tool (selected in the context panel).
  • Fixed regression in the stroke profile editor.
  • Automatically close filled shapes for exclude operation.
  • Stroke arrow editor should update correctly when stroke shape is moved.
  • Selecting the “Scale with Content” option should not duplicate the effect.
  • Copy paste between different VS documents should use VS intermediary format (retaining all attributes).
  • Color panel to select active gradient color of the gradient panel.
  • Zooming to artboard after exiting isolation mode should stay on the current artboard.
  • Fixed regression in pattern tool.
  • Improved expand stroke on complex shapes.
  • Stroke width menu units in pixels should sync with current resolution.
  • Converting to curve a rotated shape with gradient should keep the gradient angle (same with patterns).
  • Notify if document was not saved correctly.
  • Knife tool to correctly cut from composite shapes.
  • Deleting should not always previous or next objects.
  • Add image effect scaling options to modal view.
  • Default image effect scaling mode to be set in document setup.
  • Selecting a control point should keep node actions active in the context panel.
  • Fixed problems with text highlight for text on path imported from AI.
  • Fixed shape distortion effect options in modal view.
  • Delete transfer function node using the Delete key.
  • Node selection sensitivity for nodes overlapped by their control points.
  • Renaming layers or objects should not refresh the preview icons.
  • Default color for the drop shadow effect to show black.
  • Improved the “Separate At Intersections” command.
  • Moving multiple selected nodes with the Shift pressed to constrain the movement direction.
  • Document setup fields to use the units selected in the document setup view.
  • Keyboard opacity editing in the shape / node editor also.
  • Fixed the artboard size preset saving.
  • Using blend objects in brushes and tiling patterns.
  • Corner editor to correctly detect all smooth corners to skip showing the corner knob.
  • Highlight current corner shape in the corner shape popover of the context panel.
  • Option to change default corner shape, accessing from the Corner panel menu.
  • On Windows, the Layers panel did not allow numbers in names.
  • Move panels with table on Windows also.
  • Single key shortcut issues on Windows.
  • Fixed the repeated transform mode on blend objects.

Build 1.1.064

Download VectorStyler 1.1.064 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.064 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.064 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.064 for Windows

  • Snapping when repositioning shape drawing with the space key.
  • Closing path with the Pen tool when the Adjustments option is disabled.
  • Crash when using the pasteboard with the Select After Delete option enabled.
  • Eraser tool deleted entire shape in some cases.
  • Do not open multiple groups at once in layers panel.
  • Show cursor when clicking in the empty search box.
  • Guideline snapping to path nodes.
  • Fixed regression in scaled text highlight and cursor display.
  • Multiple node selection from a single object should not align to the artboard by default.
  • Using the style picker tool while in isolation mode.
  • Expand stroke on objects inside groups.
  • Zoom, view rotate and pan tools to not show context menu.
  • Undoing a mesh skewing did not refresh correctly.
  • Double clicking on a mesh edge to add a new mesh node at the correct position.
  • Added document option to show coordinates relative to artboard.

Build 1.1.063

Download VectorStyler 1.1.063 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.063 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.063 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.063 for Windows

  • Text on path with transformations to show correct cursor and highlight positions.
  • Switching toolbox style to horizontal should not close the toolbox.
  • Assigning no color to a mesh node should not remove the mesh.
  • Object level opacity to work for mesh objects also.
  • Regression in shape effects on mesh gradient.
  • Color picker should cancel when the Esc key is pressed.
  • Regression in gradient panel color selection.
  • Click away from text editing to create new text, when editing was started with a double click.
  • Copy and paste text with formatting.
  • Regression in opacity selection from the transparency panel.
  • Selecting blend mode for image effects when multiple effects are used.
  • Displaying blur effects at the view margin.
  • Restore selection info in context panel and add a preferences option for this.

Build 1.1.062

Download VectorStyler 1.1.062 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.062 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.062 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.062 for Windows


  • Option for cross hair cursor Show Crosshair Cursor in Preferences -> Performance section.
  • Add color merge command to the palette panel.
  • Show transform selection after drawing shapes.
  • Single objects should be aligned to page when alignment command is used.
  • Select GPU in preferences on multiple GPU systems.
  • Option (Preferences -> Changing Options -> Select After Delete) to select a sibling object when the selected objects are deleted.
  • Added blend mode selection to the image effect transparency.
  • Improved Preferences view layout.
  • Added Trim to Artboard option to Rasterize command.
  • Improved the polygonal lasso tool.


  • Replace colors with global or spot colors when adding to palette from selected objects.
  • Saving artboard options presets should include margins and guidelines.
  • Fixed left and right mouse button use in color palette bar (regardless of active color target selection in the color panel).
  • Using shape distortion effects on images to have a better sampling resolution.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in toolbox and menu customization.
  • Flip horizontal and vertical to use center pivot by default.
  • Point and shape snapping to always enter into groups.
  • Cursor position in ligatures.
  • Correct transform pivot when transforming node selections.
  • New layer name to be used correctly when creating new layer with the menu command.
  • Correct polygonal spiral location when creating the shape using a single click.
  • Single node selection left after deleting a node.
  • Possible crash when using styles for shape filters.
  • Improved Illustrator file format importing.
  • Removing stray segments in shapes to set correct corner types.
  • Using shortcuts on Windows while the text editor is active.
  • Increasing stroke width using keyboard to start from 1 pt.
  • Rendering inner or outer aligned stroke on styled text.
  • Ruler selection indicator is not shown correctly for top down coordinates.
  • Levels image effect to show options correctly in the modal view.
  • Editing image effects in the modal view accessed from the layers panel, adding the second effect.
  • Show the None label in the stroke width editor when the object has no stroke.
  • Layers panel cannot remove object selection when the node tool is used.
  • Do not show the document options buttons while using the pencil and pen tools.
  • Better brush tip icon for the eraser tool.
  • Undo shape pasting to restore shape effects also.
  • Jumping to first artboard when entering or leaving isolated mode and other cases.
  • Better names for duplicated artboards.
  • Fixed bugs in the shape builder tool.
  • Preview of shape operations from context menu.
  • Importing Lab colors from ACB color palettes.
  • Using fills in pencil and pen tools to be enabled by default.
  • Undo and redo after using destructive color filters on selections with images.
  • Decreasing brush size with the keyboard should update the context panel.
  • Color palette panel scrollbar.
  • Swapping fill and stroke style using Shift-X, when no object is selected.
  • Use last selected document units when importing from files with no document units selected.
  • Restoring maximized VS view with Windows taskbar on top.
  • Drag and drop from Layers panel on Windows, using tablet devices.
  • Ruler cursor indicator should not flicker on Windows.
  • Context menu display on Windows did not update highlight correctly.

Build 1.1.061

Download VectorStyler 1.1.061 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.061 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.061 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.061 for Windows

  • Faster font scanning at startup with large number of fonts.
  • Select the stroke width inside transformed objects.
  • Importing SVG files with size specified as percentages.
  • Parse pica number format in number editors.
  • Allow breaking at characters in overflowing text on path overflows.
  • Remove units from font size editors in preferences.
  • Stroke width increment shortcuts to start at 1 pt.
  • Exclude should not remove small shapes.
  • Pivot point of artboard scaling is fixed.
  • Using tab key to access stroke dash editor fields in right order.
  • Locked objects to display different selection frame.
  • Grid to be always off by default in new documents.
  • Default fill style for pen and pencil tools when no fill or stroke color was selected.
  • Possible crash when importing AI file formats.
  • Pasting PDF should keep original colors.
  • Fixed angle line node adjustment in path editor.
  • Angle of line should snap to other line angles with shape snapping mode.
  • Indicate groups with shape as “Clipping Group”.
  • Undoing artboard creation should pan to the active artboard.
  • Snapping groups to groups should consider frame (when member snapping is disabled).
  • Copy and paste from multiple artboard document should not bring the artboards.
  • Draw behind selection to be used correctly for parametric shapes also.
  • Clone objects should be displayed correctly, even if behind the original.
  • Improved EPS file export with OpenType fonts.
  • AI file format plugin should not block EPS importing.
  • Regression in EPS file import.
  • Icon sets created in toolbox customization are persistent now.
  • Repeating rotation on path shapes to keep the correct pivot fixed.
  • Rending gradient meshes with OpenCL resulted in artifacts in some cases.
  • Snapping inside layers with complex groups.
  • Selecting arrowheads in outline stroke shape effects.
  • Opening additional documents with missing fonts did not focus to the newly opened document.

Build 1.1.060

Download VectorStyler 1.1.060 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.060 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.060 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.060 for Windows

  • Faster expand clipped group for complex shapes.
  • Opacity slider in properties panel should update correctly.
  • Pencil tool to allow fill only mode.
  • Stroke width changing in duplicated objects.
  • Importing (and pasting) images from Adobe Illustrator format.
  • Importing PDF files with clipping groups.
  • Possible crash when working with object cloning.
  • Fixed regression in symbol isolation for editing.
  • Allow opening of symbol content in the Layers panel.
  • Corner size changing to work for node selection also.
  • Undoing ungroup all for large object hierarchies should be faster.
  • Do not ungroup shape composited groups in Ungroup All command.
  • Importing composite shape from AI should result in a composite shape.
  • Specular and diffuse light filter rendering regression.
  • Image effect on fill content of text did not display correctly.
  • Image effect rendering region for appearance item.
  • Live preview for randomized stroke width profile adjustment.
  • Fixed a regression in numeric color editing fields.

Build 1.1.058

Download VectorStyler 1.1.058 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.058 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.058 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.058 for Windows

  • Mesh gradient rendering smoothness with complex shapes.
  • Display of rotated images with large zoom.
  • Allow overwriting numeric keys with shortcuts when opacity input is enabled.
  • Allow opacity value input with numeric keys on Windows.
  • Randomize stroke width profile preview did not work.
  • Allow stroke width increase in stroke width profile adjustments.
  • Active palette indication in palette panel menu.
  • Possible crash when previewing stroke width profile.
  • Regression in selecting the last gradient node when the tool is activated.
  • Isolate symbols for editing with double click or Layers panel menu.
  • Faster bitmap displays in wire frame mode.
  • Entering new line into text resulted in extra new line on Windows.
  • Deleting in number fields should leave it empty.
  • Editing color style may erase the style name.
  • Shortcut customization list column widths to fit into available space.
  • Panel preview in hidden layers and objects did not show objects correctly.
  • Bevel image effect rendering.
  • Editing gradient shapes.
  • Create blend between symbol instances.
  • Allow anchored blend and text on path inside symbols.
  • Possible crash in pattern brush with small tiles.
  • Selecting shapes for text on path input in text editors.
  • General stability improvements.
  • Creating a new layer did not refresh correctly.
  • Converting a node to smooth or symmetric should extend retracted handles.

Build 1.1.054

Download VectorStyler 1.1.054 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.054 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.054 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.054 for Windows

  • Configurable zoom change amounts.
  • Keep selection when temporarily switching to transform tool from node selection.
  • Fixed pattern mask boundary in image filters.
  • Use right click in palette panel to select second gradient color.
  • Show gradient editor cursor when hovering over objects.
  • Double clicking on gradient handles should not isolate.
  • Dragging curve segments with smooth or symmetric nodes did not update correctly.
  • Navigator popup did not always display content.
  • Slow rendering of bitmap images.
  • Blend shape effects when shape blending is enabled.
  • Path brush did not merge correctly with intersecting shapes.
  • New path brush option to create separate shapes.
  • Possible undo blocking when using clones or gradient editor.
  • Artboard tool selection did not work after exiting from isolation mode.
  • Pencil tool rope stabilizer mode was not correctly updated.
  • Guideline editor did not display the location of a guideline correctly when top-down coordinates were enabled.
  • When adding new stroke to an object with the shortcut keys, use the fill color as the stroke color.
  • Allow empty fill for selected characters in text.
  • User interface field tab traversal in backward direction did not follow the correct order.
  • Do not add registration and null color to the palette if already exists.
  • Default palette options for global colors.
  • Destructive color filters applied to images did not redraw correctly.
  • Drawing new gradient on a rotated object displayed wrong handle positions.
  • Exclude Back and Exclude Last shape operations did not follow object order correctly.
  • Select color group source automatically when creating new color groups.
  • Editing color groups should correctly fetch the first color.
  • Allow color group removal using the delete button of the color palette panel.
  • Drag and drop of color group resulted in broken palette.
  • Reorganize the color palette panel menu.
  • Allow new fill and stroke to be added in the Appearance panel when using the shape editor tool.
  • Absolute stroke offset did not work with dashed stroke.
  • Improved offset stroke rendering precision.
  • Update snapping panel preset name when settings are changed.
  • New action to convert the content of a text frame to curves.
  • Allow changing of the text on path shape source for existing text on path objects.
  • Move and transform commands with modal views to work with node selection also.
  • Dragging symbols from the Symbols panel should also work if objects are selected on the canvas.
  • Collider tool to work with guidelines (if guideline snapping is enabled).
  • Pressing a modifier key after confirming modal views did not always work.
  • Allow multiple copies of an action in the shortcut editor.
  • Persistent proportional option when editing the Transform shape effect.
  • Repeater changes should not result in unnecessary undo steps.
  • Duplicating a canvas did not refresh correctly when changing canvases.
  • Fixed touch pad object dragging issues appearing on Monterey.
  • Added color separation options to Region and Object Content intensity modes in Repeaters.
  • Importing text on path from AI format.
  • Drag and drop in Appearance panel for selected text.
  • Copy and paste font names in the missing and replace font view.
  • Possible crash with duplicated patterns and linked pattern styles.
  • Pattern fill style was not selected when searched by attrribute.
  • Docked alignment panel sizing problems.
  • Improved Separate at Intersections command.
  • Switching to Pen tool should not deactivate Draw Inside mode.
  • New from Clipboard to add root layer if needed.
  • Gradient and pattern editing undo was not handled correctly.
  • Importing curves from SVG should not add smooth node before or after lines.
  • Image effect styles were not selected correctly.
  • Accessing repeater content in Layers panel when used on groups or images.
  • Color map effect view layout was broken.
  • Node deletion should update smooth nodes correctly.
  • Box blur rendering was broken in rotated views.
  • Automatically select gradient node when creating a new gradient or activating the gradient editor.
  • Select opposite gradient color on right click (or Option click).
  • Allow text on path dragging in the transform tool.
  • Option to search by color when automatically adding new spot colors to the palette.
  • Layers panel highlight did not update correctly when previewing shape combine effects.
  • Added a document view title leaf tool tip.

Build 1.1.052

Download VectorStyler 1.1.052 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.052 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.052 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.052 for Windows

  • Importing certain SVG files with large entity section.
  • Crash when using WebP image format to create color palettes.
  • Changing fill color should not detach shapes of clones.
  • Overlapped segment removal should work inside groups and multiple selections also.
  • Regression when transforming multiple objects.
  • Changed shortcuts for leading and tracking adjustment.
  • Added folder selection when printing color separations to files in sand boxed version.
  • Combine shape operations were not active if some shape effects are used.
  • Expanding scatter brush did not keep the colorization.
  • Allow larger limit for the numeric zoom level input of the document view.
  • Shape options and convert to curve button to the context panel when the shape editor is active.
  • Some shape effect handles were shown with wrong positions.
  • When direct preview was disabled, the interactive shape effect editors did not work.
  • Keep selection after undoing a Cut action.
  • Keep selection after drag and drop reordering in the Layers panel.
  • Ruler center dragging tool tip to show correct modifier key.
  • Possible crash when bringing VS into foreground.
  • New action: Object -> Shape -> Separate at Intersections to self intersect and separate paths.
  • Snapping should also work when dragging from a path node.
  • Eraser tool to cut from end of open paths.
  • Duplicating inside transformed groups should position objects correctly.
  • Area zoom marque was not displayed correctly when activated from the transform tool.
  • Area zoom should also work for zoom out.
  • Blending cloned objects did not work.
  • Recorded actions should activate by the first action.
  • Confirming a number in the snapping space editor should also add it.
  • Deleting a node did not keep the path selected.
  • Click selection of complex shapes did not handle negative space correctly.
  • Keep objects selected on the canvas when changing stacking order in the Layers panel.
  • Allow adding separators into contextual menus.
  • Outline highlight did not show correctly on Windows at large zoom.
  • Activating shape editor without a selection should highlight nodes when hovering over editable paths.
  • General stability improvements.

Build 1.1.050

Download VectorStyler 1.1.050 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.050 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.050 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.050 for Windows


  • Erase blend mode.
  • Import or open AI files without layer content for presets and styles.
  • Allow renaming shapes inside composite shapes in the Layers panel.
  • Added a Repeat Last action to the Edit menu.
  • Option in Snapping panel menu to snap the whole selection box or separate boxes for each selected item.
  • Option to set a 2 line text on opposite side of a shape and control distance from path relative to leading amount.
  • Indicate in Layers panel if a group is clipped.
  • Eraser tool to keep open or unfilled paths open.
  • New Remove Overlapping Segments action to clean overlapping segments inside complex shapes (included text converted to curves).
  • Do not expand hairline stroke in Divide and Merge operations.
  • Node to node snapping when moving objects with the default transform tool (can be disabled in preferences).
  • Proportional scaling from the side knobs also.
  • Use the pivot selection of the Transform panel for flipping and rotating actions from the context panel.
  • Add object level Clipped Effect Frame option.


  • Pencil tool option to allow drawing with brushes (Preferences - Changing Options - Brushes with the Pencil Tool).
  • Trim and join tool did not always find intersection when the path end overlapped another part.
  • Drawing lines with the Pencil tool and Rope stabilizer enabled may result in wrong positions.
  • Do not scale or rotate when clicking and dragging an unselected object.
  • Possible crash with certain OpenType fonts when importing PDF files.
  • Crash with Eraser blend mode when transparent backdrop is disabled.
  • After using mesh editor, editing and drawing of new gradient fills are blocked.
  • Importing 16 bit images from PDFs.
  • Automatically fix display mode for imported settings files.
  • Display refresh issues observed on MacMini M1.
  • Reduce refresh lag when moving panels on Windows.
  • Refresh referenced symbols when changing.
  • Improved image reading from AI file format.
  • Stroke expansion inside distorted and transformed groups.
  • Show correct selection frame when duplicating objects.
  • Importing clipped gradient types from PDF files.
  • Distortion effects to correctly handle smooth corners around lines.
  • Convert text on path to curves inside transformed groups.
  • Preferences option to close lasso selection automatically.
  • Polygonal lasso selection tool to complete selection on double click.
  • Possible crash when opening files with symbol links.
  • Possible crash when exporting to SVG.
  • Export expanded vector brushes to SVG files.
  • Drawing inside transformed groups with pencil may offset the resulting shape position.
  • Correctly detach text on path options after duplication.
  • Multiple text linked to the same path.
  • Dark theme on MacOS High Sierra should use correct appearance for file panels.
  • Blend modes did not render correctly in CMYK mode.
  • Rendering stroke aligned to outside for certain open paths.
  • Changing toolbox column count should keep the top right corner fixed.
  • Missing icon in an alternate toolbox style.
  • Preview in text frame style view was not applied automatically as options were edited.
  • The Transform in Text Editor option should work also when creating new text frames inside existing shapes.
  • Text flow in custom shapes to better use the available space.
  • Adding to favorite fonts should also work when in font searching mode.
  • Allow folder name editing in toolbox customization, and setup default folder names.
  • Do not attach custom toolboxes next to existing toolboxes.
  • Do not initiate drag and drop with right click on the preview icons in the Layers panel.
  • Allow text variable selection while in normal object transform mode.
  • New from template should create a document view.
  • Improved memory use by the Expand Clipped Groups action.
  • Allow shortcut assignments to the shape combine actions.
  • Inserting new nodes into a path when all nodes are selected.
  • Repeated duplicating from modal view resulted in wrong undo information.
  • Undo redo stack to remain consistent after certain actions (like Transformed Content).
  • Font previews in the font list to have correct position and size.
  • Font list scrolling with scaled user interface resulted in broken list position.
  • Do not allow the removal of certain default folders in the Preferences view.
  • Keep the last selected export options preset name.
  • Reveal foreign files also when clicking on the file name tab with the Option (Alt) key.
  • Show current tool(s) name in status bar.
  • Do not display notdef character for alternate space characters.
  • Deselect from selection using the Shift key.
  • Keep selected export preset name.
  • In fill popover keep current color when switching to gradient fill style and use it as a gradient color.
  • Document title region did not display correctly with scaled user interface.
  • Importing multipage PDFs did not position images correctly.