Inspiration for basic/advanced user interface

  • Hi @vectorstyler

    Here is some more inspiration from other programs. 🙂

    I had actually given up on Inkscape, which is full of competent algorithms, but a hopelessly outdated user interface when you get to the program's advanced features. But I see SMALL signs that the program is trying to be made more usable. And several of the SMALL improvements in Inkscape 1.2 are actually not that bad! I'm excited about future versions. Just because it's interesting to follow an old friend.

    The below is meant as conceptual inspiration - not as some think a wish for a 1:1 implementation of what is shown. 🙂

    Vectorstyler, like Inkscape, has many snapping options - and while someone may well understand each one, turning them on or off can be tedious and time consuming. And even more so if some simple presets that are presented elegantly are enough.

    @vectorstyler Here you see the snapping icon in Inkscape 1.2 in use. By default, the user encounters a functionally different and simple version of the snapping panel - not a reduced one as is an option in Vectorstyler's panel header.

    It is elegant because it is quite simple, the themes are represented with icons. I imagine that really many people don't need anything else. With a click on the link at the bottom, you can switch to the large Vectorstylers-like model in no time. 🙂 And also from this version quickly switch back to the simple one. It could also be done via an icon. But Inkscape's thought was probably that the less experienced should have the option presented very clearly.

    I've been thinking about the concept and potential, as I've long wondered how, for example, Vectorstyler can strike a balance between hitting both experienced designers and the less experienced who need to learn it all in dribs and drabs.

    I think this is a great example of a solution for many of Vectorstyler's panels, where the number of choices is really large. On selected panels you could consider such a solution.

    When installing Vectorstyler for the first time, the installer could ask the user if he is a novice or experienced user also indicating, below, when selecting the user type, the consequence of the choice, e.g.: "Vectorstyler shows normal interface, recommended for novice users" or "Vectorstyler shows advanced interface, recommended for experienced users or experienced designers".

    Well, those are the words. Some inspiration for @vectorstyler about how Vectorstyler can be designed to be a super program for both regular and advanced users.

    Inkscape snapping panel

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    @Ingolf I think the complexity of VS UI must be better managed in the future.

    For now, some of the panel content (including the Snapping) can be rotated using the small up/down icon in the title.

    The initial panel states were selected to present all available features (maybe not a good idea), so that the user is aware of these. In the future I think this needs to be improved.

  • @VectorStyler Perhaps when there is the option to create panel arrangements that can be saved and switched between in VS, the initial layout upon opening the first time could be even more basic