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    How can we help you in using vectorStyler? Or any related question.

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    Setting text on existing PDF. When moving the new text, it disappears. Only by hiding the layer below and unhiding it, does the text appear.

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    This seems to be a bug, Was this an imported (File->Import) or opened (File->Open) PDF?

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    @dla001 said in Post support question here.:

    Setting text on existing PDF. When moving the new text, it disappears. Only by hiding the layer below and unhiding it, does the text appear

    trying to reproduce this, but no success. Could be something related to the content of that PDF. Is it possible to email us the PDF in question, with a step-by--step on how to reproduce this.


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    Drag-and-drop to open the existing PDF. The PDF is a bitmap background, with text added in a PDF editor. I wished to add additional text.

    I did a Select By Fill of original text, moved it to a new layer above the bitmap, and locked the bitmap layer so it wouldn't be selectable. Then, working on the new layer, set a word as text. When I move the word, it disappears, although the selection box is still visible. Clicking elsewhere makes the selection box disappear, but it can be reactivated by marquee selecting the area where the text was moved to. Toggling visibility of the text causes it to reappear. The text is question is the word "Rogers", set in blue, in the state of Arkansas. Dropbox link

  • Just want to say that you are on to a really great program here. Have not seen something this well thought out since MacroMedia FreehandMX! (before Adobe killed it).

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  • Is there any more documentation or instructions for using the "Shape Simplifier" tool? I deliberately Auto-traced a PNG, knowing it would result in the creation of excess nodes on some of the curves, and brought it into VectorStyler to experiment with the "Shape Simplifier" tool. I tried various combinations of selecting layers/nodes, then painting over some of the clusters of nodes with the "Shape Simplifier, but I always either ended up with the "Shape Simplifier" apparently not doing anything, or erasing the entire document.

    I can't tell if this is a bug, or, more likely, I'm just not using the tool properly.

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    the simplify path (or shape simplifier) tool icon is: 0_1590171065708_tool3_5.png
    should work on selected shapes (the nodes of the selected shape is shown when the simplify tool is active) .

    Tested on some shapes in the last build and it works.
    If you could send me the shape causing problems I could test with that.

    short description at
    will add more description is needed on the tool options.

  • I think I figured out what I was doing wrong; I was using the tool on a layer that was highlighted, while a different layer was selected. The layers had objects that overlapped, and I thought the tool wasn't working. In short: User error 🤷.