VectorStyler builds

Download VectorStyler 1.0.015 RC1 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.015 RC1 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.015 RC1 for Windows

  • Fixed: stroke with gradient and Transform Content enabled resulting in wrong display.
  • Fixed: use last selected font in new text shape and frame.
  • Fixed: option to enable transform box while in the text editor (in Preferences -> Editing Options).
  • Fixed: option show cursor position in ruler (in Preferences -> Performance).
  • Fixed: adjust scrolling speed in all lists.
  • Fixed: better indication of point snapping.
  • Fixed: positioning font accent in glyph outlines.
  • Fixed: scaling or skewing node selection did not adjust first node.
  • Fixed: pen tool to allow clicking on existing shapes without selection.
  • Fixed: option to disable next segment preview in pen tool (on by default, in Preferences -> Changing Options).
  • Fixed: do not delete object after removing last node in pen tool.

Download VectorStyler 1.0.014 RC1 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.014 RC1 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.014 RC1 for Windows

  • Fixed: refreshing scatter brush when moving original objects.
  • Fixed: in some cases intersecting selection mode did not add object.
  • Fixed: option to keep object opacity for drawing (enabled by default).
  • Fixed: slider values for polygonal spiral and other shapes in context and property panels.
  • Fixed: intersection problem with certain horizontal segments.
  • Fixed: clipping mode in line grid shape did not work for some lines.
  • Fixed: curvature tool to also create circle with a single click.
  • Fixed: undoing text typing (and deletion) should be in larger phases.
  • Fixed: remove dark frame of light theme on Windows.
  • Fixed: missing theme files in Windows for extra contrast mode.

Download VectorStyler 1.0.013 RC1 for Mac (Intel)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.013 RC1 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download VectorStyler 1.0.013 RC1 for Windows

  • Fixed: regression in mesh creation.
  • Fixed: alignment panel should work on selected path nodes also.
  • Fixed: glyph width in sole COLR OTF fonts was wrong.
  • Fixed: crash when arranging blended objects in the layers panel.
  • Fixed: better resolution for the windows / task icon.
  • Fixed: disable direction matching shape blending by default.
  • Fixed: spacing after first glyph in text on path.
  • Fixed: wrong font style variations in some OTF fonts.
  • Fixed: backgrounds in extra dark theme.
  • Fixed: adjustable outline width in Display Options for wire frame preview mode.
  • Fixed: holding Shift in Pen tool should not start new shape.
  • Fixed: select last node in Pen tool after completing a segment.
  • Fixed: do not register the delete undo if could not delete.
  • Fixed: paragraph options labeling section was disabled for no reason.
  • Fixed: creating new style without selecting the style type.
  • Fixed: some font families could not be removed from font groups.
  • Fixed: three point circle tool created two circles.
  • Fixed: palette bar content scrolling was too fast and direction was wrong.
  • Fixed: pinch zoom should be centered around zoom.
  • Fixed: changing line with smooth ending to curve segment resulted in cusp ending.
  • Fixed: moving from node tool to pointer tool with nodes selected shows wrong box if shape has corners.

Build 210

Download build 210 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 210 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 210 for Windows

  • Improved: single segment mode for sketching on pencil and sketch tools.
  • Fixed: restore default workspace did not restore to initial state.
  • Fixed: mouse cursor alternates on Windows.
  • Fixed: blinking of outline highlight when using the Pen tool (at least on Windows).
  • Fixed: inner glow filter rendering performance issues.
  • Fixed: default object color should be in RGB mode.
  • Fixed: zoom and rotate number fields in document view did not loose focus when clicking away.
  • Fixed: could not create new path starting from inside a selected shape.
  • Fixed: do not open layer options view when creating new layer (show options when a modifier is pressed).
  • Fixed: using Store History may break document in some cases.
  • Fixed: zoom tool cannot be activated with Z key when using then path editor.
  • Fixed: some backgrounds were wrong in the extra dark theme.
  • Fixed: blending some shapes created the wrong node matching.
  • Fixed: image positioning while drawing was wrong by 1 pixel.
  • Fixed: display blended shapes in outline mode also.
  • Fixed: context panel tool buttons opened panels twice.
  • Fixed: some font style names were wrong.
  • Fixed: possible crash in Windows.

Build 209

Download build 209 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 209 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 209 for Windows

  • Improved: working with multiple image effects, refresh performance.
  • Improved: simplified gradient tool, with smaller handle sizes
  • Improved: added option to enable color calibration in UI also (User Interface section of Preferences).
  • Improved: changed font sharpness mode on Windows.
  • Improved: added an Extra Dark and Extra Light theme for better contrast.
  • Improved: automatic save mode will not ask to save modified files.
  • Improved: added option to Pen tool to block path editing.
  • Fixed: selecting colors from the color palette bar used wrong colors.
  • Fixed: duplicate panels opened from customized context panel.
  • Fixed: union of multiple shapes may result in the wrong shape.
  • Fixed: stretched menu font on Windows.
  • Fixed: associating files with app on Windows.
  • Fixed: could not select multiple corners with the corner tool.
  • Fixed: when exporting artboard, first artboard size reverted to default size.
  • Fixed: flipping from eraser to pen side on Wacom tablet to return to last tool used.
  • Fixed: add new gradient color in interactive editing with a single click.
  • Fixed: possible crash in working with gradients.
  • Fixed: global color settings were not persistent.
  • Fixed: cannot resize lines from transform panel.
  • Fixed: persistent proportional mode in transform panel.
  • Fixed: breaking at multiple selected nodes did not work.
  • Fixed: add smooth nodes around round corners.
  • Fixed: moving or duplicating artboards did not move the guidelines of the artboard.
  • Fixed: creating a grid of guidelines did not work on some artboards.
  • Fixed: changing artboard size with the artboard tool reverted to a default size.
  • Fixed: skewing multiple (previously skewed) objects created the wrong transform.
  • Fixed: Option+ drag a control point to change node to cusp.
  • Fixed: Command+ drag a control point to change node to smooth.
  • Fixed: setting a node to smooth or symmetric from the Path panel or the context panel should move the opposing control point.
  • Fixed: rounded corner extreme cases were not handled correctly.
  • Fixed: previewing and canceling color filters created wrong object attributes.
  • Fixed: several crashes specific to Windows.
  • Fixed: refreshing the screen with OpenGL when using the dynamic erase mode of the pen tool.
  • Fixed: possible crash when importing ASE color palette files.
  • Fixed: moving lines next to smooth nodes should adjust smooth controls also.
  • Fixed: improve cursor images on Windows.

Build 208

Download build 208 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 208 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 208 for Windows

  • Fixed: make OpenCL optional on Windows.
  • Fixed: click and drag of a single document tab hid the main window on Windows.
  • Fixed: use eraser end of Wacom pen to activate the eraser tool.
  • Fixed: improve Wacom tablet support on Windows.
  • Fixed: moving nodes inside transformed groups was broken.
  • Fixed: selecting and transforming objects inside transformed groups.
  • Fixed: rotating an ellipse after ungrouping a scaled group did not retain scaling.
  • Fixed: reverse the order of recent file names in the dock menu.
  • Fixed: crash when opening PDF files containing certain separated color types.
  • Fixed: possible crash when working with multiple blend objects.
  • Fixed: use arrow keys for increasing and decreasing star, polygon and other shape sides while editing or drawing.
  • Fixed: do not rotate with the inner nodes of the gear shape.

Build 207

Download build 207 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 207 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 207 for Windows

  • Improved: pen tool to snap to starting node, to indicate closing.
  • Improved: checkerboard backdrop in layers (and appearance) panel previews.
  • Improved: changed some shortcuts for better MacOS compatibility.
  • Improved: refresh performance with multiple image effects.
  • Fixed: did not use last solid brush width.
  • Fixed: possible crash in text editor with some input methods.
  • Fixed: crash while editing guidelines.
  • Fixed: do not allow diagonal movement for shift constrain.
  • Fixed: removing first node in an open path did not reset corners correctly.
  • Fixed: do not allow guideline adding from ruler, if guidelines are hidden.
  • Fixed: excluding from multiple individually scaled objects inside a group created wrong shapes.
  • Fixed: nonuniform slider in blend and contour panels and views.
  • Fixed: better handle certain font metrics for text shapes (point text).
  • Fixed: faster union operation for large number of shapes.
  • Fixed: did not show some self intersecting outline stripes.
  • Fixed: color filter previewing did not always work.
  • Fixed: freeze when accessing layer options.
  • Fixed: possible crash with certain OpenType fonts.

Build 206

Download build 206 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 206 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 206 for Windows

  • Improved: add image effect scaling option to appearance panel.
  • Improved: option to create smooth nodes in the pen tool.
  • Improved: add slider to the distance field in Offset Path.
  • Improved: compatibility with legacy macos.
  • Improved: non-uniform sliders in percentage fields.
  • Fixed: problems in union of shapes with overlapping sides.
  • Fixed: brush did not show with some shapes.
  • Fixed: text cursor and highlight in wrong position for flipped fonts (resulting from pdf import).
  • Fixed: node deletion did not update some corners correctly.
  • Fixed: selecting with click did not work on some horizontal strokes.
  • Fixed: color filtering of duplicate mesh objects should not change the original.
  • Fixed: add color filters to images when applying a destructive color filter.
  • Fixed: scaling rectangle and ellipse shapes should also scale transformed stroke.
  • Fixed: possible crash in hyphenation dictionary access.
  • Fixed: artboard tool may jump to an empty canvas.
  • Fixed: click and drag selection in node tool to ignore whole object selection.
  • Fixed: exclude created a smooth node at a cusp node.
  • Fixed: scaling of a rectangle with a smooth corner shapes resulted in wrong node types.
  • Fixed: hidden guidelines should not be selectable.
  • Fixed: guideline locking did not work.

Build 205

Download build 205 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 205 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 205 for Windows

  • Fixed: linear gradient interactive editor color selection and indication was flipped.
  • Fixed: general stability improvements.
  • Fixed: automatic revert should also work when a file is changed and then saved.
  • Fixed: reorganize context panel for brush and pen tools.
  • Fixed: importing some PDF files ignored font transformations.
  • Fixed: ignore fixed glyph positioning in imported PDF when replacing fonts.
  • Fixed: PDF export view image label alignment.
  • Fixed: default tab in character and paragraph style views.
  • Fixed: opacity numeric field in appearance panel did not select value.
  • Fixed: closing one of the docked panels in the same stack should not close all.
  • Fixed: corner shape popover layout.
  • Fixed: UI style changes and improvements.

Build 203

Download build 203 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 203 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 203 for Windows

  • Fixed: recover artboard size when opening AI CS files.
  • Fixed: toolbox corner on non retina displays.
  • Fixed: transparency panel mask type list did not open.
  • Fixed: typing into opacity field in transparency panel auto applied.
  • Fixed: update numeric opacity value when field contains out of bounds value.
  • Fixed: redoing blend object place change could result in the wrong selection.

Build 202

Download build 202 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 202 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 202 for Windows

  • Fixed: using shape effects on brushes with composite shapes.
  • Fixed: bringing forward a blend object resulted in the wrong selection.
  • Fixed: duplicate and then undo will select another object.
  • Fixed: path sketch tool did not always refresh.
  • Fixed on Windows: transparency type menu layout in panel.
  • Fixed on Windows: color conversion with NVIDIA compute.

Build 201

Download build 201 for Mac (Intel)
Download build 201 for Mac (Apple Silicon)
Download build 201 for Windows

  • Improved: separate release of Apple M1 optimized version.

  • Improved: use extended frame of selected objects for artboard size when copying or exporting.

  • Fixed: default brush can also be a solid stroke.

  • Fixed: indicate selection of newly drawn shapes in the pen and brush tools.

  • Fixed: start a new path in pencil tool with command+clicking away.

  • Fixed: artboard sizes may change when copying objects.

  • Fixed: file format order in profile popup.

  • Fixed: open recent to notify if file cannot be located.

  • Fixed: opacity slider in inner shadow effect was not working.

  • Fixed: resizing rectangles from the side at small zoom levels caused resize in the other direction also.

  • Fixed: color panel to show color from gradient of selected object.

  • Fixed: moving multiple selected nodes in the path editor should snap at each node to snapping locations.

  • Fixed: multiple ungroup commands may result in need for a Command+R refresh.

  • Fixed: swap the top fill and stroke colors with shift+x.

  • Fixed: showing images in outline mode broke the rendering of objects above.

  • Fixed: place the brush options at the context panel closer to the left side (for small screens).

  • Fixed: use Shift in guideline moving to constrain to round values (depending on document units).

  • Fixed: deleting the starting node in a closed path caused corner shifting.

  • Fixed: could not immediatelly select and mode nodes when swapping to the node tool with command+.

  • Fixed on Windows: image handling bug with NVidia compute mode.

  • Fixed on Windows: Shift+ modifier restricted to wrong scaling amounts.

  • Improved: added glyph normalization option to character options.

  • Improved: preview button to object and layer options view.

  • Improved: path editing changes while using the pen tool.

  • Improved: auto scrolling with pen tool.

  • Improved: guideline panel to highlight selected guidelines.

  • Improved: guideline changing to always show numeric position popup.

  • Improved: option to override numeric field when pasting from clipboard.

  • Improved: display refresh when using OpenGL display mode.

  • Fixed: tab stops in text frame added extra space.

  • Fixed: crash in pencil eraser mode with no selection.

  • Fixed: star and gear shape vertices numeric field scrolling.

  • Fixed: problems with union on some shapes.

  • Fixed: corner tool should apply to all selected shapes.

  • Fixed: deselect fill or stroke in appearance panel when selection changes.

  • Fixed: selection of blend mode (and stroke width) menus in modal views.

  • Fixed: importing 32 bit BMP files.

  • Fixed: export all canvases when export all is selected in artboards exporting.

  • Fixed: file format ordering and layout fixes in export views.

  • Fixed: use keyboard arrows to move around in preferences view.

  • Fixed: automatic scan of user installed fonts in Windows.

  • Fixed: reset center command on imported objects.

  • Fixed: exporting paths with stroke to SVG was broken.

  • Fixed: docked panels stretched out on relaunch.

  • Fixed: grid shape editors did not handle rotation angle constraining.

  • Fixed: customization options should be at the bottom of View menu.

  • Fixed: no Apple palette on Windows.

  • Improved: new copy paste appearance to copy and paste all attributes, not just fill or stroke style.

  • Improved: use last export settings, if document has no stored export settings.

  • Improved: use current selected color in gradient editor, when creating new gradients.

  • Improved: resizable panel docking on the window side to be placed into the available area.

  • Fixed: could not disable intersecting selection mode.

  • Fixed: mesh transparency mode did not render.

  • Fixed: could not remove mesh transparency mode, while in the mesh editor.

  • Fixed: object positions were wrong when creating and editing mask objects (Drawing).

  • Fixed: canceling mesh transparency mode should return the selection to the current mode.

  • Fixed: preset menu heading labels should display the preset groups only.

  • Fixed: there were two None modes in the transparency panel drop down.

  • Fixed: add breadcrumbs to hierarchical preset menus.

  • Fixed: show name of the current transparency preset.

  • Fixed: remove opacity from blend mode and similar drop down menus.

  • Fixed: segment eraser mode did not handle well merging of shapes.

  • Fixed: segment eraser mode to erase non intersecting closed shapes also.

  • Fixed: better cursor handling in interactive editors.

  • Fixed: use check box for merging option in segment eraser mode.

  • Fixed: persistent pointer tool mode.

  • Fixed: faster merging of large number of shapes.

  • Fixed: regression in rigid warp editor blocked anchor node creation.

  • Fixed: add pressure options button to the eraser tool options.

  • Fixed: in node editor, with multiple selected objects, do not delete object of no node is selected in it.

  • Fixed: keep image effects when ungrouping objects.

  • Fixed: deleting images inside a group required a refresh.

  • Fixed: problems when copy pasting image objects inside the same document.

  • Fixed: copy paste style to place style correctly on groups.

  • Fixed: single key shortcut handling on Windows.

  • Improved: dynamic mode to the pencil tool (context panel), erase path sections between intersections while holding the Shift key.

  • Improved: when holding the Shift key in the erase tool, parts of paths between intersections can be erased.

  • Improved: added non linear slider scale for numeric fields.

  • Improved: added a Break Apart button to the context panel when the eraser, knife and pencil tool are active.

  • Improved: also open AI files are presets also from the Panels -> Presets -> Open Preset File command.

  • Improved: faster opening and handling of AI files as presets.

  • Improved: show only brush presets when opening an AI file as a brush preset file.

  • Improved: allow preset group hiding in imported presets also.

  • Improved: added a Close button to each panel leaf, visible only when hovering.

  • Improved: added a rotate handle mode option for the transform tool (Preferences -> Adjustments -> Selection Box).

  • Improved: recover artboard sizes when opening multi page PDF files.

  • Improved: merge the various pointer selection tools into one tool, with options in the context panel.

  • Improved: merge the pressure sensitive pencil and brush tools into the pencil and brush tool.

  • Improved: added undo/redo detail option, while editing shape (and image) effects (Preferences -> Changing Options -> Merge Shape / Image Effect Undo).

  • Improved: zoom to artboard where the last selection was made.

  • Improved: open modal transform view when pressing the return key in scale, skew and rotate tools.

  • Improved: change all text flow font when selecting font on a whole text frame.

  • Improved: merge two open paths into a single open path, when common intersecting locations are close (instead of creating a closed path).

  • Fixed: use the current content selection of Appearance panel when editing and creating shape effects interactively.

  • Fixed: do not clear the current content selection when deactivating the Appearance panel.

  • Fixed: possible crash when importing scatter brush presets from AI files.

  • Fixed: show open file view to select preset when the first button in the panel bottom is pressed.

  • Fixed: printing to PDF placed the markers at the wrong positions.

  • Fixed: problem with whitespace size in some variable fonts.

  • Fixed: switching to node editor with Command key did not work properly.

  • Fixed: text linking tool should not create a solid line frame.

  • Fixed: clicking on highlighted font name did not always select the font.

  • Fixed: holding the Shift key should constrain movement direction in the node tool also.

  • Fixed: copy pasting inside multiple object did not retain position.

  • Fixed: blend objects were not reset correctly on certain changes.

  • Fixed: docking panels on the window margin did not always reset their position correctly.

  • Improved: context panel should contain all object properties, even with no selected, when the brush tool is active.

  • Improved: create closed shapes with the sketch tool, when sketch is self intersecting.

  • Improved: importing AI brush styles and exporting as presets.

  • Improved: disable large preview in Layers panel options.

  • Improved: added a destructive Offset Path command to create offsets from selected shapes.

  • Changed: use the Tab key in the path sketch tool to swap between line and freehand modes (Space is for panning).

  • Fixed: bug in Symbols panel, did not list created symbols, only objects with symbol role.

  • Fixed: multiple outline offsetting and stroke stripe issues.

  • Fixed: inner or outer stroke alignment issues with some shapes.

  • Fixed: gradient on stroke regressions.

  • Fixed: changing stroke, brush width and font size values in preferences.

  • Fixed: crash with when accessing OpenType features in some fonts.

  • Fixed: crash when trying to blend shapes with small number of segments.

  • Fixed: do not smooth nodes when switching to node editor with the Command+ key.

  • Fixed: image content rotation angle should be selectable from the drop down list.

  • Fixed: moving artboards with partial group overlapping.

  • Fixed: possible crash caused by hovering selection.

  • Fixed: do not store current brush in workspace, complex brush may slow down startup and exit.

  • Fixed: combining multiple shapes with groups.

  • Improved: performance of divide operation on complex shape collections.

  • Improved: added a shape sketching tool, to automatically cut and merge shapes while drawing.

  • Improved: added a self avoiding outline option in the stroke settings.

  • Improved: added a shape effect to create self avoiding paths.

  • Improved: offset path can create multiple offsets.

  • Improved: handling of missing fill or outline in the contour effect.

  • Improved: handling of self intersecting shapes in the shape builder tool.

  • Improved: do not quit VectorStyler when closing main window.

  • Improved: fewer buttons in context panel, to accommodate smaller screens.

  • Improved: show adjustment effect name in appearance panel.

  • Improved: handling of inside and outside stroke alignment.

  • Improved: stroke profile on lines and sharp corners did should close properly.

  • Improved: handling of round corners in stroke profiles.

  • Improved: smoother slider dragging.

  • Improved: polygonal spiral context panel was missing.

  • Improved: character and paragraph view layouts.

  • Changed: use Option+ modifier in the corner rounding brush tool to reduce corner sizes.

  • Changed: thinner default UI font, and allow UI font customization.

  • Fixed: creating stroke profiles on quadratic curve segments.

  • Fixed: separate composite shapes resulting from divide operation.

  • Fixed: undo and redo for eraser (and expander) tools.

  • Fixed: do not unlink image after cutting to the clipboard (image will be needed).

  • Fixed: shadows and highlights filter popover view was too large.

  • Fixed: changing paragraph alignment when a text frame is selected.

  • Fixed: outline width inside a group was not taken into account when refreshing.

  • Fixed: font size in undo popup and report views.

  • Fixed: do not group objects when deleting effect.

  • Fixed: new layer name should be created based on sibling layer names.

  • Fixed: handling of self intersecting paths with stripes.

  • Fixed: stroke expansion issues with some shapes, when the stroke is aligned outside or inside.

  • Fixed: stroke alignment issues on some shapes.

  • Fixed: expanding overlapping stroke with dashes should merge overlaps.

  • Fixed: variable with profile should work globally when using both stripes and dashes.

  • Fixed: expanding stroke inside groups.

  • Fixed: performance of expanding stroke containing combinations of variable widths, stripes and dashes.

  • Fixed: do not activate mesh too if mesh creation is canceled.

  • Fixed: possible crash when clicking on an image effect icon in the appearance panel.

  • Fixed: improved stability of some operations in the user interface.

  • Fixed: contour tool should not adjust the contour when clicking for selection.

  • Fixed: plain text variables did not always update when changed.

  • Fixed: showing outlined text at large zooms.

  • Fixed: improvements for UI layouts on Big Sur.