VectorStyler builds

Build 1.0.062

Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.062 for Windows

  • Improved: select all on subpath only if a node or location of that subpath is already selected.
  • Improved: option to always paste paste at the current artboard center.
  • Improved: capital height option when aligning a text on path.
  • Fixed: exporting fonts to PDF and Postscript format.
  • Fixed: storing resolution into JPEG files.
  • Fixed: regression when merging shapes.
  • Fixed: ligatures of certain OpenType font did not work.
  • Fixed: problems with registration color tint slider.
  • Fixed: count sliders for grid shapes to have correct limits.
  • Fixed: merge should auto close open paths.
  • Fixed: distribute nodes along a line from the alignment panel.
  • Fixed: possible crash when dragging a color into a color group.
  • Fixed: allow single path union and merge to remove self overlaps.
  • Fixed: open documents not reopening when restarting.
  • Fixed: spell checker did not correctly highlight words.
  • Fixed: stroke may break with almost overlapping nodes.
  • Fixed: shortcut T did not activate the actual horizontal text tool.
  • Fixed: typing text should refresh faster.
  • Fixed: alignment panel options were not persistent.
  • Fixed: working with multiple palettes saved separately from the document.
  • Fixed: (macos) numeric keypad to be usable for shortcuts.
  • Fixed: invert selection for nodes.
  • Fixed: transform skew node sensitivity at large document sizes.
  • Fixed: zoom out limit for large document sizes.
  • Fixed: scaled font glyph visibility.

Build 1.0.058

Download VectorStyler 1.0.058 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.058 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.058 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.058 for Windows

  • Fixed: regression in path offsetting and stroke.
  • Improved: option to set grid count (instead of spacing), line grid, wave shapes.
  • Fixed: excluding grid shape from text shape should handle grouping.
  • Fixed: excluding open from open path should create separate sub paths.
  • Fixed: separating paths with small overlaps.
  • Fixed: brush content transformation did not work.
  • Fixed: do not remove shape when shape options of a tool are edited.
  • Fixed: new path brush paint did not refresh correctly.
  • Fixed: painting with path brush inside a shape should not remove the shape.
  • Fixed: time display in document info panel.
  • Fixed: swap fill and stroke style in color panel when no object is selected.
  • Fixed: text underline with multiple character overrides did not render correctly.
  • Fixed: editing concentric warp shapes.
  • Fixed: grid opacity (and other options) should be kept for new documents.
  • Fixed: opening or importing AI files with monochrome mask images should result in the same VS.
  • Fixed: offset path to auto close path with overlapping start / end nodes.
  • Fixed: some halftone image effect point shapes have wrong thresholds.
  • Fixed: alignment mode should be persistent between selections.
  • Fixed: moving popover panels from title background resulted in an empty view.
  • Fixed: ignore partial names in number field metric resolution.
  • Fixed: blending steps to be global and used in blend editor to create new blend effects.
  • Fixed: clipped gradient in CMYK mode was not visible.
  • Fixed: some clipping groups were not positioned correctly.
  • Fixed: path node type was wrong in AI import.
  • Fixed: double and triple flag warp tools are not working.
  • Fixed: default width of underline should be thinner.
  • Fixed: shape editor did not update on selection change.
  • Fixed: keep a preset selection after removing preset.
  • Fixed: renaming presets did not save the preset automatically.
  • Fixed: improve offset path node count and precision.

Build 1.0.055

Download VectorStyler 1.0.055 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.055 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.055 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.055 for Windows

  • Improved: customize modifier keys for editors and views (Preferences -> Modifier Keys).
  • Fixed: regression with the Pencil too eraser mode.
  • Fixed: handle Unicode character input with altgr.
  • Fixed: opening EPS file should adjust the artboard size to the EPS bounding box.
  • Fixed: moving collapsed panels may break the panel layout.
  • Fixed: convert to curve in nested groups with shape effects.
  • Fixed: expanding groups did not flatten shape effects correctly.
  • Fixed: do not store preview in file for linked images.
  • Fixed: merging should handle transformed nested group hierarchies correctly.
  • Fixed: shape builder to work better with open shapes.
  • Fixed: automatically skip stray points and segments in shape builder.
  • Fixed: attributes based selection to search in groups also.
  • Fixed: enable collide mode in transform editor.
  • Fixed: keep previous blend steps in blend panel.
  • Fixed: use document color mode of default colors when selecting stroke width.

Build 1.0.054

Download VectorStyler 1.0.054 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.054 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.054 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.054 for Windows

  • Fixed: collapsed panel should stay collapsed.
  • Fixed: drag the whole panel from empty regions of a tab.
  • Fixed: option to transform brush with content.
  • Fixed: split text did not function in some cases.
  • Fixed: convert to curve should not move inner object.
  • Fixed: opening layers in panel when duplicating with buttons.
  • Fixed: pencil stabilizer should work at current zoom level.
  • Fixed: label for Undo action was wrong when shown in customization lists.
  • Fixed: focus the Name field when the renaming object view opens.
  • Fixed: drawing inside transformed objects applies the wrong transform.
  • Fixed: appearance panel did not work with text selections.
  • Fixed: image filters on text shape objects should use common box.
  • Fixed: show actual style of halftone effect, and default to point mode.
  • Fixed: problems with creating custom toolboxes.
  • Fixed: could not add root action in toolbox customization.
  • Fixed: redo button remains inactive in the context panel.
  • Fixed: hidden guide shapes should not be drawn.
  • Fixed: exclude and cut out path operation with grid shapes.
  • Fixed: glyph popup did not show glyphs on Windows.
  • Fixed: fill option for Offset Path.
  • Fixed: pattern brush presets should detach.
  • Fixed: text on path with bending should allow editing and highlight.
  • Fixed: show transformed member objects correctly when editing the bend effect.
  • Fixed: deleting unused effects may cancel others.
  • Fixed: stroke rendering at small width.
  • Fixed: importing PDF with spot colors can have unexpected results.
  • Fixed: converting group hierarchies with shape effects to curves should convert all.
  • Fixed: moving with the modal view may remove existing transformations from the selected objects.

Build 1.0.053

Download VectorStyler 1.0.053 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.053 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.053 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.053 for Windows

  • Improved: merge to create separate objects for non-overlapping shapes with the same style.
  • Improved: Envelope shape direction can be set from effect options.
  • Improved: point snapping performance in complex documents.
  • Improved: copy gradient color by holding Option(Alt).
  • Improved: click on gradient slider should apply the gradient on the selected objects.
  • Improved: new action to separate a path into non-overlapping parts (Object - Shape - Separate Path).
  • Improved: option to default to even-odd winding fill rule mode for new objects.
  • Fixed: resource leak problems after some time of use on Windows.
  • Fixed: window name in Windows task manager.
  • Fixed: copy artboard and content between canvases in the Canvas&Artboard panel.
  • Fixed: break apart did not flatten transformations correctly.
  • Fixed: convert to curves should keep object transform for stroke.
  • Fixed: expand stroke should consider object transform.
  • Fixed: convert to curves did not copy duplicate object references.
  • Fixed: merge issues with complex shapes.
  • Fixed: color glyphs in Glyph panel were not shown on Windows.
  • Fixed: cannot delete node in single segment shape.
  • Fixed: cannot place as last object inside a layer in Layers panel.
  • Fixed: cannot select last character in text on path.
  • Fixed: moving pivot of multiple selected objects.
  • Fixed: blend with no stroke at one end should use blend to zero width stroke.
  • Fixed: blend transparency of stroke when blending objects.
  • Fixed: cannot resize docked panels.
  • Fixed: problems when recording repeated actions (like dragging a slider).
  • Fixed: non uniform color slider in Image Trace panel.
  • Fixed: positioning of tab in paragraph text.
  • Fixed: drawing filled shapes should select the fill color target.
  • Fixed: do not open layer when duplicating in layers panel.
  • Fixed: halftone image effect results in wrong colors at some places.
  • Fixed: drawing with Pen tool should not adjust an initial control point.

Build 1.0.052

Download VectorStyler 1.0.052 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.052 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.052 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.052 for Windows

  • Improved: angle snapping in polygon drawing to consider polygon specific angles.
  • Fixed: problem in stroke offset for some complex shapes.
  • Fixed: option for transparent preview in Offset Path, using 3 state preview check box.
  • Fixed: lasso selection tool indicator style.
  • Fixed: gap between context panel, toolbox and document tabs.
  • Fixed: drag and drop changes inside recorded actions.
  • Fixed: show missing glyphs in text.
  • Fixed: delete key should delete last drawn line while still in the line tool.
  • Fixed: do not show object outline for hidden (but still selected) objects.
  • Fixed: update save button state immediately after saving.
  • Fixed: Preferences to use most recent document units.
  • Fixed: selecting nodes when control points are too close to the node.
  • Fixed: text on path inside a group should transform correctly.
  • Fixed: selection highlight issues at very large zoom, outlines are not matching the document image.
  • Fixed: click tolerance issues at very large zooms.
  • Fixed: scrolling in context panel with track pad also scrolls number fields, block number field scrolling in context panel.
  • Fixed: some context panel buttons did not show the shortcut for the action in their tool tips.
  • Fixed: opening multiple files could lead to a deadlock.
  • Fixed: adjustment effect export to PDF and SVG files.
  • Fixed: printing adjustment effects.
  • Fixed: hovering state of some buttons did not update correctly (in Alignment panel, and toolbox).
  • Fixed: problems with displaying COLR OpenType color fonts.
  • Fixed: allow angle constraint larger than 45 degrees in preferences.
  • Fixed: rotating inside container should not move the pivot point.
  • Fixed: duplicating objects after move and skew should keep the pivot relative to the new object.
  • Fixed: crash when scrolling COLR fonts in the Glyph panel.
  • Fixed: file opening issues with containing imported graphics.
  • Fixed: corner on shape with stray nodes should skip the stray nodes.
  • Fixed: problems when pasting some AI content.
  • Fixed: select layer as active after changing its location in the Layers panel.
  • Fixed: creating new mesh gradient with the mesh tool resulted in multiple extra undo stores.
  • Fixed: scaling previously scaled text frames with the Scale tool resulted in wrong text size.
  • Fixed: rename in Layers panel (and some other) lists by pressing the return key.
  • Fixed: option to automatically open backup files left after crashes.
  • Fixed: stray segment cleanup should also remove self overlapping edges.
  • Fixed: in isolation mode new layers should be added under the current layer.
  • Fixed: extra contour objects are created when pressing Return in the Contour panel.

Build 1.0.049

Download VectorStyler 1.0.049 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.049 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.049 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.049 for Windows

  • Fixed: clicking with pen tool should add a new line.
  • Fixed: auto panning breaks line drawing.
  • Fixed: shape paint should work with open shapes also.
  • Fixed: merging regions in shape paint did not work on Windows.
  • Fixed: setting color from palette of selected shape paint regions.
  • Fixed: multiple problems when merging shapes.
  • Fixed: undoing shape operations with groups.
  • Fixed: adjusting the last position in artistic brush should not break the brush.
  • Fixed: combining groups with boolean operations to handle transforms also.

Build 1.0.048

Download VectorStyler 1.0.048 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.048 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.048 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.048 for Windows

  • Improved: preview stroke profile, dash and stripe from modal editors.
  • Improved: activate lasso tool by holding Option (Alt) key.
  • Improved: option to show monochrome glyphs in glyph panel.
  • Improved: use space key to flip side when interactively editing a text on path.
  • Fixed: decreased UI font size.
  • Fixed: copy and paste images from any browser.
  • Fixed: drag and drop images from other apps (including browsers).
  • Fixed: multiple intersection and union bugs.
  • Fixed: added splash screen for Windows.
  • Fixed: bend effect resulting from expanded vector brush has wrong shift.
  • Fixed: offset path color is not previewed.
  • Fixed: remove imported brush guide shapes when converting to curves an expanded brush.
  • Fixed: hovering over starting node should be indicated in the pen tool.
  • Fixed: get default color calibration profile from the system on Windows.
  • Fixed: file overwrite notice on Windows when extension is not specified.
  • Fixed: show different cursors in stroke width tool for spine and width adjustments.
  • Fixed: use PDF 1.6 version when copying to pasteboard for older CS compatibility.
  • Fixed: allow tracing adjustment of 1 percent in preferences.
  • Fixed: resizing text with negative tracking.
  • Fixed: using both angle and direction constrain in node editor.
  • Fixed: option (Editing Options / Adjust Node Removal Curvature) to skip curvature approximation when deleting a node.
  • Fixed: use blue highlight in UI to indicate checked buttons.
  • Fixed: transform pivot should stay fixed when rotating.
  • Fixed: allow groups in divide and merge operations.
  • Fixed: artboard count was not selected when creating new documents.
  • Fixed: scaling selected nodes should also scale related control nodes correctly.
  • Fixed: set the first control point towards the next node when creating new shapes in the Pen tool.
  • Fixed: moving the end of a line with smooth node at the other end should update the curve.
  • Fixed: undoing some merge operations resulted in wrong positions.
  • Fixed: disable automatic vertical roman characters.
  • Fixed: skip empty objects in intersection operations.
  • Fixed: swap icon in color panels should be next to the color target knob.
  • Fixed: docking directly from horizontal margin to vertical was not working.
  • Fixed: transform each should consider individual object pivots.
  • Fixed: editing envelope shapes copied from other objects was broken.
  • Fixed: track isolation context changes in undo and redo.

Build 1.0.047

Download VectorStyler 1.0.047 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.047 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.047 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.047 for Windows

  • Fixed: pasting text into text shape and text frames.
  • Fixed: importing text from Unicode text files.
  • Fixed: importing text ShiftJIS encoded RTF files.
  • Fixed: scaling text did not adjust font size.
  • Fixed: rounding corners up to a limit may break the corner shape.
  • Fixed: deleting the first node in a shape with the first node rounded, shifted the rounding to another node.
  • Fixed: moving the first node in a rounded shape may break the rounding at other nodes.

Build 1.0.046

Download VectorStyler 1.0.046 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.046 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.046 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.046 for Windows

  • Improved: added option to Character panel menu to always use default character style when creating text objects.
  • Improved: nudge by 1/10th while holding Shift+Control.
  • Improved: added an expand button to the Image Trace panel.
  • Improved: added a solid stroke button in stroke width panel.
  • Improved: use Option+ (Alt+) key to flip guideline orientation when dragging a new guideline from the ruler.
  • Fixed: improved offset path and stroke alignment.
  • Fixed: improved intersection for touching shapes.
  • Fixed: exclude problem with overlapping margins.
  • Fixed: remove collinear point sequences in union results.
  • Fixed: moving objects in some shape and image filter editors.
  • Fixed: possible crash when closing documents.
  • Fixed: scaled stroke expansion in filtered outlines.
  • Fixed: problems with shortcuts when the text editor is active on Windows.
  • Fixed: font name is wrong after scaling text.
  • Fixed: style picker handling of isolation modes.
  • Fixed: regression in composite shape tool.
  • Fixed: copy and paste vector with image effects on Windows.
  • Fixed: image effect exporting to PDF.
  • Fixed: preview of initial segment in pen tool.
  • Fixed: stroke width using mm as units did not show mm in Appearance panel and width popup.
  • Fixed: gradient editor leaves the undo broken.
  • Fixed: changing UI scaling broke the context panel.
  • Fixed: double clicking a segment in the node editor should not isolate.
  • Fixed: rotating and then scaling multiple skewed objects created the wrong transform.
  • Fixed: some popover backgrounds were not rounded on Mac.
  • Fixed: Shift+ selection in corner tool.
  • Fixed: triple click line selection highlighted one more character in the next line.
  • Fixed: do not use Style labels for character and paragraph style drop downs.
  • Fixed: pattern brush preview should be proportional.
  • Fixed: tolerance editing in preferences did not show default values.
  • Fixed: brush style popover in appearance panel had wrong size.
  • Fixed: brush style panel did not update when swapping fill and stroke styles.
  • Fixed: font search bar case sensitivity issues.
  • Fixed: switch from text tool to other tools using shortcuts (when not editing a text).
  • Fixed: entering and exiting isolated mode in layers panel.
  • Fixed: selecting blending mode of an empty layer used the blending mode for the objects added to the layer also (cleared with a refresh).
  • Fixed: transform pivot point should stay fixed when duplicating objects.

Build 1.0.045

Download VectorStyler 1.0.045 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.045 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.045 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.045 for Windows

  • Improved: allow fill with no stroke mode in pencil and path sketch tools.
  • Improved: select by attribute option to find paths with zero length segments.
  • Improved: Object -> Shape menu action to remove zero length segments.
  • Improved: add alignment buttons to context panel.
  • Improved: preview pattern brush when creating or editing presets or styles.
  • Improved: path sketch tool option to merge closed shape instead of excluding.
  • Improved: non modal editing for simplify path.
  • Fixed: better cursor display quality (especially on retina).
  • Fixed: change symmetrigon shape radius and rotation when dragging corners.
  • Fixed: scaling shape text did not change font size.
  • Fixed: do not pan view when clicking close to the margin.
  • Fixed: crash when docking minified panels.
  • Fixed: snapping multiple selected guidelines to objects or artboards.
  • Fixed: box marque selection mode should work for corners also.
  • Fixed: could not select multiple corner handles on Windows.
  • Fixed: option for corner editor to edit single corners by default (Preferences -> Editing -> Single Corner Adjustment).
  • Fixed: cannot move to other text object by clicking on it while a text is being edited.
  • Fixed: nudge field icon was missing.
  • Fixed: refresh text in number editor fields after confirming (to show units).
  • Fixed: button spacing in document scroll bars.
  • Fixed: exporting Type 1 fonts to PDF.
  • Fixed: group object bounding box did not reset after changing style inside the group.
  • Fixed: regression when converting transformed groups to curves.
  • Fixed: zero offset in offset path should keep the original shape.
  • Fixed: option to disable document editor double clicks when using the tablet (Preferences -> Document Editing -> Double Click with Tablet).
  • Fixed: UI scaling to change corner rounding also (if theme has round corners).
  • Fixed: better indicator style for the lasso tool.
  • Fixed: add new flat UI themes on MacOS.
  • Fixed: snap to local minimum and maximum of paths and shapes.
  • Fixed: support for some resource fork fonts on MacOS.

Build 1.0.044

Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Windows

  • Improved: WMF/EMF import and export file format support, on Windows and also on Mac.
  • Improved: left and right arrow keys should also change the corner count of super shapes.
  • Improved: preferences option to not update the default fill and stroke styles when selecting objects.
  • Improved: multiple new select similar and select attribute options.
  • Improved: option to compare only the type of shape (or image) effects when searching by attributes with the find panel.
  • Improved: show zero width stroke as Hairline.
  • Improved: rotate view back to zero when double clicking with the view rotate tool.
  • Improved: straight line mode in the pencil tool by pressing the tab key.
  • Improved: (color) and style picker mode to just drag and drop styles between objects.
  • Improved: path brush tool to change only shapes of the current style.
  • Improved: path brush tool to merge multiple shapes into a single one.
  • Improved: added new commands to expand clipping groups by intersecting the content with the clipping shape, with or without stroke expansion.
  • Improved: added new commands to intersect a set of shapes with a single closed shape, with or without stroke expansion.
  • Improved: allow stroke color and width selection in the (destructive) Offset path view.
  • Improved: various UI style improvements, including the Stroke panel icons.
  • Fixed: Apple Silicon compatibility bug fixes.
  • Fixed: copy and paste vectors (PDF and SVG) to clipboard on Windows.
  • Fixed: default transform pivot of text shapes should be at the center.
  • Fixed: align zero length dashes to cusp corners.
  • Fixed: some imported and clipped images may display in a broken form.
  • Fixed: file reverting breaks layer panel content list.
  • Fixed: clipboard change notification handling on Windows.
  • Fixed: do not change zoom after document setup is confirmed.
  • Fixed: mirroring should not change the transform pivot point.
  • Fixed: when objects are placed outside of a top layer, the place above/below is not working.
  • Fixed: stroke on a path with stray points did not expand.
  • Fixed: full saturation and brightness for the hue slider in the color panel.
  • Fixed: copying a path part will break the regular object pasteboard.
  • Fixed: blend step of 1 should result in a single intermediary shape.
  • Fixed: some icon labels were missing.
  • Fixed: print to PDF with Microsoft driver may crash if printing in the background.
  • Fixed: text highlight should work also when the mouse is outside of the text area.
  • Fixed: creating an empty folder in the preset manager should work when there is no selection.
  • Fixed: scrolling in percent field should be smoother.
  • Fixed: scaling from the transform panel should add a scale on the object instead of just changing the shape size.
  • Fixed: confirming nudge settings from the context panel should focus the document.
  • Fixed: navigator panel showing a red square when the document is refreshed.
  • Fixed: setting the brush offset on a solid stroke will break the stroke.
  • Fixed: paste below when multiple objects are selected should paste below the bottom object.
  • Fixed: selecting blend spine should deselect the source shape to allow further blend option changes.
  • Fixed: do not allow duplicate shortcuts in the shortcut editor.
  • Fixed: selecting objects in the layers panel did not update the context panel.
  • Fixed: changes on symbol presets should detach the symbol objects.
  • Fixed: background issues in the gray theme.
  • Fixed: All Fonts collection is not updated after font folder scanning completes.
  • Fixed: pencil tool should also allow fill styles by default.
  • Fixed: inner glow margins may be broken for some shapes.
  • Fixed: blurry application icon.
  • Fixed: changing contextual shortcuts did not work.
  • Fixed: stroke popover did not apply stroke width.
  • Fixed: slower scrolling in layers panel when drag&drop hovering.
  • Fixed: convert to curves inside transformed groups should not include the group transforms in the resulting path.
  • Fixed: allow isolation by double click in the shape editor.
  • Fixed: blend tool selection may add an empty undo change.
  • Fixed: use an upper limit for the blending steps.
  • Fixed: blend object may be lost when cutting and pasting.

Fixes in previous builds

  • Fixed: regression in document view layet when rulers are hidden.
  • Improved: add shortcut and settings for nudging stroke width up or down.
  • Improved: add layers panel option to do object copy and paste instead of renaming when in the panel.
  • Improved: nudge amount settings can be available in the context panel.
  • Improved: new option to create no fill boundary.
  • Fixed: Some composite shapes may result in empty path.
  • Fixed: Refresh after importing SVG.
  • Fixed: open navigator panel when double clicking on the navigator corner icon.
  • Fixed: larger navigator icons.
  • Fixed: lag between slider dragging and zoom.
  • Fixed: thinner registration, bleed and crop mark widths.
  • Improved: trim and join tool, with click erasure mode.
  • Improved: change stroke or brush width in the pencil and brush tools using the bracket keys.
  • Improved: multiple improvements in the navigator panel.
  • Improved: added a navigator popup button to the bottom right corner of the document view.
  • Improved: eraser tool to also join when segments were cut in separate sweeps.
  • Improved: reset the object center after eraser tool changes.
  • Improved: pick envelope shape from an other object (using panel menu command on selected Envelope effect).
  • Improved: additional bending effect options to control bending start / end position along the curve.
  • Improved: remove fixed transformation center, by clicking again on the selected center knob. This mode will transform around the adjusted object center.
  • Improved: snap guidelines with Shift+ to visible ruler units at the current zoom value.
  • Improved: add Unlock All command to the Object menu.
  • Improved: option to allow the selection of locked objects, Select / Options / Allow Locked Objects.
  • Improved: scrolling in the context panel using the swipe gesture.
  • Improved: split text shape into characters, words or lines.
  • Improved: rearrange boolean operation tools.
  • Improved: added a low contrast gray theme.
  • Improved: select objects with open path sweeps using the lasso tool.
  • Improved: detach (expand) styles in selected objects.
  • Fixed: performance issues with ungroup all on large groups.
  • Fixed: undo after break apart did not work correctly on text.
  • Fixed: merge should detect styles correctly and merge accordingly.
  • Fixed: shape builder region handling with touching shapes.
  • Fixed: regression in transform marker sensitivity for skewing.
  • Fixed: copy SVG as text to clipboard on Windows.
  • Fixed: Copy should not mark document as changed.
  • Fixed: removing effects did not update all effect links.
  • Fixed: changing document color mode did not update default drawing color.
  • Fixed: undo after duplicating multiple selected objects did not word correctly.
  • Fixed: tool tips did not show on Windows when using tablet.
  • Fixed: bleed and crop marks to use registration colors (to show on all plates).
  • Fixed: stroke and brush sizes list should adjust to document unit.
  • Fixed: changing the brush / stroke width in the brush / pencil tools should update the panels.
  • Fixed: color panel expands color when dragged from fill to stroke knob.
  • Fixed: allow guideline creation and change in the panning, zooming and view rotating tools.
  • Fixed: select control handles using box selection mode in the current path.
  • Fixed: hidden objects are shown in outline preview mode.
  • Fixed: segment eraser precision in large zoom mode.
  • Fixed: inner shadow effect margins were clipped.
  • Fixed: opacity may leak to other objects when exporting shapes with transparent fills into image formats.
  • Fixed: show nodes of paths when hovering over the shape.
  • Fixed: tool tips of boolean operations are not shown on Windows in auto preview mode.
  • Fixed: add scrolling step icons to the document scrollbar.
  • Fixed: pencil eraser tool should not reduce the width profile to zero.
  • Fixed: refactor spot color handling UI in printer settings view.
  • Fixed: selecting a character style in the context panel did not work.
  • Fixed: cursor reverts to arrow after drawing the first shape.
  • Fixed: duplicating objects having a contour effect.
  • Fixed: scrolling with the mouse in numeric fields.
  • Fixed: ungroup multiple objects in the layers panel.
  • Fixed: cut self intersecting closed paths with pencil eraser tool.
  • Fixed: handling self intersections in winding shape normalization.
  • Fixed: shape builder to work better with self intersecting shapes.
  • Fixed: single click highlight of numeric fields.
  • Fixed: add a reset button to the printer settings view.
  • Fixed: adjust crop mark gap using the marker offset settings.
  • Fixed: show document bleed and slug values in printer settings view.
  • Fixed: repeating copy and rotate to use the actual pivot point.
  • Fixed: paste registers in undo as duplicate.
  • Fixed: exporting clipped groups into image formats used wrong bounding box.
  • Fixed: exporting some image effects may fail.
  • Fixed: combining objects with referenced shapes.
  • Fixed: ruler in paragraph view to use document units and allow scrolling.
  • Fixed: update path panel immediately when moving nodes.
  • Fixed: exporting flipped characters to SVG.
  • Fixed: SVG bitmap fonts did not render correctly.
  • Fixed: exporting bitmap fonts to PDF.
  • Fixed: rotate tool did not detect upper right corner.
  • Fixed: offset path on text shape did not show original if enabled.
  • Fixed: with of numeric fields in the properties panel.
  • Fixed: better layout in navigation panel.
  • Fixed: merge width profile when erasing from brushes.
  • Fixed: exporting gradients to SVG files.
  • Fixed: low zoom levels did not allow moving of small objects.
  • Fixed: pencil eraser tool may incorrectly remove objects.
  • Improved: cut and merge variable width profiles with the pencil eraser mode.
  • Fixed: problems with tab positions in frame text.
  • Fixed: bleed and slug handling.
  • Fixed: collider tool should work also when the Snap to Shapes is disabled.
  • Fixed: selecting stroke width in the Properties panel.
  • Fixed: slider increment should be small when using large units.
  • Fixed: changing default stroke and brush width from zero.
  • Fixed: problems with knife tool on composite shapes.
  • Fixed: pasting to active artbaord in the same document.
  • Fixed: preview of deleting original option in the Offset Path view.
  • Fixed: background of context panel in light modes.
  • Fixed: solid stroke preview in brush panel should be darker.
  • Fixed: automatic scrolling when hovering over font list margins.
  • Fixed: scissor tool should convert shapes to curves.
  • Fixed: node eraser should not remove whole objects when clicking on a shape node.
  • Fixed: importing gradient from EPS files.
  • Fixed: cannot change color mode in color panel if nothing is selected.
  • Fixed: under of color filters on text shape breaks.
  • Fixed: wrong clipping of image effects on shapes with winding fills.
  • Fixed: find / replace in some text shapes may crash the app.
  • Fixed: pasting appearance will paste new objects of objects were copied after appearance (should have separate pasteboard).
  • Fixed: displaying effects on some shapes with outlines had the wrong effect region.
  • Fixed: copying objects to the pasteboard clears the selection (and keeps the copy selected).
  • Fixed: knife tool to cut combined shapes correctly.
  • Fixed: do not show text shape nodes when drawing with freehand tool.
  • Fixed: opacity field in properties panel is too small.
  • Fixed: show tool tips for additional options button in properties panel.
  • Fixed: show tool tips for preset lists.
  • Fixed: non uniform mapping in sliders with percent values was broken.
  • Fixed: remove source shape in group exclude.
  • Fixed: closing document view in a tiled view group may leave stack behind.
  • Fixed: document setup undo did not refresh correctly.
  • Fixed: adjusting objects along a path did not set the correct offset.