Disturb colors?

  • Hey!

    I thought I had finally found a missing feature in Vectorstyler, but of course, I wasn't very convinced, so I found it. 🙂

    I use randomise color and randomise other things in other programs, and is not surprisingly used to the term Randomise but in Vectorstyler, randomise colors is called... Disturb colors? It was only when I got stubborn and went through the menus and functions one by one that I found it.

    I assume the term represents 'distort colors,' but you set the degree of randomisation in the box, and the color becomes unique for each selected object, so it's more accurate to say 'randomise.'

    Shouldn't it be renamed to Randomise Colors? It would also bring Vectorstyler more in sync with other programs. 🙂


  • administrators

    @Ingolf I added this to the backlog.