• Will you localize in Japanese in the future?
    Also, do you implement Japanese typesetting?
    Hi, nice to meet you.
    I will support you from Japan, a corner of Asia.
    I'm going to use the beta version and give some opinions.
    I'm not a developer, so it's not logical.
    I've been a Mac user since 1994.

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    @861475_VctSt Welcome to VectorStyler.

    Yes, there will be Japanese (and other) localization, with Japanese being a the top priority (due to extra typography features).
    This might start only after the release of version 1.

    The first priority in localization will be implementing the specific typography requirements (in the English UI).

    The UI language (and then documentation) will be later.

    If there are any specific features that would make it easier in using with Japanese, that can be prioritized first, let me know!

  • Yes.
    That's right, the first thing to do is to complete the basic UI.

    I have just come across "Vector Styler".
    Maybe it was a little too hasty.
    I'm excited to wait for the official version 1.

    If it has the Japanese typesetting performance of "InDesign", it would be perfect.
    For the purpose of "Vector Styler", I don't want that much.
    The first function I want is "Japanese vertical typography". It would be great to have this.
    It is about to be implemented in "ver1.0.015", but it is incomplete.
    I'll post this on another board when the functionality is a little more perfect.
    "Vertical typography" can hardly be implemented with low-priced graphic software.
    I'm really looking forward to it.
    See ya.

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    @861475_VctSt What is that missing in vertical typography?

  • (0_1613859878840_ai-aisan-type.png
    This is vertical writing in Illustrator.
    Characters flow top to bottom and lines flow right to left.
    Common format in Japan.

    Even Corel is hardly support Asian typography, so I don't think it's possible to implement vertical writing mode so quickly.
    Way more complex than RTL.
    You also should support line breaking rules (Kinsoku), letter & word spacing rules (Mojikumi), horizontal word in vertical writing (Warichu), phonetics (Ruby) and so on.
    Only vector graphics app fully support vertical writing in the world is Illustrator.
    (Also InDesign and Quark but these are not quite vector graphics app)

    Here's the Asian typography feature guide for Illustrator.

  • @vectoradmin
    I'm not a programmer, so I'll show you just one example of the results.
    For the sake of clarity, this is a solid typesetting that is impossible in reality.
    Vector Styler example


    QuarkXpress example


    —Since it is not difficult to input Japanese conversion with VectorStyler, I copied and pasted it.
    —"Yakumono" remains a horizontal type.
    —"Justify" is invalid, and forced line breaks make it look like a lag group.
    —Only specific Japanese fonts can be recognized.

    Of course, many other rules are needed.
    However, for captions, names, and small sentences, the performance of "Canvas X Draw" will suffice.

    My private evaluation that implements vertical typography.
    5 InDesign (for work)
    4 QuarkXpress (for work)
    3.5 Illustrator (for work)
    2 Canvas X Draw (for hobbies)
    1 Swift Publisher (for hobbies)
    0.5 CorelDraw (for hobbies)

    0 Affinity product (for hobbies)

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    @861475_VctSt Thanks, this is good input. I add Japanese typography to the backlog.
    It is no small task 🙂 there will be multiple iterations.

  • I'm sorry to raise a complicated problem at the last stage of development.
    We Japanese are anxious for this feature.
    First of all, I'm waiting for the English version to be completed.

    In Japan, reading materials such as newspapers and novels are almost 100% vertical. Therefore, it is an indispensable function.
    Recent developers tend to not implement this feature.
    Vertical writing has also decreased in China. It may be natural that it cannot be realized only by the demand of Japan.

    I've been proposing vertical typography to Serif and Corel companies for years, but it didn't come true.
    To achieve this, I felt that it was necessary to understand not only the issue of sales profit but also Japanese culture.

    The company that realized this is probably a company that has a close relationship with Japan.
    CanvasX Draw is simple, but it implements vertical typography as a Japanese version. Regarding vertical typography, I think VectorStyler should have this level of performance.
    Belight's Swift Publisher costs around $ 20, but it allows for tricky vertical typography using rotation.

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    @861475_VctSt I'm happy that there is interest in VectorStyler!
    The development is not really late stage, there is not reason to slow down with it 🙂

    Japanese typography support is an interesting technical challenge, and there is a lot to learn here (as a developer of VS).

    I'm committed to have full Japanese typography support, in as early version as possible.

    I will need Japanese speaking (beta) users to help get this thing done correctly, and any feedback is much appreciated.

  • @vectoradmin
    With respect to the function of the whole, since many of the beta users are reviewed, the future, I guess to check mainly with respect to the "Japanese function".

    I've only been trying out the beta for a few weeks now. You may now order to try out the beta version, I want to know as a premise. Please tell me about the following items if there is no problem.
    —Release time
    —Sales location: Official store, App Store
    —License type: Permanent edition, subscription
    —About the company: Numeric Path, developers (team)

    I think VS is a very greedy app. I've been using a Mac since the 1990s, and I didn't have an app like this. At first impression, the movement was heavy, and I immediately decided that it was "very unusable." But the moment I discovered the "Vertical Typography" menu, I decided to give it a try. The contents of the command menu are more complicated than ever, because both vector and bitmap are approached together. It can be customized, but it needs to be functionally simple.
    Depending on the price of the app itself, there may be some features that should be removed. Or, there may be a plug-in, and processing of the link app development.

    I pray for the success of the development.
    see you later.
    👨 👨
    I've been a Mac user since the 1990s.
    I'm now retiring from the front lines and looking for graphics software that will be my lifelong friend.

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    The intended price for VectorStyler will be 99usd (at most), plus per country GST/VAT.
    I have not committed to an official release time, to allow more beta feedback and possibly addition of some important features if needed.
    But of course there will be new features and bug fixes even after the first release 🙂

    As for sales mode, I was thinking of doing a similar model as Sketch (Bohemian), Nova (Panic) or Sublime Text.
    With a trial mode app downloaded from the website, and a license purchase using Paddle (or Stripe) payment.
    I'm open to the mac app store, but the technical aspects of it make it impossible to have fixes and releases fast (I do get 1 or 2 beta builds a week with multiple bug fixes).

    The license type is permanent, single payment license (as it used to be). Once purchased, the app is licensed to be used forever.
    Again, I'm thinking of licensing model similar to Sketch or Nova.

    About the developer: so this is done by a single developer (my name is Csaba), in Finland. (I also teach computer science at the University of Turku in Finland).

    If there are any bugs or performance issues with VectorStyler, please report it here and I will try to figure out how to help.
    What Mac model and MacOS are you using? Sometimes a bit of configuration (of VS preferences) is needed to get the most out of the app.

  • I don't think he meant "greedy" - VS seems the furthest from being greedy. 99 dollars for a year of upgrades seems totally fine to me. Everyone I know loathes subscriptions and are turning to apps like VS and Affinity in large part because they are subscription-free. I've been hanging on to my copy of CS6 for years now but more and more I feel I can do most of my professional work between Affinity, VS and Clip Studio Paint.

    I'm not a developer, but I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to create this kind of software and get it to a point where people will buy it and can use it for professional work. I can imagine it will only get better and better

    Adobe is also pretty bloated and VS seems to already offer a powerful number of tools. I don't care if it's in the Apple store or not. I make it a point to always buy apps from the developer directly whenever possible because software ends up getting sand-boxed in the app store and because that monetary percentage Apple takes from each sale will instead goes directly to the developer.

    Csaba has been great to work with in terms of updates and new ideas. There are several things I'm hoping get added to the version 2 build after the first one is officially released.

  • On the other hand, being sold in the App Store opens the door for wider recognition and even a Design Award from Apple — the app is a strong contender to get one, IMO, after a few more bug fixes and UI polish. And if I'm not mistaken, they now take only a 15% cut from smaller developers?

  • @Boldline

    First of all, I apologize. I'm sorry to be offended.
    It sounds like you misunderstood my translated English expression because it wasn't appropriate.

    I don't say developers are "greedy".
    I wanted to say that the app itself is "greedy".
    It was good to say "lively" instead of "greedy".

    In Japanese, it means "mori dakusan".
    There are many delicious dishes on the table in front of me.

    Again, I'm sorry to the developers.

  • Everything is fine, I wasn't offended. I actually assumed the best that your translated English was not describing what you were truly feeling.
    Thank you for the explanation in Japanese, that was fun to read and learn about.

    @861475_VctSt said in Japanese:


    First of all, I apologize. I'm sorry to be offended.
    It sounds like you misunderstood my translated English expression because it wasn't appropriate.

    I don't say developers are "greedy".
    I wanted to say that the app itself is "greedy".
    It was good to say "lively" instead of "greedy".

    In Japanese, it means "mori dakusan".
    There are many delicious dishes on the table in front of me.

    Again, I'm sorry to the developers.

  • @b77 good point. There is a value in getting VS more attention. I had not thought of that. I'm all for putting it in the Apple store. I'll just personally keep buying it direct from VS.

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    I keep the app store option open. I think the percentages are not an issue.

  • @861475_VctSt What you were trying to say about "greedy" is "feature packed" usually in English.
    No worry. people knows what you want to say.

  • Listing on app stores may be good but apps on app stores tend to have problem. due to security restriction, policy restriction, not being up to date and so on. so I prefer app to be provided directly by the developer.

  • @ash-f
    Thank you.
    I intended to be anthropomorphic, but it's misleading.
    I was allowed to study.
    : 🌱 🌱
    Please continue to point out if I write something that is unclear.