VectorStyler releases

Build 184

Download build 184

  • Improved: added pixel color picking using Shift key.
  • Improved: live preview for blend mode selection in the transparency panel.
  • Improved: show color name in panel.
  • Improved: button to expand spot colors to CMYK or actual colors.
  • Fixed: deleting colors from palette broke spot color links.
  • Fixed: selection with clicking was reversed in several editors.
  • Fixed: color palette bar drag button was inactive.
  • Fixed: importing color palettes added extra spaces to the color names.
  • Fixed: use Save label in modified document closing alert.

Build 183

Download build 183

  • Improved: warp distortion profiles.
  • Fixed: changing artboard size from properties panel.

Build 182

Download build 182

  • Improved: save color variations as a palette.
  • Fixed: composite shapes containing text shapes did not render correctly.
  • Fixed: groups containing text shapes and using shape compositions di not render correctly.
  • Fixed: eraser and knife tool did not work on grouped shapes.
  • Fixed: drawing circles with the 3 point tool created an extra circle in direct preview mode.
  • Fixed: color palette saving into ACB file format.
  • Fixed: possible crash when using spot colors.
  • Fixed: ICC color profile embedding problems.
  • Fixed: displaying CMYK documents with absolute colorimetric intent.
  • Fixed: changing default artboard options in document setup.
  • Fixed: no outline for default text frame.

Build 180

Download build 180

  • Fixed: converting styled text to curves will result in curves (required two steps before).
  • Fixed: converting text to curves inside a group with effects.
  • Fixed: mesh and envelope frame was wrong when group contained text.
  • Fixed: reset selection frame after shape effect editing.
  • Fixed: deleting image effect in a group of effects should correctly unlink the input and output.
  • Fixed: selecting with box (or lasso) marque should select in stacking order.
  • Fixed: artboard size was not shown for some documents.
  • Fixed: renamed Shift Node to “Make First Node”.
  • Fixed: improved support for cached image effects in display options.

Build 179

Download build 179

  • Fixed: regression in interactive shape effect editor indicators.
  • Fixed: did not update image and shape effect values in panel while editing.
  • Fixed: did not close popover in effects panels when adding new effects.

Build 178

Download build 178

  • Improved: Ungroup All action to recursively expand all selected groups.
  • Fixed: clicking in imported color palettes in the color bar was off by one.
  • Fixed: automatically mark colors for spot registration in some imported color palettes.
  • Fixed: crash caused by importing color palettes from ACO format.
  • Fixed: image effect mask editing may cause a crash if popover is closed while the mask is edited.
  • Fixed: object style picker to pick colors from selected object after selecting the tool.
  • Fixed: stroke width list hovering did not cancel when opened from the context panel.
  • Fixed: better cleanup of stroke expansion with stripes.
  • Fixed: a bug in importing EPS files containing binary encoded postscript code.
  • Fixed: converting text on path to curves when bending is used.
  • Fixed: text on path with bending option while using color fonts.

Build 177

Download build 177

  • Fixed: regression in text positioning of imported PDFs.
  • Fixed: possible crash when showing some color fonts in the font list view.
  • Improved: add recent files to MacOS dock menu.
  • Improved: text on path view content has been rearranged.
  • Improved: text on path supports text bending mode, with additional bending options.
  • Improved: add adjustment filter in appearance panel.
  • Fixed: bending profile preview did not update after selecting a new width profile.
  • Fixed: noise style should default to relative when used in effects.
  • Fixed: preview in text on path view did not work.
  • Fixed: color palette bar popup did not update content if palette was changed.
  • Fixed: importing pantone color names.
  • Fixed: option to add as spot color, when selecting a color from an external palette.
  • Fixed: exporting spot colors to PDF.
  • Fixed: changes in popover size should not move the bubble pointer.
  • Fixed: duplicating tiling pattern masks did not copy the mask.
  • Fixed: noise editor view to add sufficient space for the sliders of each noise type .
  • Fixed: some CMYK jpeg files were imported in inverted mode.
  • Fixed: zooming out on color fonts in a CMYK document did not render the fonts correctly.
  • Fixed: possible crash in font handling when importing some PDF files.
  • Fixed: regression in PDF import text positioning.
  • Fixed: possible crash when undocking panels or document tabs.
  • Fixed: opening CMYK PDF file should create a CMYK document.
  • Fixed: crash caused by exporting progress view.

Build 175

Download build 175

  • Fixed: possible error when positioning graphics from imported PDF, SVG or EPS files.
  • Fixed: crash when importing some EPS files.

Build 173

Download build 173

  • Fixed: crash in crystallize effect.
  • Fixed: margins of pixelate effect were broken.
  • Fixed: image effect panel did not update correctly when changing selection.
  • Fixed: scrolling with mouse over sliders did not work for all sliders properly.

Build 172

Download build 172

  • Fixed: crash when swapping fill style of a vector text object.
  • Fixed: crash caused by transparency mask preview while editing.
  • Fixed: initial style for grid shapes should be outline only.
  • Fixed: editing tiling pattern fills inside transformed objects.
  • Fixed: transparency mask transforming options to work in appearance panel also.
  • Fixed: apply shape filters to transparency mask content if enabled.
  • Fixed: create CMYK palette when CMYK document is created.
  • Fixed: show RGB/CMYK color mode in document title.

Build 170

Download build 170

  • Improved: additional UI style improvements.
  • Improved: Big Sur compatibility.
  • Fixed: crash in with noise transparency modal view and preview enabled.
  • Fixed: modal noise transparency preview checkbox state should be persistent.
  • Fixed: text on path converted to curves may move position.
  • Fixed: creating a text on path after undoing a previous text on path change may cause broken links.
  • Fixed: highlight shape to show for text on path also.
  • Fixed: docking horizontal panels under the context panel.
  • Fixed: horizontal panel docked order to be persistent.
  • Fixed: rounding corners at large angles with extreme corner size has been improved.
  • Fixed: show selected cornersize and shape in context panel.
  • Fixed: gradient midpoint selection from popup gradient views was broken.
  • Fixed: do not activate mesh tool if mesh transparency creation is cancelled.
  • Fixed: crash with pattern editor tool when creating new pattern transparency on an object.
  • Fixed: converting color fonts to curves may change the position of resulting objects.

Build 169

Download build 169

  • Fixed: popup menu fonts in Big Sur.
  • Fixed: reorganized the main menu for smaller screens.

Build 168

Download build 168

  • Fixed: crash with bigsur UI font.

Build 167

Download build 167

  • Fixed: possible crash in shape effects.
  • Fixed: corner tool problems.
  • Fixed: tab order handling in popup views.
  • Fixed: resizing popover views caused broken margins.
  • Fixed: selecting corner from context panel.
  • Fixed: regression in converting rotated text to curves.
  • Fixed: vertical text spacing direction.
  • Fixed: timeout for undo indicator.
  • Fixed: shape effect subdivision options were not applied from panel.
  • Fixed: better system UI font handling on Big Sur.
  • Fixed: scaling mesh gradients resulted in wrong bounding box.

Build 166

Download build 166

  • Improved: both dark and light UI themes are redesigned.
  • Improved: panel design.
  • Improved: unified slider styles in all panels and views.
  • Improved: handling undocked toolbox menus.
  • Improved: reorganized complex modal views.
  • Improved: horizontal panel docking for suitable panels (not containing lists).
  • Improved: expand stroke precision is adjusted by zoom level.
  • Changed: do not keep transforms when converting an object to curves (will clear image transforms).
  • Fixed: possible crash when rendering complex drawings containing transparency masks.
  • Fixed: simplify path to take into account cusp corners.
  • Fixed: drag content from Content Links panel directly on the canvas (without a shape).
  • Fixed: activating tools while the collider tool will not deactivate the collider tool.
  • Fixed: added Expand Content to the image trace panel menu.
  • Fixed: share Preview checkbox state between views of the same domain.
  • Fixed: crash when scrolling on font sizes with a newly created text frame selection.
  • Fixed: enforce winding mode when converting shape text to curves.
  • Fixed: text underline to use default and local text styling.
  • Fixed: scrolling with mouse while editing may break the editor.
  • Fixed: editing concentric ellipse positions.
  • Fixed: move views only from title.
  • Fixed: toolbox button tool tips to include short tool name first.
  • Fixed: editing breaks when mouse dragged outside of editor area (or over a panel).
  • Fixed: possible crash in pixelate and pointilize image filters.
  • Fixed: point and shape snapping modes was very slow for complex shapes.
  • Fixed: possible crash in metal display on Sierra.
  • Fixed: possible crash when rendering adjustment effects with CMYK display mode.
  • Fixed: snapping to points works for all intersections.
  • Fixed: disabled Metal support for Intel HD 4000 (compute is not supported well by metal driver).
  • Fixed: some partially visible text may not show.
  • Fixed: improve preset panel performance.
  • Fixed: center or right aligned text initial baseline path was wrong.
  • Fixed: convert linked text on path to curves.
  • Fixed: ungrouping imported SVG shapes could move the group.
  • Fixed: positioning imported files into the artboard.
  • Fixed: when a file is dropped inside the document, it should always import.
  • Fixed: paste object from clipboard to the view center when original position was outside of the visible area.
  • Fixed: enable shift+click to deselect objects.
  • Fixed: select and change two or more rounded corners.
  • Fixed: reverted document should not be indicated as modified.
  • Fixed: ungrouping an object with opacity will distribute the opacity among the member objects.
  • Fixed: changing parameters of grouped shape should change the shape (and not apply a clipping shape on the group).