VectorStyler releases

Build 155

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  • Improved: added OpenType-SVG color font support.
  • Improved: blend tool uses mouse press + dragging to select first and second object for blending.
  • Improved: blend tool previews the created blend while dragging the mouse.
  • Improved: glyph panel selection persistence.
  • Fixed: regression in shape node editor caused editing to be broken.
  • Fixed: glyph frame editing cursor was wrong (accessed from glyph panel menu).
  • Fixed: inline symbols in text shapes caused crashes.
  • Fixed: problems in complex shape filter hierarchy may.
  • Fixed: initial export file names should mirror document name.
  • Fixed: importing and rendering some layer blend modes from AI files.
  • Fixed: stroke was broken at cusp corners with zero handles.
  • Fixed: shortcut handling with other input methods.
  • Fixed: improved input methods for other languages.
  • Fixed: diacritics input using option+.
  • Fixed: error in Unicode casing of the letter J.
  • Fixed: blending shapes with smooth nodes.
  • Fixed: break apart may move some imported shapes.
  • Fixed: copy PDF to clipboard.
  • Fixed: document naming for new documents may reuse old name.
  • Fixed: curve smoothness in some shape effects.

Build 154

Download build 154

  • Fixed: use the name from document setup as a the default document name.
  • Fixed: use document name as the default file name for export.
  • Fixed: improve unit change when editing in number fields.
  • Fixed: duplication offset to use last duplication move only.
  • Fixed: possible crash when removing text in imported AI files.
  • Fixed: transform panel popup width was too small.
  • Fixed: popup panel sizes are persistent now.
  • Fixed: show brush content selection in context panel when brush tool is active.
  • Fixed: font style ordering with exotic style names.
  • Fixed: limit hairline width to pixel size in display options (Precision section).
  • Fixed: use solid fill for default object style.
  • Fixed: add “None” option to the stroke width list, to remove stroke style.
  • Fixed: add remove fill and stroke buttons next to the style drop downs buttons in the Properties panel.
  • Fixed: possible crash when removing text in imported AI files.
  • Fixed: some images sizes can be wrong when importing multiple images from AI files.
  • Fixed: rendering image distortion effects while dragging objects.

Build 153

Download build 153

  • Fixed: LCH gradient and document rendering problems.
  • Fixed: default to LCH color sliders in LCH color mode.
  • Fixed: measurement unit input immediately after the number.
  • Fixed: possible crash on hovering over objects with effects tool.
  • Fixed: possible wrong scaling when printing on certain printers.
  • Fixed: drag and drop file over detached document windows.
  • Fixed: transform center of multiple selected objects should be at the bounding box center.
  • Fixed: option to disable transform center and use the center of the bounding box for rotations.

Build 152

Download build 152

  • Fixed: text on path changes were not refreshed in the document.
  • Fixed: content was empty when exporting additional artboards.
  • Fixed: context panel button activation did not always follow selection.
  • Fixed: effect was missing when creating an adjustment layer.
  • Fixed: did not add effect when setting up shape or image effects from the main menu.
  • Fixed: stroke popup fill and gap style did not change the selection.
  • Fixed: enable the use OpenType font kerning values.
  • Fixed: could not search certain symbols in text finding.
  • Fixed: find next did not work in some cases.
  • Fixed: font style ordering inside a font family to follow weight.
  • Fixed: previous and next page buttons may have jumped more pages.
  • Fixed: reset center of transformation after shape combine operations.
  • Fixed: use selected object to determine the artboard to zoom to.
  • Fixed: option+drag to allow option pressing before pressing the mouse.
  • Fixed: import blend group opacity from AI file format.

Build 151

Download build 151

  • Fixed: importing stroke cap style from AI files.
  • Fixed: crash when importing zero length dashes from AI files.
  • Fixed: flipping rectangle shapes and images.
  • Fixed: crash in replace all text.
  • Fixed: font replacement when opening AI or vstyler files with missing fonts.
  • Fixed: showing font name in the character panels for some missing or replaced fonts.
  • Fixed: size of the character popup from the context panel was too small.
  • Fixed: applying element styles was not working.

Build 150

Download build 150

  • Fixed: cursor problems on Catalina.
  • Fixed: gradient editing in transformed objects.
  • Fixed: minimum size for color panel and color wheel.
  • Fixed: importing text fill color in CMYK mode from AI files.
  • Fixed: allow zero length dash, to create dotted lines with dash.
  • Fixed: using stroke gap fill style did not render stroke.
  • Fixed: possible crash when using layers panel, especially if fixed to a canvas.
  • Fixed: possible crash and hang when hovering over document.
  • Fixed: disable Create Mesh menu when a mesh is selected.
  • Improved: added Select All to finding text, supporting multiple selection of text.
  • Improved: better font name matching when replacing missing fonts of opened documents.