How to create clipping groups?

  • Hi,

    How do I create clipping groups in VectorStyler? I want my drawing to be clipped into a path.

  • I would like to know this too... I just noticed as well that I can't find this feature; is it even there?

    I had at one point thought I could use a composite shape by grouping the things I wanted to have clipped and intersecting those with the clipping path, but it seems to ignore the fact that the objects are grouped and still treats them individually, so that doesn't work.

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    There are multiple ways to create clipping shapes on a group of objects:

    • copy/paste the group into an object with the desired clipping shape shape.
    • in the layers panel, drag and drop the group into an object with the clipping shape.
    • select the clipping shape object on the canvas, select the group in then Layers panel, and then select Shape from Selection from the menu,
    • copy/paste any shape from an other object (with a shape). see Edit menu Copy/Paste Shape
    • select the object and set the shape from a shape preset or style. Shape presets and styles can be created in the Presets (or Styles) panels or in the Shape panel. These also show up in the Layers panel menu.

  • @vectoradmin said in How to create clipping groups?:

    copy/paste the group into an object with the desired clipping shape shape.

    Yes! Edit > Paste Inside has always been the easiest for me 🙂 One the first sweet features from Aldus FreeHand.

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    and one more 🙂

    • select the group and then a shape.
    • select Object -> Arrange -> Inside Last, the first selected object is placed into the last.

  • I had tried drag+drop in the Layers panel but I must have missed the target because it didn't work the first time.

    It worked when I just tried it now, as does Object -> Arrange -> Inside Last.

    I will need to try some of the other options another time...

    Thank you!

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    For the drag ad drop in the Layers panel: drag the group object (or single object) over the label (name) of the target object in the panel.
    There are two types of indicators that may show while dragging the object over another:

    • placing before or after the object is shown with a narrow blue line between two objects (in the panel).
    • placing inside the object is shown with a wide blue highlight over the target object.