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    @ash-f I tested with some 3rd party fonts and it worked here. Can you send me an example file by email. Thanks!

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    Sending a file does not explain what happens I guess.
    See what happens when typing Japanese with the video linked below.

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    @ash-f Uploaded a fix (1.0.023) on the Windows issues.

  • @vectoradmin Missing fonts are shown now.
    But the input problem still remains.
    Did you try typing with Microsoft IME(Japanese)?

    This is Microsoft IME Hiragana mode commonly used to input Japanese

    This is my setting.

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    @ash-f Yes I use Microsoft IME for input, and I tested it with the new build. The build from yesterday did have a problem that I could replicate it, and at least for me it is fixed.

    I tested it again just now with version 1.0.023 (not the development one, but updated as a user). I create a text frame, delete the lorem, and start typing with Japanese input method set to Hiragana (the right click option on the input method icon).

    When the frame is empty, the input method candidates are shown in the middle of the window, but otherwise it works.

  • @vectoradmin You should empty the text frame first and start typing from a Japanese character.
    When you hit the enter(break the line), typed sentence will disappear.
    I believe this is involving text conversion system(selecting words from candidates)
    Because the app does not recognize the state of text correctly, I often see similar problem in non-Japanese apps.

  • @vectoradmin I noticed that I need to hit the right arrow to settle the text.
    It should be settled when I hit the enter key.
    I see blue high light on the text remains even after I hit the enter, this means text is not settled I guess.
    That's why the text disappears when I break the line.

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    Similar issues occur on the Mac.
    I will post it on Windows as well.

    I frequently change the input mode while working in Japanese. Input mode from kana to romaji, from romaji to kana. If you switch between them with the "kana" key and the "eiji" key, VS will enter unnecessary code there. In my case this was the cause of this problem. (Ref. Fig)
    If you switch with [option + space], no extra code will be entered.


    Evacuated resolution of this issue
    The VS text consists of "Default character" and "Default paragraph". This is similar to Illustrator. (Different from InDesign.) Characterstyle is superior, so characterstyle is inherited without specifying some parts of the corresponding paragraphstyle.

    The first thing to do when working in Japanese.
    Prepare your own "complete Japanese character style" and the corresponding "complete Japanese paragraph style".

    To change the mode while working, use [option + space] or pull down from the menu.

    I presume that this issue is an obstacle when testing other CJK features.

  • @vectoradmin
    When I hit the enter key while typing, the text cursor will be set to before the last letter.

    Also the candidates are shown on the text which is annoying.
    Preferably I like it to be shown "inline", place where I'm typing. just like MS Word does.


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    @ash-f This issue is still an open bug. Will try to fix as soon as possible.