Typographic details in panels

  • The more you work with VS, the more detailed things are appearing. So find here some minor things I have recognized:

    • there is no rule if the ":" in the panels are needed. Sketch does not use it, Affinity does. As VS has the most complex interface in comparison, I would suggest to save the space and don't use them, examples
    • I have found only one alignment error (see link above). But to fix it consistently and calm the panel inner layout, I would suggest to the left align all the names
    • sometimes, there are ":" next to an icon and are missing next to a text (see here)
    • this is not a bug, but a thing I recognized and would like to ask you: did you try a lighter or a smaller font? after working for a longer period, the panels look quite "bold," and as VS has so much to offer in its functionalities, the bold font in the complex menus look very dense
    • in comparison with other tools (see here) VS wastes someplace in some alignments, and the white space it gains looks more like there wd be something missing

    those things are definitely not 1st priority. but for UX-designers those details make a difference 😉

  • administrators

    I add these to the backlog.
    The problem with ":" is that once removed, they are gone for good (there are about 14000 string resources, and about 40% are such labels).
    I'll think this over again (has been requested before). There are some inconsistencies that must be fixed.

    The font is a harder problem. Of course it could be customizable (this is easy to add).

  • Thank you for your consideration. I can imagine this would be a lot of work to do. Maybe a check on one panel to see how it looks and "feels" in comparison to before is a good start 😉

    A (smaller, lighter) font does not only aesthetically make a difference but also gives more (white) space in the menus.

    BUT: when inconsistencies are fixed it is still a great version 1. maybe the fresh-up is something for version 2.

  • administrators

    Some improvements on the above feedback, are available in build 191.

  • updateing … will check it out over the weekend 😉