Can Pasted Live text be added to the "Recent Fonts" automatically?

  • I copied and pasted this live text that reads, "FIRE" from one open VS file to another. When I paste it in the new document and highlight it, the text name resters correctly as would be expected. (See first pic below)
    0_1717689841986_7e413bdb-26b2-4e1f-bd90-9712a79d9d35-BLD 2024-06-06 at 11.56.24.png

    But if I de-select the live text and then go check the Type>Recent Fonts, it is not listed there. I also tested this if I highlighted the live text and replaced the letters with new ones - same result - it did not register on the "recent fonts" list.
    0_1717689956857_b19be879-8baf-4232-85ab-09a9cd9980b6-BLD 2024-06-06 at 11.56.35.png

    Interestlingly, if I made a brand new live text and then converted it to a different font from the new original text, it DOES register in the "Recent Fonts", but then it also suddenly lists a number of other fonts I had used earlier in the process of creating the design. This is the same file as before and the added fonts here in this list in the final pic I included were all used prior to bring the live font from another document. Why would they show up now, but not before?
    0_1717690212518_f93f915d-2b22-4fd2-9793-3c7b4acf92c8-BLD 2024-06-06 at 12.08.20.png

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    @Boldline I added this to the backlog.