beta build 144

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    VectorStyler beta 144 release notes

    • Fixed: possible crash in image trace with stroke extraction enabled.
    • Fixed: CMYK documents with OpenGL display mode.
    • Fixed: use transform center in flipping and rotating buttons from context panel.
    • Fixed: hang and crash when using overlap shape operation of large number of objects.
    • Fixed: object positioning in paste inside when object was cat from inside.
    • Fixed: selecting and editing transformed shapes inside composite shapes.
    • Fixed: break apart to separate composite shapes.
    • Fixed: hang and crash when shape maker activated on large number of objects.
    • Fixed: possible crash while using appearance panel.
    • Fixed: possible crash with apple metal display.
    • Fixed: numeric field limits with manually entered numbers.
    • Added: zoom direction preferences with option + scrolling.
    • Added: option for scaling paths in rigid path distortion mode.