VectorStyler releases

Build 151

Download build 151

  • Fixed: importing stroke cap style from AI files.
  • Fixed: crash when importing zero length dashes from AI files.
  • Fixed: flipping rectangle shapes and images.
  • Fixed: crash in replace all text.
  • Fixed: font replacement when opening AI or vstyler files with missing fonts.
  • Fixed: showing font name in the character panels for some missing or replaced fonts.
  • Fixed: size of the character popup from the context panel was too small.
  • Fixed: applying element styles was not working.

Build 150

Download build 150

  • Fixed: cursor problems on Catalina.
  • Fixed: gradient editing in transformed objects.
  • Fixed: minimum size for color panel and color wheel.
  • Fixed: importing text fill color in CMYK mode from AI files.
  • Fixed: allow zero length dash, to create dotted lines with dash.
  • Fixed: using stroke gap fill style did not render stroke.
  • Fixed: possible crash when using layers panel, especially if fixed to a canvas.
  • Fixed: possible crash and hang when hovering over document.
  • Fixed: disable Create Mesh menu when a mesh is selected.
  • Improved: added Select All to finding text, supporting multiple selection of text.
  • Improved: better font name matching when replacing missing fonts of opened documents.

Build 148

Download build 148

  • Improved: added distance (gap) snapping mode.
  • Improved: added distance indicators when snapping to objects or object distances.
  • Improved: added option to snap to distances between all objects.
  • Improved: improved performance when interactively changing objects (moving, scaling, and others).
  • Improved: performance improvements for panning, zooming and rotating views.
  • Improved: additional performance improvements for panning, zooming and rotating views.
  • Improved: performance of rendering stroke outline styles.
  • Improved: copy all decimals when copying text from number fields.
  • Improved: enabled real time preview of slider values in number fields.
  • Improved: added a restart button to preferences change notification.
  • Fixed: stroke width in scaled point text should not be stretched.
  • Fixed: closing path ends should result in a cusp node.
  • Fixed: stroke width on AI imported text.
  • Fixed: dismissing arrow popup in stroke popup should keep the stroke popup open.
  • Fixed: stroke alignment on closed shapes should not depend on the path direction.
  • Fixed: copy and paste text in file save dialog.
  • Fixed: keeping correct object hierarchy when importing some SVG files.
  • Fixed: various crashes in the user interface.
  • Fixed: purge history button in history panel.
  • Fixed: undo and redo for multiple copies resulting from transform repetitions.
  • Fixed: crash when selecting brush styles without an open document.
  • Fixed: reduced Metal texture memory use.

Build 146

Download build 146

  • Fixed: short dash length problems around cusp corners.
  • Fixed: shape corner effect on free paths.
  • Fixed: possible crash in some numeric fields.
  • Fixed: opening modal dialog from popup window.
  • Fixed: regression in popup panel opening in context panel.
  • Fixed: shape corner problems in extreme sizes.
  • Improved: panning and zooming feedback speed.
  • Changed: rounded rectangle scaling, change the width and height of rectangles if no other shape effects are used.
  • Added: merge two nodes at the center location.
  • Added: Use shape interesection points in the shape snapping mode.
  • Added: Zooming speed preference setting.

Build 145

Download build 145

  • Fixed: possible crash when importing some AI files.
  • Fixed: some sub menu items not opening.
  • Fixed: line spacing in multiline text shape containing different font sizes.
  • Improved: point text importing from AI files.
  • Improved: context panel styling.
  • Improved: glyph alternate popup handling in text editor.

Build 144

Download build 144

  • Fixed: possible crash in image trace with stroke extraction enabled.
  • Fixed: CMYK documents with OpenGL display mode.
  • Fixed: use transform center in flipping and rotating buttons from context panel.
  • Fixed: hang and crash when using overlap shape operation of large number of objects.
  • Fixed: object positioning in paste inside when object was cat from inside.
  • Fixed: selecting and editing transformed shapes inside composite shapes.
  • Fixed: break apart to separate composite shapes.
  • Fixed: hang and crash when shape maker activated on large number of objects.
  • Fixed: possible crash while using appearance panel.
  • Fixed: possible crash with apple metal display.
  • Fixed: numeric field limits with manually entered numbers.
  • Added: zoom direction preferences with option + scrolling.
  • Added: option for scaling paths in rigid path distortion mode.

Build 143

Download build 143

  • Fixed: regression in quadratic curve distortions (example: warp text with true type fonts).
  • Fixed: crash when spot or process colors end up in color groups.
  • Fixed: crash caused by some OpenType fonts.
  • Fixed: regression in the colorize effect using noise.
  • Fixed: regression when deleting a single node.
  • Fixed: regression in the eraser tool, empty shapes to be removed.
  • Fixed: color panel picker to restrict point in color wheel when dragged.
  • Fixed: undo and redo of last image effect removal.
  • Changed: transform tool shortcut to V.
  • Changed: default angle constrains set to 45 degree for new installs.
  • Added: extended pen tool functions.
  • Added: retract anchor point buttons in path panel.
  • Added: Command+J to close or join open paths.
  • Added: Option+Right and Left to increase and decrease tracking of selected text.
  • Changed: Minor user interface style improvements.
  • Changed: Limit shape builder when many objects are selected.

Build 142

Download build 142

  • Fixed: shift+ in style picker crashed with OpenGL display mode.
  • Fixed: regression in pen tool when using space.

Build 141

Download build 141

  • Fixed: various improvements to the pen tool.
  • Fixed: bug when closing a polygon of lines with the pen tool.
  • Fixed: indicate selected object when the style picker tool is used.
  • Fixed: use shift to pick and apply color only in the style picker tool.
  • Fixed: use original size of object when copy-pasting into text.
  • Fixed: return to object selection when selecting the transform tool from the node tool with single selected node.
  • Fixed: opening additional palette panels from files.
  • Improved: text frame content scaling mode inside group.
  • Added: text frame content scaling options.

Build 140

Download build 140

  • Added: cut and copy content of clipped groups to clipboard.
  • Added: extract content of clipped groups (Object - Arrange menu).
  • Added: shortcut for repeat last action Command+,.
  • Added: snap to point option (restrict snap to shape to nodes only).
  • Fixed: paste inside to keep original object position.
  • Fixed: cannot move objects after command+ selecting them.
  • Fixed: problems when using spacebar for panning, zooming and rotating views.
  • Fixed: force quit problems with the stroke width profile editors.
  • Fixed: importing transparency masks from PDFs.
  • Fixed: additional CMYK jpeg importing issues.

Build 139

Download build 139

  • Fixed: importing progressive jpeg images with reduced chroma channels.
  • Fixed: importing CMYK jpeg.
  • Fixed: set artboard size and center image when opening an image as a document.
  • Fixed: stroke expand with calligraphic stroke options.
  • Fixed: short brush sweeps with calligraphic tip were broken.
  • Fixed: importing linked content from AI files.
  • Added: show isolated object path at the top of the view.
  • Added: isolate layer in Layers panel using control+click.
  • Added: show glyph alternate popup in text editor, when available.
  • Added: text frame flow handles in the basic transform tool.
  • Added: paste object as a glyph inside text.
  • Added: swap fill and stroke styles using shift+X.
  • Added: swap fill mode (fill or stroke) using the key X.
  • Added: can also rotate document view using shift+spacebar.
  • Added: lorem ipsum for new text.
  • Added: scale content of text frames when using the scale tool.
  • Changed: use Esc key to exit from isolation mode, deselect is now shift+command+a.
  • Fixed: very long single paragraph text can become slow to set.
  • Fixed: keep the color mode when add colors from the document to the palette.
  • Added: set color mode for multiple selected colors from the color palette panel menu.
  • Added: preview color when selecting color from the modal view.
  • Added: corner editor tool to localize corner if handle is clicked.
  • Added: SVG import to create layers of groupmode is a layer.
  • Fixed: linear (axial) gradient editor color handles were inverted.
  • Fixed: font list to restart search from the beginning when typing font name.
  • Added: inner radius and shifting amounts for star shapes can be edited numerically.
  • Fixed: crash when rendering certain documents with images.
  • Fixed: occasional crash when refreshing documents.
  • Fixed: force quit needed when very complex shapes are touched with the stroke profile width tool.
  • Fixed: a regression when importing certain GIF image types.
  • Fixed: a regression on adding guidelines from the ruler.

Build 138

Download build 138

  • Fixed: crash at startup caused by storing the recent actions preset.
  • Fixed: path drawing tool uses Option key for cusp corner tool.
  • Fixed: retain transformations when coping and pasting objects from inside transformed groups.
  • Fixed: corner size painter tool to adjust sizes locally.
  • Added: use space bar to move last node in path drawing tool.
  • Changed: path drawing actions are not recorded.
  • Added: use Command+Spacebar to zoom.