VectorStyler builds

Build 1.0.044

Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.044 for Windows

  • Improved: WMF/EMF import and export file format support, on Windows and also on Mac.
  • Improved: left and right arrow keys should also change the corner count of super shapes.
  • Improved: preferences option to not update the default fill and stroke styles when selecting objects.
  • Improved: multiple new select similar and select attribute options.
  • Improved: option to compare only the type of shape (or image) effects when searching by attributes with the find panel.
  • Improved: show zero width stroke as Hairline.
  • Improved: rotate view back to zero when double clicking with the view rotate tool.
  • Improved: straight line mode in the pencil tool by pressing the tab key.
  • Improved: (color) and style picker mode to just drag and drop styles between objects.
  • Improved: path brush tool to change only shapes of the current style.
  • Improved: path brush tool to merge multiple shapes into a single one.
  • Improved: added new commands to expand clipping groups by intersecting the content with the clipping shape, with or without stroke expansion.
  • Improved: added new commands to intersect a set of shapes with a single closed shape, with or without stroke expansion.
  • Improved: allow stroke color and width selection in the (destructive) Offset path view.
  • Improved: various UI style improvements, including the Stroke panel icons.
  • Fixed: Apple Silicon compatibility bug fixes.
  • Fixed: copy and paste vectors (PDF and SVG) to clipboard on Windows.
  • Fixed: default transform pivot of text shapes should be at the center.
  • Fixed: align zero length dashes to cusp corners.
  • Fixed: some imported and clipped images may display in a broken form.
  • Fixed: file reverting breaks layer panel content list.
  • Fixed: clipboard change notification handling on Windows.
  • Fixed: do not change zoom after document setup is confirmed.
  • Fixed: mirroring should not change the transform pivot point.
  • Fixed: when objects are placed outside of a top layer, the place above/below is not working.
  • Fixed: stroke on a path with stray points did not expand.
  • Fixed: full saturation and brightness for the hue slider in the color panel.
  • Fixed: copying a path part will break the regular object pasteboard.
  • Fixed: blend step of 1 should result in a single intermediary shape.
  • Fixed: some icon labels were missing.
  • Fixed: print to PDF with Microsoft driver may crash if printing in the background.
  • Fixed: text highlight should work also when the mouse is outside of the text area.
  • Fixed: creating an empty folder in the preset manager should work when there is no selection.
  • Fixed: scrolling in percent field should be smoother.
  • Fixed: scaling from the transform panel should add a scale on the object instead of just changing the shape size.
  • Fixed: confirming nudge settings from the context panel should focus the document.
  • Fixed: navigator panel showing a red square when the document is refreshed.
  • Fixed: setting the brush offset on a solid stroke will break the stroke.
  • Fixed: paste below when multiple objects are selected should paste below the bottom object.
  • Fixed: selecting blend spine should deselect the source shape to allow further blend option changes.
  • Fixed: do not allow duplicate shortcuts in the shortcut editor.
  • Fixed: selecting objects in the layers panel did not update the context panel.
  • Fixed: changes on symbol presets should detach the symbol objects.
  • Fixed: background issues in the gray theme.
  • Fixed: All Fonts collection is not updated after font folder scanning completes.
  • Fixed: pencil tool should also allow fill styles by default.
  • Fixed: inner glow margins may be broken for some shapes.
  • Fixed: blurry application icon.
  • Fixed: changing contextual shortcuts did not work.
  • Fixed: stroke popover did not apply stroke width.
  • Fixed: slower scrolling in layers panel when drag&drop hovering.
  • Fixed: convert to curves inside transformed groups should not include the group transforms in the resulting path.
  • Fixed: allow isolation by double click in the shape editor.
  • Fixed: blend tool selection may add an empty undo change.
  • Fixed: use an upper limit for the blending steps.
  • Fixed: blend object may be lost when cutting and pasting.

Build 1.0.043

Download VectorStyler 1.0.043 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.043 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.043 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.043 for Windows

  • Fixed: regression in document view layet when rulers are hidden.
  • Improved: add shortcut and settings for nudging stroke width up or down.
  • Improved: add layers panel option to do object copy and paste instead of renaming when in the panel.
  • Improved: nudge amount settings can be available in the context panel.
  • Improved: new option to create no fill boundary.
  • Fixed: Some composite shapes may result in empty path.
  • Fixed: Refresh after importing SVG.
  • Fixed: open navigator panel when double clicking on the navigator corner icon.
  • Fixed: larger navigator icons.
  • Fixed: lag between slider dragging and zoom.
  • Fixed: thinner registration, bleed and crop mark widths.

Build 1.0.041

Download VectorStyler 1.0.041 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.041 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.041 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.041 for Windows

  • Improved: trim and join tool, with click erasure mode.
  • Improved: change stroke or brush width in the pencil and brush tools using the bracket keys.
  • Improved: multiple improvements in the navigator panel.
  • Improved: added a navigator popup button to the bottom right corner of the document view.
  • Improved: eraser tool to also join when segments were cut in separate sweeps.
  • Improved: reset the object center after eraser tool changes.
  • Improved: pick envelope shape from an other object (using panel menu command on selected Envelope effect).
  • Improved: additional bending effect options to control bending start / end position along the curve.
  • Improved: remove fixed transformation center, by clicking again on the selected center knob. This mode will transform around the adjusted object center.
  • Improved: snap guidelines with Shift+ to visible ruler units at the current zoom value.
  • Improved: add Unlock All command to the Object menu.
  • Improved: option to allow the selection of locked objects, Select / Options / Allow Locked Objects.
  • Improved: scrolling in the context panel using the swipe gesture.
  • Improved: split text shape into characters, words or lines.
  • Improved: rearrange boolean operation tools.
  • Improved: added a low contrast gray theme.
  • Improved: select objects with open path sweeps using the lasso tool.
  • Improved: detach (expand) styles in selected objects.
  • Fixed: performance issues with ungroup all on large groups.
  • Fixed: undo after break apart did not work correctly on text.
  • Fixed: merge should detect styles correctly and merge accordingly.
  • Fixed: shape builder region handling with touching shapes.
  • Fixed: regression in transform marker sensitivity for skewing.
  • Fixed: copy SVG as text to clipboard on Windows.
  • Fixed: Copy should not mark document as changed.
  • Fixed: removing effects did not update all effect links.
  • Fixed: changing document color mode did not update default drawing color.
  • Fixed: undo after duplicating multiple selected objects did not word correctly.
  • Fixed: tool tips did not show on Windows when using tablet.
  • Fixed: bleed and crop marks to use registration colors (to show on all plates).
  • Fixed: stroke and brush sizes list should adjust to document unit.
  • Fixed: changing the brush / stroke width in the brush / pencil tools should update the panels.
  • Fixed: color panel expands color when dragged from fill to stroke knob.
  • Fixed: allow guideline creation and change in the panning, zooming and view rotating tools.
  • Fixed: select control handles using box selection mode in the current path.
  • Fixed: hidden objects are shown in outline preview mode.
  • Fixed: segment eraser precision in large zoom mode.
  • Fixed: inner shadow effect margins were clipped.
  • Fixed: opacity may leak to other objects when exporting shapes with transparent fills into image formats.
  • Fixed: show nodes of paths when hovering over the shape.
  • Fixed: tool tips of boolean operations are not shown on Windows in auto preview mode.
  • Fixed: add scrolling step icons to the document scrollbar.

Build 1.0.039

Download VectorStyler 1.0.039 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.039 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.039 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.039 for Windows

  • Fixed: pencil eraser tool should not reduce the width profile to zero.
  • Fixed: refactor spot color handling UI in printer settings view.
  • Fixed: selecting a character style in the context panel did not work.
  • Fixed: cursor reverts to arrow after drawing the first shape.
  • Fixed: duplicating objects having a contour effect.
  • Fixed: scrolling with the mouse in numeric fields.
  • Fixed: ungroup multiple objects in the layers panel.
  • Fixed: cut self intersecting closed paths with pencil eraser tool.
  • Fixed: handling self intersections in winding shape normalization.
  • Fixed: shape builder to work better with self intersecting shapes.
  • Fixed: single click highlight of numeric fields.
  • Fixed: add a reset button to the printer settings view.
  • Fixed: adjust crop mark gap using the marker offset settings.
  • Fixed: show document bleed and slug values in printer settings view.
  • Fixed: repeating copy and rotate to use the actual pivot point.
  • Fixed: paste registers in undo as duplicate.
  • Fixed: exporting clipped groups into image formats used wrong bounding box.
  • Fixed: exporting some image effects may fail.
  • Fixed: combining objects with referenced shapes.
  • Fixed: ruler in paragraph view to use document units and allow scrolling.
  • Fixed: update path panel immediately when moving nodes.
  • Fixed: exporting flipped characters to SVG.
  • Fixed: SVG bitmap fonts did not render correctly.
  • Fixed: exporting bitmap fonts to PDF.
  • Fixed: rotate tool did not detect upper right corner.
  • Fixed: offset path on text shape did not show original if enabled.
  • Fixed: with of numeric fields in the properties panel.
  • Fixed: better layout in navigation panel.
  • Fixed: merge width profile when erasing from brushes.
  • Fixed: exporting gradients to SVG files.
  • Fixed: low zoom levels did not allow moving of small objects.
  • Fixed: pencil eraser tool may incorrectly remove objects.

Build 1.0.038

Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.038 for Windows

  • Improved: cut and merge variable width profiles with the pencil eraser mode.
  • Fixed: problems with tab positions in frame text.
  • Fixed: bleed and slug handling.
  • Fixed: collider tool should work also when the Snap to Shapes is disabled.
  • Fixed: selecting stroke width in the Properties panel.
  • Fixed: slider increment should be small when using large units.
  • Fixed: changing default stroke and brush width from zero.
  • Fixed: problems with knife tool on composite shapes.
  • Fixed: pasting to active artbaord in the same document.
  • Fixed: preview of deleting original option in the Offset Path view.
  • Fixed: background of context panel in light modes.
  • Fixed: solid stroke preview in brush panel should be darker.
  • Fixed: automatic scrolling when hovering over font list margins.
  • Fixed: scissor tool should convert shapes to curves.
  • Fixed: node eraser should not remove whole objects when clicking on a shape node.
  • Fixed: importing gradient from EPS files.
  • Fixed: cannot change color mode in color panel if nothing is selected.
  • Fixed: under of color filters on text shape breaks.
  • Fixed: wrong clipping of image effects on shapes with winding fills.
  • Fixed: find / replace in some text shapes may crash the app.
  • Fixed: pasting appearance will paste new objects of objects were copied after appearance (should have separate pasteboard).
  • Fixed: displaying effects on some shapes with outlines had the wrong effect region.
  • Fixed: copying objects to the pasteboard clears the selection (and keeps the copy selected).

Build 1.0.036

Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Mac (Universal)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.036 for Windows

  • Fixed: knife tool to cut combined shapes correctly.
  • Fixed: do not show text shape nodes when drawing with freehand tool.
  • Fixed: opacity field in properties panel is too small.
  • Fixed: show tool tips for additional options button in properties panel.
  • Fixed: show tool tips for preset lists.
  • Fixed: non uniform mapping in sliders with percent values was broken.
  • Fixed: remove source shape in group exclude.
  • Fixed: closing document view in a tiled view group may leave stack behind.
  • Fixed: document setup undo did not refresh correctly.
  • Fixed: adjusting objects along a path did not set the correct offset.