VectorStyler builds

Build 1.1.038

Download VectorStyler 1.1.038 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.038 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.038 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.038 for Windows

  • Editing indicator styling in preferences.
  • Regression in anchor tool.
  • Empty clipping group with text shape is very slow.
  • Path brush tool should not create extra copies.
  • AI file format reading with images skip content.
  • Reading color styles from AI files.
  • Adding single lines in mesh gradient editor.
  • Copy and paste grouped objects on an other file.
  • Possible crash in 4 point distortion.
  • Pasting did not always place on the active layer.
  • Scaled image effects to use correct clipping size.
  • Image effect scaling should be passed to member objects.
  • Move, transform and delete selecting sub-paths.
  • Moving and transforming shapes inside composite shapes.
  • Shape builder handling of open shapes.
  • Separate path failed on some shapes.
  • Eraser tool may result in wrong path separation.

Build 1.1.037

Download VectorStyler 1.1.037 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.037 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.037 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.037 for Windows

  • Slowdown in Layers and Appearance panels when previewing adjustment effects.
  • Activating shape editor should not change selection when distortion effects are selected.
  • All Fonts listing mode should not include recent and favorite fonts.
  • Remake palette should be inactive for other than the document palette.

Build 1.1.036

Download VectorStyler 1.1.036 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.036 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.036 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.036 for Windows

  • Using space key to temporarily switch to panning may break in some cases.
  • Deleting the last object inside a transparency mask should keep the isolation mode correctly.
  • Offset path to place results underneath the selected objects.
  • Disable stroke width in Offset Path if stroke style is not enabled.
  • Regression in paste inside.
  • Guidelines should snap to grid.
  • Blending between solid and variable width stroke.
  • Regression in adjustment layer effect rendering.
  • Pen tool to indicate node selection when hovering over the node.
  • Clipping of objects with image effects may render with wrong masks.
  • Font list opened from character panel closes after scrolling.
  • Adding gradient to object with no fill style.

Build 1.1.034

Download VectorStyler 1.1.034 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.034 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.034 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.034 for Windows

  • Paste above did not place objects correctly.
  • Knife tool resulted in two undo / redo steps.
  • Selection was lost when using the knife tool.
  • Copy and paste a path did not work after copying an object.
  • Regression in simplify path.
  • Transform each when objects are copied (or cloned) resulted in wrong transform center.
  • First control point in Pen tool was incorrect.
  • Opening additional files with missing fonts did not activate opened document view.
  • Pen tool regression when closing shapes.
  • Draw above and below did not place objects correctly.
  • Possible freeze when opening AI files with compound path clipping.
  • Slowdown when working with large number of objects.

Build 1.1.033

Download VectorStyler 1.1.033 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.033 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.033 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.033 for Windows

  • Regression in image opacity rendering.
  • Path brush may result in multiple copies of some shapes.
  • Brush options to have local settings for stabilizer.
  • Knife tool regression, did not cut path correctly.
  • Regression when excluding using open paths.
  • Options to separate paths after using knife or eraser tools.
  • Brush panel should update from solid stroke also.
  • Keep selection mode for transform tool is not kept between multiple documents.
  • Set fill below object content.
  • Extend path from the starting node using the Pen tool.
  • Persistent settings in Navigator panel.
  • Copy and paste while using a shape distortion tool.
  • Adjustment effect masking.
  • Use Control modifier to automatically close lasso selection.
  • Show file name in alert when opening missing file.
  • Stroke rendering with matching stroke width and object size.
  • Automatically highlight text input in some modal views.

Build 1.1.030

Download VectorStyler 1.1.030 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.030 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.030 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.030 for Windows

  • Control + Backspace deactivated the editor on MacOS.
  • Skip selected closed paths when using the Pen tool.
  • Additional keep color mode issues are fixed.
  • Closing path with the Node tool resulted in a smooth node.
  • Paste Inside raw text should not replace the selected shape.
  • Deleting a word should position the cursor correctly.
  • Path brush improvements.
  • Do not show control point handle in Pen tool if it was not dragged.
  • Pen tool path closing issues.
  • Editing and adding image effects on locked layers should result in an alert.
  • Image display while drawing shapes.
  • Wrong path highlight display on certain shapes with stroke.
  • Remove Path from blend panel.
  • Keep minified panels when restarting app.
  • Delete subpath at the second delete action.
  • Clean stray segments and points inside groups also.
  • Added a node clicking tolerance option.
  • Using Alt+ modifier on shape operation from context bar should create composite shapes.
  • Composite shape was not updated correctly in the Layers panel.
  • Glitch in the Opacity Values and Mask drop-down menu.
  • Expanding transformed stroke.
  • Reference image pixel movement when adding nodes or editing them.
  • Possible crash with certain tinted vector brushes.
  • Problems with inputting diacritic marks with AltGr+ key on Windows.
  • Cusp node control point retraction shortcut resulted in wrong shape.
  • Possible crash when importing EPS or PS files.
  • Click on shapeless repeater did not always select it.
  • Color popover in Layers panel should not close when clicking inside (Windows).
  • Do not paste inside locked Layers.
  • Drawing shapes above a locked layer did not always draw.
  • Paste Inside did not work when Draw Above or Behind were active.
  • Improved performance of repeaters when colorization is used.
  • Undoing expand stroke with fill above the stroke.
  • Option to smooth out edges in image trace.
  • Artboard margins were not selected when creating new document with multiple artboards.
  • Number keys should be used as shortcuts while in the Node tool.
  • Scaling multiple selected and rotated shapes resulted in wrong positions and scale.
  • Added as sort by hue and brightness to the color palette.
  • On MacOS, the select folder panel to use the Select label for the confirm button.
  • Reordered the icons in the Path panel to match the order in the context panel.
  • Adjusting the blur handle of the drop shadow effect resulted in the wrong refresh.
  • Exporting image effects to PDF.
  • Pattern brush should handle spacing correctly for closed shapes.
  • Added options to show PDF only blend modes.
  • Spike effects should result in cusp nodes.
  • Changing multiple segments to lines should result in cusp nodes.

Build 1.1.028

Download VectorStyler 1.1.028 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.028 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.028 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.028 for Windows

  • Adding node selection with Shift + box dragging in the Node tool.
  • Ungroup may place objects at the wrong positions.
  • Blending brush content.
  • Regression in brush with profile rendering.
  • Window resizing issue on Windows.
  • Using grid origin with rotated grid, may show grid at wrong positions.
  • Modifier key for transform text frame content.
  • Shortcuts after exiting text editing mode are not handled on Windows.
  • Closing path and dragging a handle should create a curved segment.
  • Adding symbols to transformed symbol sets.
  • Wrong baseline display for text shapes inside groups.
  • Pressing a key while drawing a path may result in wrong curve.
  • Possible freeze while copy pasting text frames multiple times.
  • Pen tool did not draw when Above insertion mode was selected.
  • Grayed image in outline mode is in wrong position.
  • Control + backspace deactivated object name editor in Layers panel on MacOS.
  • Opacity setting from keyboard to also work in Layers panel.
  • Default drawing mode to be persistent.
  • Artboard size set in pixels was not displayed using correct resolutions.
  • Snapping indicator was left on the screen.
  • Text shape and frame conversion action name for multiple selections.
  • Update landscape mode in Create Artboard view when selecting an artboard size.
  • Resizing floating panels should update the cursor when approached from outside.
  • Locking aspect ratio in shape panel should be persistent.
  • Non-uniform sliders in shape panels.
  • Disable automatic scanning of fonts from PDF files.
  • Could not select the member of a cloned group.
  • Exiting isolation mode of a cloned group resulted in hidden objects.
  • Cloned group with nested master and clone disappears upon refreshed isolation.
  • Duplicating a group containing clones did not copy the clone links correctly.
  • Undoing duplicated clones broke the clone links.
  • Symbol instance goes transparent when switching canvases.
  • Changing member of grouped clone original hides clones.
  • Reopening files at startup.
  • Cutting and pasting clone from reference canvas crashes VS.
  • Change to member of master group doesn’t propagate to copy of clone
  • Changing external master of member clone hides clone in clone of group
  • Copying group with clone, whose master was switched crashes VS
  • Clicking again with different mouse button should not be a double click.
  • Linked shape effect style not updated.
  • Option to allow interactive editing of transform shape effect.
  • Wrong code page used in Windows task bar.
  • Use alphabetical order in panel group menu.
  • Panning with the mouse wheel pressed removes the selection.
  • Context panel layout had a small margin cut.
  • Saving with invalid file names should keep the last valid name.
  • Cusp super shape corner results in smooth node.
  • Selecting black color may highlight the registration color.
  • Cutting path with a parametric shape to keep the original shape.
  • Object bounding box inside hidden layers or groups.
  • Add path closing indicator to Node tool also.
  • Unexpected and unwanted color mode changes.
  • Text in-line symbol handling when the symbol contains text.
  • Regression in the character tool.
  • Using multiple object roles may result in additional empty styles.
  • Copy paste of text should clear internal pasteboard of vectors.
  • Small movement when rasterizing vectors to images.
  • Stroke style role on solid stroke did not work.
  • Changing or removing override of copied object back-propagates change to original

Build 1.1.026

Download VectorStyler 1.1.026 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.026 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.026 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.026 for Windows


  • Using pure spot color gradients and exporting to PDF.
  • Allow line constraining with Shift+ before pressign the mouse in the eraser, knife and path brush tools.
  • Regression in repeater expand.
  • Regression in symbol tools.
  • Hide selection when holding space key.
  • Deselect node in Node editor when clicking away.
  • Refresh issues when moving or transforming groups containing composite groups.
  • Color palette panel tool tips on Windows.
  • Clicking on sub menu names should not exit the menu.
  • Shortcut editor view may freeze when clicking away from an active shortcut field.
  • Select corner size from context panel, only for selected corners.
  • Control backspace to delete word on Windows in name editors.
  • Select all in Layers panel opened name editor should select text.
  • Path closing indicator in Pen tool.
  • Selecting the clipping shape of a group nested inside a transformed group.
  • Selecting a font did not add it to the recent font list.
  • Canvas role for Object Style was not applied correctly.
  • Opened Styles panel may break other panel updating (for example: Layers panel).
  • Changing object style using object role did not propagate in some cases.
  • Move inside last in transformed groups did not position and transform correctly.
  • Undoing moving inside did not refresh correctly.
  • Combine operations inside transformed group did not consider parent transforms.
  • Crash when selecting cusp node corner for open path ending nodes.
  • Pasting screen shot image from clipboard on Windows.
  • Code page for tool tips was wrong on Windows.
  • Selecting object shape to keep the visual center of objects.
  • Setting the snapshot name to setup default name from current time.
  • Using both canvas and object roles may create conflicts in the Styles panel.
  • Using multiple roles on a single object to list them correctly in the Styles panel.
  • Changes to shape style override did not propagate correctly.
  • Shape styles list did not open in override panel for shape styles.
  • Undo and redo after merging certain transformed groups of complex shapes.
  • Copy and paste to keep object position if object is visible inside the current view.
  • Snapping restriction button to be checkable, clearing restriction when unchecked.
  • Add null and registration color to selected document palette.
  • Adding symbols with the symbol spray tool inside transformed symbol sets placed them in wrong positions.
  • Symbol tinting brush did not expand symbols correctly.
  • Possible crash when opening AI files with embedded images.

Build 1.1.025

Download VectorStyler 1.1.025 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.025 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.025 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.025 for Windows

Fixing Regression

  • Regression in scrolling number fields.
  • Scaling text frames.
  • Cusp node closing in pen tool.
  • Moving object outside of transformed groups.
  • Opacity setting with number keys on Windows.
  • Move tool did not work well with small objects.
  • Creating new canvas with root canvas selected.
  • Selecting a root canvas in the canvas panel selects the artboards before.
  • Reflect tool knob is too large.
  • Brush Styles panel title.
  • Selecting objects while using the anchor tool.
  • Add a small popup to indicate opacity editing with number keys.
  • Add document wide Transform Stroke option for new objects.
  • Add Transform Stroke icon to Stroke panel.
  • Better selection of text shapes.

Build 1.1.024

Download VectorStyler 1.1.024 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.024 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.024 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.024 for Windows


  • Finding shapes with smaller area using the magic wand tool and panel.
  • New action (in Object - Shape) Select Shape to copy (or link) shape between selected objects.
  • New action (in Object - Shape) to cut paths at intersecting points.
  • New action (in Object - Shape) to split paths at cusp nodes.
  • Added new path intersection actions to the Path panel.
  • Proportional scaling option in Alignment panel menu when aligning size.
  • Quick opacity setting of selected objects using the number keys (optional, can be disabled in preferences).
  • Add option to make images linked in the Link panel.
  • Relinking an image from a file should adjust the clipping shape proportions.
  • Double clicking the ruler should open the Guidelines panel.
  • New option: Preferences -> Document Editor -> Context Menu on Mouse Release, to show context menu when the right mouse button is released.
  • Added a proportional size lock button in Shape panel.
  • Added a Transform Stroke option for objects (Appearance panel and Object Options) to enable stroke transformations on all outlines inside the object (groups or layers also).
  • Second click on the cusp node icon will retract control points.
  • Added Expand Appearance to the default tool bar.
  • Shape editor to delete the object if no noxe is selected.
  • Double click on existing node to create a new node at the middle of the segment.
  • Added shape builder options to the context bar.
  • Added new actions for some of the snapping options.
  • Added a new action to the tool bar for restricting snapping to the selected objects.
  • Added an icon tow to the Grid panel with common actions.
  • Tapered adjustment of offset distances using a transfer function in offset path.
  • Select and replace document palette on Document Options -> Color view.
  • Added a new shape effect: Node Bump.
  • Added a new tool to use only for selection and moving of objects.


  • Repeater performance for all geometries.
  • Set repeater shape expand amount from panel also.
  • Allow larger number of symbols in scatter brush.
  • Merge and divide precision with overlapping shapes.
  • Improved speed of divide and merge.
  • Symbol selection for stamp and spray tools should persist.
  • Select any object as a symbol while in stamp and spray tools with Shift+Click.
  • Show symbol spray and stamp tool options in context panel.
  • Optional setting of artboard position, when creating new artboards with Create Artboard.
  • Allow moving the whole layer if selected in the Layers panel.
  • Better indication when path is closed with the Pen tool.
  • Liquify tool should also work if a shape node is not covered.
  • Move Inside Last action should also adjust object transform if moved into a transformed group.
  • Shape builder performance.
  • Do not select null and registration colors when selecting unused color in the color palette.
  • Use Shift+ modifier in path brush and eraser tool to constrain drawing to a line.
  • Option to enable unrestricted number precision in number editors.
  • Option to allow default brush to be a solid stroke (option in Brushes panel menu).
  • Fetching default gradient color in gradient tool from the solid color of the selection.
  • Show dimensions of artboards in artboard size preset menus.
  • Renamed the Content Links panel with Links.
  • Renamed the Snapshot Name menu to New Snapshot.
  • Layers panel: hold Control to set visibility or locking for all objects inside a layer or group.
  • Layers panel: hold Option (Alt) to set visibility or locking for all objects at the same level as the clicked object.
  • When opening Object Options allow immediate typing of the object name.
  • Object placement when drawing new objects to allow for correct after and before insertion modes.
  • Added preferences option to disabled host accelerated color conversions.
  • Allow Shift+ modifier in Magic wand tool to add modify existing selection.


  • Setting cusp node in Pen tool when closing the path.
  • Separate shapes after merge and divide.
  • Rendering aligned stroke with scaling.
  • Extra artboard was added by a root canvas.
  • Canvas roles were not working.
  • Object and Canvas role menus were not working on Windows.
  • Popup menu selection issues on Windows.
  • Creating cusp nodes in the Pen tool using Option (Alt) modifier.
  • Allow snapping of quadratic segment handles.
  • Positioning objects when coping and pasting inside transformed layers.
  • Regression in expanding clipped groups.
  • Path brush error in complex shapes.
  • Updating top down vertical rulers when scrolling.
  • Positions were wrong when splitting aligned text.
  • Double clicking on text resulted in wrong cursor positions.
  • Expanding symbols should remove the object role.
  • Regression in selecting similar fill content.
  • Full screen mode on Windows with auto hiding task bar.
  • Printing resulted in an extra artboard.
  • Image effect boundary when using twirl distortion.
  • Image effect boundary when using concentric warp distortion.
  • Customized and large toolboxes may show with wrong size.
  • Possible crash when flipping gradients containing mixed process and spot colors.
  • Linking certain image types resulted in wrong size.
  • Moving, scaling and rotating inside transformed groups.
  • Display the rope indicator in bath brush and eraser tools.
  • Pasting text into newly sized text shape.
  • Possible crash when browsing the font name list.
  • Shape editor for parametric shapes (rectangle, ellipse, etc) did not load in some cases.
  • Text positioning when importing AI files.
  • Printing CMYK documents with Xerox printer drivers.
  • Importing PDF files with AI embedded data.
  • Grid editor preview and undo redo did not refresh grid on the screen.
  • Broken content when importing certain JPEG images.
  • Possible crash when adding image effects in the Appearance panel.
  • Appearance panel was not updated when in background.
  • Exporting PNG (or other image) formats did not open preview with Open Exported File enabled.
  • Importing older version AI files with images.
  • Gradient on stroke bug when using a start cap attribute other than flat.
  • Allow empty spacing field in Alignment panel.
  • Palette presets to be accessible in Preset Manager.
  • Show preset name in palette panel when using palette presets.
  • Palette preset panels to be persistent when restarting.
  • Possible crash when using offset path with multiple offsets.
  • Expanding stroke inside transformed groups.
  • Expanding transformed vector brushes.
  • Text labeling (numbers and bullets) options were not selected correctly in the paragraph options view.
  • Better selection with mouse click for overlapping outlines.
  • Windows key was handled incorrectly.
  • Inconsistent corner resizing for the first node on a closed shape.
  • For preview in font name list was not aligned correctly.
  • Bug in OpenGL display mode when using calibrated RGB color modes.
  • Do not include punctuations when highlighting words with double clicks.

Build 1.1.020

Download VectorStyler 1.1.020 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.020 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.020 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.020 for Windows


  • Regression in creating gradient mesh.
  • Aligned stroke did not work with variable width profile.
  • Undoing blend deletion.
  • Wrong cropping when exporting named layers to PDF.
  • Accessing Windows task bar in maximized state.
  • Updating on Windows with unsaved documents.
  • Undoing certain color palette changes.
  • Swapping between panels should not resize.
  • Moving palette colors using drag&drop.
  • Deleting palette colors using drag&drop unto the panel trash icon.
  • Deleting palette colors should reset global and spot color indexes correctly.
  • Preview in gradient slider was broken for spot color gradients.
  • Adding image or shape effects in the Layers panel did not work on Windows.

Build 1.1.016

Download VectorStyler 1.1.016 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.016 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.016 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.016 for Windows


  • Added option (preferences) to create distortion on tool selection.
  • Do not adjust effect when releasing mouse.
  • Always snap to original when duplicating.
  • Color selector popover should not overlap button or gradient editor knob.
  • Allow editing gradients on groups.
  • Option to enable / disable selection of locked objects, when using select by attribute


  • General stability fixes.
  • Better handling of touching shapes in shape builder.
  • Possible freeze in shape builder.
  • Faster rendering of aligned outlines.
  • Exporting drop shadow image effect at large resolutions.
  • Selecting objects while using the warp tools.
  • Handling shape centers inside single object reference.
  • Printing variable fonts to PDF or Postscript to convert to curves.
  • Issue with importing certain JPEG files.
  • Drawing lines with pen tool while Show Segment in Pen Tool is enabled.
  • Copying artboard names from Canvas panel.
  • Constraining angle (with Shift) in pen tool, while drawing lines.
  • Possible crash after editing shape drawing options.
  • Handling empty groups with shapes in Merge operation.
  • Expanding stroke in blend objects.
  • Canvas grid may get hidden when switching between documents.
  • Selecting searched text using the find replace panel.
  • Importing spot color fills from AI files.
  • Some black and white BMP files may open in inverted mode.
  • Do not allow docking of the toolbox next to the tool bar.
  • Vertical text should not overflow the frame.
  • Regression in rotating images at certain angles.
  • Expanding brushes with the rigid shapes option enabled.
  • In place editing of size lists in preferences.
  • Resizing shortcuts on Windows.
  • File creation time should not be erased.
  • Pasting a copy of a closed path should copy the closing node also.
  • Text frame content should be visible in outline mode also.
  • Regression in pixel preview mode.

Build 1.1.014

Download VectorStyler 1.1.014 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.014 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.014 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.014 for Windows


  • Fixed regression in display resolution of the UI.
  • Fixed regression in handling brush pressure profile.

Build 1.1.012

Download VectorStyler 1.1.012 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.012 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.012 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.012 for Windows


  • Detecting display resolution from the system.
  • Shape builder did not recognize all regions.
  • Handling touching shapes in shape builder.
  • Regression in Adjustment Effect content.
  • Image effect rendering with Metal at large resolution.
  • Exporting large resolution images with image effects.
  • Brush pressure did not register.
  • Faster box selection on complex shapes.
  • Rotation pivot position when repeating or duplicating.
  • Reset document zoom and position after display resolution change.
  • Crash when moving objects between views.
  • Working with grouped objects in the shape builder tool.
  • Shape paint did not handle composite shapes correctly.
  • Allow fetching styles from inside complex groups.
  • Exporting registration and spot colors to EPS.
  • Font list is closed when using the scrollbar.
  • Detached toolbox should not stay on top if app is in background.
  • Palette panel highlight in the first row was clipped.
  • Searching for unused colors with spot and global colors.
  • Popover panel resizing resulted in wrong sizes.
  • Popover panel detaching should not duplicate panels.
  • Decreasing word spacing using shortcuts should start from the default spacing.
  • Converting curves to quadratic should keep the tangent direction.
  • Deleting segments did not keep assigned corners.
  • Wrong shadows in light theme.
  • Improved backgrounds in various themes.
  • Load default theme if the current one is not found.
  • Hiding spectrum in color panel should not hide it in color popover.
  • Clicking outside of round color wheel should not select a color.
  • Improve number field slider alignment.
  • Blend and contour effect using spot colors.
  • Path sketch tool adjusted the wrong node.
  • Allow extending a path with the Pen tool from the starting node (by selecting it with the Node tool).
  • Use popover sliders for shape vertex count fields.
  • Document title should be changed after saving recovered files.
  • Shape builder must skip linked symbols (expand symbol is needed first).
  • Working with copied objects in shape builder.
  • Gradient panel and on canvas editor should be updated when changing the color target.
  • Interactive editing of warp effects should not adjust when releasing the mouse.
  • Expand Appearance should expand blend and contour effects.
  • Incorrect naming of duplicated groups.
  • Possible freeze when opening PDFs containing compressed AI streams.
  • Expanding a stroke applied on a layer.
  • Right click context menu may be empty when in the corner editor.
  • Artboard format was not selected correctly from the context panel.
  • Regression in intersect clipped groups.
  • Show and reuse picked color in the color panel.

Build 1.1.010

Download VectorStyler 1.1.010 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.010 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.010 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.010 for Windows

VectorStyler 1.1.010 release notes


  • Exporting CID/CFF fonts to PDF and Postscript.
  • Exporting Japanese typography to PDF.
  • Use local miter limit when set.
  • Add miter limit setting to Stroke panel.
  • Dividing complex shapes.
  • Improved merge and union.
  • Allow object renaming as a double click action.
  • Layer color indicators.
  • Activate fill color mode when the shape paint tool is selected.
  • Improved Navigator panel.
  • Select same to handle null fill or stroke comparisons also.
  • Additional options for select same and select by attribute.
  • Allow Shift+ select with the box marque in the Corner tool.
  • Importing with drag and drop should position the imported content at the drop location.
  • Add clipping options to the Layers panel right click menu.
  • Paste to keep position after small amount of panning.
  • Adding multiple colors to the color palette.
  • Gradient tool to work with object groups also.
  • Increase initial docking drag distance.
  • Confirm font selection by pressing Enter.
  • Exit text editing by pressing Escape.
  • Better slider intervals in Appearance panel for stroke width.
  • Better shortcuts for Path panel (and Find Previous).
  • Add node editing actions to the context panel.
  • Paste shape for shape effect from the panel menu.
  • Import spot and global colors from ASE files.
  • Exporting spot colors to EPS and Postscript files.
  • Warn when replacing existing shortcuts.
  • Better shortcut for order to back and front actions on Windows.
  • Allow Intersection Points action for parametric shapes also.
  • Allow deselecting path node with Shift+click.
  • Show image effects as adjustments if object has not other content (fill or stroke).
  • Improved performance when working with complex shapes.


  • Possible crash when duplicating objects having an Elastic warp effect.
  • Possible crash when double clicking on a warped text effect for editing.
  • Transparent gradients in PDF.
  • Moving cursor in text did not move to the previous line.
  • Deleting text was not undone correctly.
  • Text on path was removed if cannot be shown.
  • Right click in Layers panel on Windows.
  • Redirect at intersection in path editor.
  • Renaming objects did not use numbering correctly.
  • Drag and drop files into the main view on Windows.
  • Highlighting the last space in a text using mouse drag.
  • Separate Path to work on path groups also.
  • Importing text form PDF resulted in broken text.
  • Allow the disabling of guideline and grid colors in Document Setup.
  • Snapping to artboard center to show indicators.
  • Toolbox popup group opening from arrow should not close it too fast.
  • Importing fill opacity from SVG files.
  • Color options in Document Setup were not displayed correctly.
  • Show a default gradient in the fill popover.
  • Flip (and scale) with duplication resulted in wrong object copies.
  • Hiding the color spectrum in the Preferences did not update the color panel.
  • Disable winding mode for pattern brushes.
  • Deleting first node in a path, without curvature mode may break the path.

Build 1.1.008

Download VectorStyler 1.1.008 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.008 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.008 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.008 for Windows

VectorStyler 1.1.008 release notes


  • Layer color indicator and color selection.
  • Add Artboard Options button to context pane (instead of Create Layer).
  • Change icon for registration color in Palette panel.
  • Stronger color palette selection indicators.
  • Repeater improvements.
  • Creating blend between grouped shapes.
  • Do not show saved files in auto recovery.
  • Create mesh on empty fill should create with null opacity.
  • Expanding blends (and contours) also inside groups.
  • Smarter Separate Path.
  • Order shapes by size in break apart.
  • Improved divide, exclude and merge of complex shapes.
  • New Expand Appearance action to separate multiple content of an object.
  • Use glyph names as object names when converting text to curves.
  • Drag and drop colors between palettes.
  • Improved shape builder and shape paint gap detection.
  • Select and modify multiple stroke width nodes at once.
  • Option to use frame drawing for text shape creation by default.
  • Option to reset stroke width profile for new shapes.
  • Assigned shortcuts to some boolean shape operations.
  • Added a (customizable) menu when right clicking in the Layers panel.


  • Grid shape scaling should keep grid count.
  • Text on path with styled text required a refresh after changes.
  • Rigid shapes option in vector brushes should not allow shape stretching.
  • Paste Below should move pasted item to the layer with selected item (not the current layer).
  • SVG arrow importing problems.
  • Registration color must show up on spot plates also.
  • Symbol selection highlight was not cleared in panel after symbol removal.
  • Clicking on toolbox button arrow should open immediately (no need for log press).
  • Use arrow keys for nudging when pressed in the Layers panel.
  • Prompt to save recovered documents.
  • Select pattern toling mode in popover view.
  • Adjusting baseline path of vertical text should keep text direction.
  • Adding gradient to existing mesh object resulted in wrong content and wrong object position.
  • Exporting mesh gradient to SVG (flattened to image).
  • Row and column values for artboard creation of new documents.
  • Path brush tool cut from shape instead of adding.
  • Refreshing after offset path.
  • Using eraser tool on shapes inside groups.
  • Adjusting stroke profile with a mask form the Stroke Width panel menu.
  • Stroke alignment with certain control point locations.
  • Breaking apart transformed text.
  • Expanding repeater resulted in wrong object positions.
  • Paste in isolation mode had wrong positions.
  • Flip horizontal and vertical action using duplicate mode.
  • Double clicking stroke (or fill) knob in color panel may swap colors.
  • Non exportable layers were exporting (and non printable were printing).
  • Expand stroke issues on certain object styles.
  • Context panel boundary button action was different from the one in the menu.
  • Create composite boundary when modifier key is held (Option / Alt).
  • Allow opacity change while in the Node editor.
  • Single objects were pasted as a group.
  • Undoing certain expand stroke changes.
  • Undoing (and redoing) color filters on objects with image effects.
  • Could not select black or white color in color panel when registration color was used on an object.
  • Color highlight in color palettes should keep up with current color value.
  • Resizing or selecting font breaks text shape drawing.
  • Double click on a shape tool did not always show options of the current shape.
  • Possible freeze when applying corners to shapes with stray segments.
  • Gradient transparency rendering problems.
  • Possible file corruption when using ZStandard compression.
  • Shape builder states (saved) may cause a crash.

Build 1.1.006

Download VectorStyler 1.1.006 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.006 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.006 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.006 for Windows


  • Regression in number fields with units.
  • Rendering compositions with transparency in CMYK mode.
  • Duplicating after duplicated transform crashes.
  • Flip and rotate buttons retain modifier even if not pressed.
  • Scaling a rotated object did not adjust the pivot correctly.
  • Moving down from last line in text did not move after the last character.
  • Node selection to be kept as local corner selectio. when moving to the corner tool.

Build 1.1.005

Download VectorStyler 1.1.005 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.005 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.005 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.1.005 for Windows


  • Draw Inside to update target if layer selection changes.
  • Double click on color target widget to open modal color editor.
  • Improve stroke panel layout.
  • Action to clear recent file list.
  • Hold Option (Alt) when clicking flip or rotate icons to duplicate.
  • Option to not change object color if color mode is changed.
  • Add *Reveal File" action.
  • Select locked layers also, when selecting with Locked Objects.
  • Selection mode to select empty layers.
  • Option to transform layer members, when a layer is selected (Allow Layer Transformations).
  • Hold Option (Alt) when confirming scale or size values in the Transform panel, for proportional scaling.
  • Add Reset button to transform panel.
  • Pasting should center at visible area after panned or zoomed.
  • Draw inside mode, and access from context panel.
  • Drag&drop a VS preset file on the app window to open the preset panel.
  • Shortcuts for transform modes (N for pointer, D for deep).
  • Save As panel to open at the folder of the file.
  • Show in Finder button in Document Info panel.
  • Show the file location in Finder when Option+clicking the document title leaf.
  • Option to position repeating objects separately on multiple glyph shapes.
  • Add shortcuts to adjust word spacing (Control+Option+Left/Right on Mac).
  • Option to disable or change initial filler text (Preferences -> Document Files).
  • Option to add user folders for hyphenation dictionary files.
  • Control+B to paste below all objects if none are selected.
  • Shortcut L to be assigned to the Path Sketch tool.
  • Context panel to show top or active stroke options.
  • Close path when moving an ending node over the other and holding Option (Alt).
  • Option(Alt)+Delete in Node editor to remove segments and disconnect path.
  • Better font list layout.
  • Better Stroke panel layout (both vertical and horizontal mode).
  • Use selected objects in Object Sprayer tools.
  • Show nodes in text shapes also when hovering.
  • Copy and paste text on path should copy the linked shape also.
  • Keep group hierarchy and names when exporting to SVG.
  • Layer renaming in the Layers panel.
  • Add foreign file formats to Open Recent list.
  • Shift+E shortcut to be used for the Eraser tool.
  • Shift+B shortcut to be used for the Path Brush tool.
  • Load editable AI data from PDF files if available.
  • Keep angle of control point when holding Shift in Node editor.
  • Allow randomization when Transform Each is enabled.
  • Formulas in number editors.
  • Customize path node type indicator shapes.
  • Hold Option (Alt) to draw shape text of some size.
  • Incremental saving.
  • Search field in preferences to find settings by name or tool tip text content.
  • Symbol stamp tool: place the selected symbol with mouse clicks.
  • Repeater: create automatic repetitions of multiple objects to fill shapes.
  • Symbol painter tool: place with symbols while dragging the mouse.
  • Symbol position, sizing and rotating brushes.
  • Symbol coloring and opacity brushes.
  • Quick look plugin for MacOS.
  • Alignment panel geometric mode to be persistent.
  • Select page fill when selecting color while the Artboard tool is active.
  • Path brush mode to change selected objects only.
  • Option to disable smooth scrolling and zooming modes in Preferences -> Document Editor.
  • Option to expand stroke when exporting to vector formats.
  • Persistent default values in Offset Path view.
  • Immediate search field editing in font drop down.
  • Hold Control to draw line in path brush, eraser and knife tools.
  • Modifier key to adjust scroll rounding in number fields.
  • Increase default precision for numbers exported into text based formats (SVG).
  • Layers panel option to select object on canvas on Control+Click.
  • Double click action configuration in Preferences -> Document Editor.
  • Show alignment options in context panel for single objects also, to align to artboard.
  • Better default scrolling direction on windows.
  • Control+Backspace to clear a number or text input field.
  • Paste attributes from copied objects.
  • Improved selection of small objects.
  • Pick colors using a color panel tool.
  • Convert lines to cubic curves when setting smooth / symmetric corner.
  • Better color panel layout.
  • Add shortcut (Control+Shift+K) to find and highlight selected object in the Layers panel.
  • Options to control the scaling and transformation of image effect parameters.
  • Option to keep transform tool mode: Preferences -> Document Editor -> Keep Selection Mode.
  • Better backgrounds and customization for previews in Layers panel.
  • Compact Layers panel menu by default (option for the larger menu in the panel options).
  • Set brush size from context panel for shape effect brushes.
  • Bitmap exporting mode, without dithering.
  • Persistent tool selections inside groups of the toolbox.
  • Selecting the panel menu should bring it forward if obscured.
  • Proportional dragging of smooth nodes (hold Option or Alt).
  • Import AI data from EPS files (Preferences -> Document Files -> Import AI Data from EPS).
  • Snap to start / end node when editing nodes.
  • Update Missing fonts view if fonts are rescanned.
  • Buttons in Stroke panel to sync cap and arrow styles.

Build 1.0.062

Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Windows

  • Improved: select all on subpath only if a node or location of that subpath is already selected.
  • Improved: option to always paste paste at the current artboard center.
  • Improved: capital height option when aligning a text on path.
  • Fixed: exporting fonts to PDF and Postscript format.
  • Fixed: storing resolution into JPEG files.
  • Fixed: regression when merging shapes.
  • Fixed: ligatures of certain OpenType font did not work.
  • Fixed: problems with registration color tint slider.
  • Fixed: count sliders for grid shapes to have correct limits.
  • Fixed: merge should auto close open paths.
  • Fixed: distribute nodes along a line from the alignment panel.
  • Fixed: possible crash when dragging a color into a color group.
  • Fixed: allow single path union and merge to remove self overlaps.
  • Fixed: open documents not reopening when restarting.
  • Fixed: spell checker did not correctly highlight words.
  • Fixed: stroke may break with almost overlapping nodes.
  • Fixed: shortcut T did not activate the actual horizontal text tool.
  • Fixed: typing text should refresh faster.
  • Fixed: alignment panel options were not persistent.
  • Fixed: working with multiple palettes saved separately from the document.
  • Fixed: (macos) numeric keypad to be usable for shortcuts.
  • Fixed: invert selection for nodes.
  • Fixed: transform skew node sensitivity at large document sizes.
  • Fixed: zoom out limit for large document sizes.
  • Fixed: scaled font glyph visibility.