VectorStyler builds

Build 1.0.038

Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Windows

  • Improved: cut and merge variable width profiles with the pencil eraser mode.
  • Fixed: problems with tab positions in frame text.
  • Fixed: bleed and slug handling.
  • Fixed: collider tool should work also when the Snap to Shapes is disabled.
  • Fixed: selecting stroke width in the Properties panel.
  • Fixed: slider increment should be small when using large units.
  • Fixed: changing default stroke and brush width from zero.
  • Fixed: problems with knife tool on composite shapes.
  • Fixed: pasting to active artbaord in the same document.
  • Fixed: preview of deleting original option in the Offset Path view.
  • Fixed: background of context panel in light modes.
  • Fixed: solid stroke preview in brush panel should be darker.
  • Fixed: automatic scrolling when hovering over font list margins.
  • Fixed: scissor tool should convert shapes to curves.
  • Fixed: node eraser should not remove whole objects when clicking on a shape node.
  • Fixed: importing gradient from EPS files.
  • Fixed: cannot change color mode in color panel if nothing is selected.
  • Fixed: under of color filters on text shape breaks.
  • Fixed: wrong clipping of image effects on shapes with winding fills.
  • Fixed: find / replace in some text shapes may crash the app.
  • Fixed: pasting appearance will paste new objects of objects were copied after appearance (should have separate pasteboard).
  • Fixed: displaying effects on some shapes with outlines had the wrong effect region.
  • Fixed: copying objects to the pasteboard clears the selection (and keeps the copy selected).

Build 1.0.036

Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Windows

  • Fixed: knife tool to cut combined shapes correctly.
  • Fixed: do not show text shape nodes when drawing with freehand tool.
  • Fixed: opacity field in properties panel is too small.
  • Fixed: show tool tips for additional options button in properties panel.
  • Fixed: show tool tips for preset lists.
  • Fixed: non uniform mapping in sliders with percent values was broken.
  • Fixed: remove source shape in group exclude.
  • Fixed: closing document view in a tiled view group may leave stack behind.
  • Fixed: document setup undo did not refresh correctly.
  • Fixed: adjusting objects along a path did not set the correct offset.

Build 1.0.033

Download VectorStyler 1.0.033 RC3 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.033 RC3 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.033 RC3 for Windows

  • Fixed: crop mark positions are wrong.
  • Fixed: bleeding did not work when printing.
  • Fixed: preview bleeding on artboards.
  • Fixed: density slider in the perturbation effect had wrong intervals.
  • Fixed: multiple styles in text shapes did not display correctly.
  • Fixed: undoing the deletion of multiple style items did not restore the order.
  • Fixed: non monochrome add noise using GPU.
  • Fixed: transform effect should allow offsetting.
  • Fixed: scaling nodes from multiple objects.
  • Fixed: selecting nodes by clicking when the nodes are close.
  • Fixed: do not create new file when opening the app by double clicking on an existing file.
  • Fixed: improving some of the tool icons.
  • Fixed: snapping was not working on source of referenced objects.
  • Fixed: expanding stroke created a wrong corner type.
  • Fixed: scrolling in scale fields changed the value too much.
  • Fixed: file open and save dialog on windows was broken.
  • Fixed: bring to forward and sending back did not always work on multiple selected objects.
  • Fixed: problems with refresh when undoing multiple duplications.
  • Fixed: option to remove or keep stroke settings when setting the stroke color to none (Preferences -> Changing -> Remove Empty Stroke).

Build 1.0.030 RC3

Download VectorStyler 1.0.030 RC3 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.030 RC3 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.030 RC3 for Windows

  • Fixed: selecting and changing control points.
  • Fixed: selecting nodes of overlapped paths.
  • Fixed: do not select another shape when starting a node selection using the box marque.
  • Fixed: do not show all nodes of selected shape types.
  • Fixed: inserting new nodes at multiple selected inner nodes.
  • Fixed: using line or open path exclude to cut composite paths.
  • Fixed: positioning of some image effects when used as adjustment layer.
  • Fixed: undoing shape duplication around blend objects did not refresh.
  • Fixed: use return key to confirm blend creation from the blend panel.
  • Fixed: corner editor tool may adjust wrong corner in some cases.
  • Fixed: use larger than 0 default stroke width of no width selection occurred before.
  • Fixed: random scatter and bristle brush seed adjustment from the brush style panel.
  • Fixed: show null color when set without an object selection.
  • Fixed: handling of hidden objects.
  • Fixed: undoing the hidden attribute did not refresh.
  • Fixed: default color of some node handles.
  • Fixed: UI style adjustments.
  • Fixed: do not show highlight when hovering in toolbox.
  • Fixed: highlighting in vertical text with roman rotation.
  • Fixed: text frame content did not refresh in some cases.
  • Fixed: highlight can be wrong with flipped characters.
  • Fixed: edit color harmony groups from the color palette panel.
  • Fixed: spot colors were expanded when applied to selection.
  • Fixed: pasting objects with contour effect may hang.
  • Fixed: do not scroll when using the sketch tool.
  • Fixed: allow original path deletion in the Offset Path change.
  • Fixed: larger default size of the shape and image effects view.
  • Fixed: adjustable tool tip delay in preferences.
  • Fixed: in layers panel, dragging objects over the delete icon should be indicated.
  • Fixed: could not select objects in layers panel immediately after dragging over selection.
  • Fixed: adjustable cursor size in preferences.
  • Fixed: replacing all text may hang.
  • Fixed: removing multiple nodes in a shape may result in wrong smooth nodes.
  • Fixed: opening fill popover should default to a content suitable for the current fill.
  • Fixed: title icon of the color palette bar should be direction dependent.

Build 1.0.029 RC3

Download VectorStyler 1.0.029 RC3 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.029 RC3 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.029 RC3 for Windows

  • Improved: add uniform scaling option to all shape types (in preferences).
  • Improved: option to select nodes in selected objects only (in preferences).
  • Improved: 3 point rectangle drawing.
  • Improved: duplicate shape or image effect when Option+ dragging in the effects panel.
  • Fixed: user interface font on Big Sur.
  • Fixed: text field highlight and cursor position on Big Sur.
  • Fixed: resizable open file view on Big Sur.
  • Fixed: webp file format support in M1 version.
  • Fixed: break apart text shape creates a group of objects.
  • Fixed: clipped drop shadow on scatter brush.
  • Fixed: transforming (scaling or rotating) selected quadratic nodes.
  • Fixed: text frame copying may result in blocked text.
  • Fixed: find and replace characters with diacritic marks.
  • Fixed: cursor movement with empty paragraphs.
  • Fixed: scaling selected nodes while holding Option.
  • Fixed: text cursor display on dark background.
  • Fixed: use name of the file as an object name when importing.
  • Fixed: use object name as the default symbol name when creating a symbol.
  • Fixed: do not import AI effects as presets when importing other presets.
  • Fixed: indicator used in color picker should not display all nodes.
  • Fixed: text wrap undo did not refresh the text flow.
  • Fixed: select pasted objects.
  • Fixed: closing with modified documents should focus the document when asking for saving.
  • Fixed: cursor filter did not work with alternate color space.
  • Fixed: offset path did not reset correctly.
  • Fixed: restoring stroke required two undo steps in some cases.
  • Fixed: update color of stroke in panel when right clicking.
  • Fixed: allow right click on ruler when guidelines are locked or hidden.

Build 1.0.027 RC3

Download VectorStyler 1.0.027 RC3 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.027 RC3 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.027 RC3 for Windows

  • Fixed: regression in shatai character options.
  • Fixed: cursor position and highlight in Japanese text.
  • Fixed: cursor position in Ruby text.
  • Fixed: positioning Ruby text relative to parent.
  • Fixed: ruby text layout with parent text using multiple styles.
  • Fixed: warichu text vertical mode spacing.
  • Fixed: positioning warichu text in horizontal mode.
  • Fixed: better spacing around tate-chu-yoko text.
  • Fixed: adjustable shatai tsume.
  • Fixed: access Japanese typography options from main menu.
  • Fixed: show rope stabilizer end points and no cursor in freehand drawing.
  • Fixed: editing text with automatic kashida insertion.
  • Fixed: bidi mirroring in right to left text.
  • Fixed: better defaults for right to left paragraph mode.
  • Fixed: top down coordinates broke the height field in property panel.
  • Fixed: default concentric shape to drop style reference if style is missing.
  • Fixed: refresh after expanding vector brushes.
  • Fixed: keep custom presets when reseting app.
  • Fixed: object arrange shortcuts to work when text shape is selected.

Build 1.0.026 RC3

Download VectorStyler 1.0.026 RC3 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.026 RC3 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.026 RC3 for Windows

  • Improved: bidirectional and right to left paragraph formatting.
  • Improved: select text frame column direction.
  • Improved: automatic insertion of extenders for kashidas.
  • Improved: extender scaling option in character options.
  • Improved: character map based glyph scaling for stretching.
  • Improved: drag&drop color palette into the application window to open it.
  • Improved: minor UI improvements.
  • Fixed: select behind with Option (Alt) key did not work.
  • Fixed: line spacing issues in paragraph composer.
  • Fixed: wrong default spacing values for justified paragraph stretching.
  • Fixed: ruler right click on windows did not update the menu.
  • Fixed: working with multiple documents on windows may slow down some refresh.
  • Fixed: shortcut for Preferences on Windows did not work.
  • Fixed: using both ruby and warichu in a paragraph broke the warichu line count.
  • Fixed: Japanese input method to using space for conversion.
  • Fixed: shortcut labeling on Windows to use the plus sign.
  • Fixed: freeze when using text wrap on Windows.
  • Fixed: control click on ruler to open units menu.
  • Fixed: cannot interact with document editor after some operations.
  • Fixed: guideline added under the ruler when clicked.
  • Fixed: problems with user palette opening button in palette panel.
  • Fixed: right click on color buttons in color panel to work as alternate selection.
  • Fixed: set default color with right click.
  • Fixed: opening ASE color palette files without group headings.
  • Fixed: opening CSV color palette files.
  • Fixed: deselect color palette item if current object selection has different colors.
  • Fixed: editable color tint for tinted color palette items.
  • Fixed: close path for some boolean operations (union, merge, boundary).
  • Fixed: positioning of negative flipped characters to set normal (absolute) space.
  • Fixed: select node of gradient mesh when creating a new mesh with the mesh editor tool.
  • Fixed: boundary path operation did not undo (and hovering preview did not work correctly).
  • Fixed: moving quadratic curves did not move the anchor point in some cases.
  • Fixed: color mixer image filter layout was broken.
  • Fixed: global snapping options mode blocked the snapping panel changes.
  • Fixed: preview check box place in layer and object options view.
  • Fixed: tool tips in the toolbox did not show the active tool description.
  • Fixed: automatic preview in the text wrap view if preview is enabled.
  • Fixed: undoing the text wrap options did not reset the text frames.
  • Fixed: additional options for the boundary path operation, available in the Path panel menu.
  • Fixed: repeat last to use object rotation center.
  • Fixed: scrolling of layer (and other) lists when dragging items.
  • Fixed: pen tool option in Preferences to allow filled shape creation.
  • Fixed: selecting and editing path shapes inside a hierarchy of transformed groups.
  • Fixed: export again to also open the file if enabled.
  • Fixed: inserting symbols from presets into text did not work.
  • Fixed: pasting multiple objects could not be undone correctly.
  • Fixed: exporting transparent image into PDF breaks the transparency of objects above the image.
  • Fixed: zero width spaces and joiners were not zero width.